Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



I was sitting in a coffee shop about a week ago and somebody said, "Only the rich can afford health care in America. That's why we need Obamacare. Because I've got money and good insurance, I had a colonoscopy last week and everything went perfectly."

A guy sitting across the table who does not share his ideological sentiments snapped, "That's because you're a perfect ___!"

This whole health care reform stuff seems to be turning into class warfare; and PBHO appears to be leading the charge against the evil insurance companies, hospitals, medical professions, pharmaceuticals, Republicans, Protestants, Yankees fans, and other capitalists.

Of course, as long as those perfect ___s on both sides of the aisle in Congress keep running the show with PBHO looking more and more and more like our aspiring/apparent big brother - When's the last time he wasn't on TV pointing his accusatory finger at somebody! - I'm thinking the empire's demise will be sooner than later.



Speaking of such stuff, Harry Smith had a colonoscopy on CBS' "The Early Show" on 3/10/10.

With "CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric hovering like a hen over her chick, CBS helped recognize National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month by broadcasting Smith's colonoscopy "live from New York" - another hint that America is turning into a pathetic SNL skit - to inform/alert/alarm the ignorant masses to the importance of screening for the disease.

Assuming it's got to mean something that eludes me right now - the host was the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health at New York-Presbyterian Hospital (Incidentally, not, Katie has been advocating these potentially life-saving screening exams since her husband Jay Monahan died of colorectal cancer in 1998) - the name of that place is as confusing as today's latest fad-driven theology in the PCUSA and other mainline franchises.

Anyway, I thought it was a symbolic pageant continuing the conversion of journalists from reporters to makers of the news.

Couric, uh, reported Smith's colon looked "as clean as a whistle" and director, uh, I mean Dr. Mark Pochapin who reamed him gave the thumbs up.

Commenting on his heroic act to encourage Americans to do the right thing for themselves, Smith smiled and said after it was over, "Nothing to it."

I beg to differ.

I had one about ten years ago - part of the disgusting, inspecting, detecting, and rejecting stuff that begins after 50 - and I can't tell you how thrilling it was to get that IV, anesthetic, and pipe rammed into...

It probably didn't help when I asked before the procedure commenced, "Do you wash those things between appointments?"

Actually, it was a great idea.

I'm all for preventive medicine/ministry.


If I were you, I would get mine before Obamacare becomes the law of the land.

I hear similar health reforms across the pond and to the north have resulted in really, really, really long lines, delays, and...


While emergency rooms have become primary care for uninsured Americans, illegals, aliens, and anybody else and nobody is ever turned away when they show up in need - I know because I'm in emergency rooms almost every day and have heard similar reports from around the country - Matthew 25 and other ethical/faith-filled imperatives compel me to say health care should be available to anyone on the planet not just country who needs it.


Jesus said, "As you do it for them, you do it for me; and if you don't do it for them, you don't do it for me."

Considering He's the ultimate bill collector...

Besides, do we really need to spend so much money policing countries that don't want us there to begin with?

We could save lots of $ for stuff like Obamacare by getting out of...

It's like redirecting voluntary per capita apportionments from bad investments to...

Those ___s in D.C. are spending/wasting so much $ on so many other absurd/inane things that our country is being run like a sentence ending in a preposition.

Why not just save all of that $ being wasted on wars that no one wants us to fight anyway and put it into health care, education, public golf courses, and other positively ennobling and enabling things?

And as far as those ragheaded terrorists go, just seal the borders and spend more $ on intelligence along with giving the green light to pick 'em off when their diapered heads pop up from their pits like zits on an 8th grader.

Or something like that.



A woman complains to everybody about me not visiting her because she's a shut-in; but when I go to see her, she's never home because she's always hanging out at the mall's food court.

Yesterday, I was told, "You only visit me when I'm in the hospital."

She's right.

Last year, I visited her about 25 times in one month.

Somebody who talks about everybody and I mean everybody behind their backs to me and to everybody about me behind my back...

And so it goes...

Maybe I don't really need to schedule another colonoscopy if you know what I mean.


Blessings and Love!

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