Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



I haven't been to a reunion since I went to one about 25 years ago.

It was the 15th for my high school class.

Aside from everyone trying to reincarnate the fantasies of Meatloaf like Cub Scouts in heat, I was kinda nauseated by resurrected cliques along with preening by those who'd made it and rationalizing by those who didn't live up to "most likely" yearbook prognostications.



Ruthie, who dumped me for an eventual NFL quarterback, rushed up to me - appearing really psyched to see me or needing to locate a restroom - and got closer than Miss Jones would ever allow during dances after games as she whispered, "Save the last dance for me."

Though especially full of myself at the time, having climbed to the top of the ecclesiastical ladder of success so prematurely, I remembered being dumped, joined Stanley, who was smarting from nobody seeming to care that he had evolved from nerd to successful California businessman, at the bar, and then slipped out an exit behind the band; but not before Donna, who I never should have dumped for Ruthie, came up to me and tried to...

I'm not going to the 40th.



Presbytery meetings - that's when a bunch of "Presbyterian" clergy/elders spend a lot of money on gas and "person-hours" in a tight economy that should inspire better stewardship to get to meetings that accomplish next to nothing for God's sake - come to mind.

They're kinda like reunions.

Lots of preening and rationalizing.

The left is really preening these days because they're winning on most of the big issues; or putting it another way, they're leading the charge to our denomination's demise quicker than poop through a goose.

Moderates to those on the right are rationalizing their marginalization/irrelevance/defeat; or putting it another way, they're, uh, marginalized, irrelevant, and defeated.

Anyway, because there's not much going on apart from the preening and rationalizing - except, maybe, an occasional vote on what we voted on last year and the year before that ad nauseum as if God's mind keeps changing along with an increasingly apostate denomination mirroring an increasingly secular nation - I join some buddies who check in and then go out for a long lunch before checking in before meetings that accomplish next to nothing for God's sake adjourn.

Besides, just like the cliques at class reunions, presbyters hang out with people of like, uh, mind/recollection.

I think most people are like that.



Of course, I like spending time with my ecclesiastical buddies; and, O.K., I wouldn't mind catching up with Donna, Richie, Bobby, and...

No, not Ruthie.

Ain't gonna be a last dance.


My golf clubs come to mind.

I played a God-awful round with some of my best friends not too long ago; then went home and replaced several clubs with some very, very, very old clubs that always worked pour moi but were replaced by promises of playing better with new clubs.

Since putting my old friends back in the bag, I've been feeling if not playing better.


It's like a friend said when I was on the verge of a very big mistake, "Your greener pasture was someone else's brown field."

Maybe some reunions...



Blessings and Love!

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