Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


The United States Army has dishonorably discharged Franklin Graham.

Billy's son really likes Jesus.

He thinks Muhammad was/remains an imposter (euphemism).

He's not afraid to talk about it (see 1 John 4:1-6).

Ergo, unlike mainliners and politicians who join hands with BBPBHO and the media (mainstream and otherwise) to bend forward for 'em in among the most twisted expressions of ecclesiastical/political correctness in American culture, he gone!




Don't tell anyone; but, unlike one of the few famous religious guys left in America who really talks about Jesus being who He said He is which is why the Army booted him, the aforementioned are afraid of Muslims because bad/diabolical Muslims - only 10% of 'em which is only about 130 million of 'em according to reliable estimates - more than talk about chopping off the heads of folks who diss their main man.


"Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?"



Those diaperheads target everybody for death - fatwamania - who blink the wrong way at their religion from nice old missionary nuns to novelists, cartoonists, comedians, and, uh, you if you dare to, uh, talk about their walk in less than reverential ways; which, gulp, is why they're even attacking those lovable little satirists in South Park.


So many Muslims are so emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually fragile - insecure about their religion as expressed in horrifically irrational and uncivilized rage to prove their, uh, whatever it is they're trying to prove in addition to being nuts - that they jump up and down like Pentecostals on crack at the slightest, uh, slight.

Unlike other religionists who just wanna be left alone to do His thing as they get it/Him - yeah, O.K., some of 'em invite others to the party - Muslims insist on bombing, butchering, huffing, puffing, and blowing down anyone who can't/won't be convinced/converted.

Franklin wrote about that in The Name (2002), a book about how the name of Jesus inspires/provokes awe/animosity in American culture which every mainliner not to mention Democrat/Republican should read to remind 'em of what they've forgotten/ignored/defied, which provides a big part of the context for his dishonorable discharge: "Islam - unlike Christianity - has among its basic teachings a deep intolerance for those who follow other faiths. Much is said and published today about how peace-oriented Islam is; however, a little scrutiny reveals quite the opposite...That does not mean that all to harm those of other faiths...Let's not be naive. Islam is a proselytizing religion...the Koran approves holy war (jihad) and high taxation against non-Muslims in order to make them submit to Islam."

Kinda sounds like mainline denominations, Democrats, and Republicans.


Not really.

Dumb dogs don't bark as danger approaches.


Getting back to Graham on Jesus which is why Muslims, mainliners, mainstream media types, Democrats, Republicans, and the Army don't like him, he wrote, "Just why is it that the Name of the Lord Jesus causes such a fuss?"

Answer: "Jesus Christ represents the division of life between good and evil, God and Satan, light and darkness, righteousness and sin, heaven and hell. The Name of Jesus shouts out a choice: 'Whom will you serve...depend upon?' Rebellious, self-willed, sinful people want to retain the right to decide for themselves which way they will take. Jesus denies this option. Speaking on His behalf, the Apostle Peter said, 'For there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.'"

Continuing, "Jesus is gentle, but He is not weak. He loves the sinner but is absolutely intolerant of sin. He is not a negotiator. He is Lord."

Concluding, "It is this bristling truth that invites intolerance toward Christians. Jesus did not say, 'Do your own thing; all roads lead to God.' That would have made Jesus 'politically correct,' but Jesus is not politically correct. He is Lord."

That's the kinda talk that's getting Graham into so much trouble with the Muslims and, uh, mainliners, mainstream media types, Democrats, Republicans, Army, and...

For example, recent surveys have exposed up to 50% of mainline pulpiteers and 75% of mainline pewsitters don't agree with the claims of Jesus being echoed by Graham.

Couple that with BBPBHO who delights in saying, "America is not a Christian nation."

Couple that with courts swearing in folks on Holy Scripture and then ruling the Ten Commandments are not fit for public display or the National Day of Prayer for public consumption.

Couple that with an American ecclesiastical/political/social culture increasingly antagonistic to the Judeo-Christian heritage/framework of America as increasingly attested by assaults on Christianity by, uh, geez, gulp, sigh, all of the below.

That's why Graham was dishonorably discharged from the Army - disinvited from speaking at the Pentagon on the National Day of Prayer (May 6).

It seems almost eschatological.


Getting back to Graham on Islam, he wrote in that book that seems to have started all of this, "The Bible teaches that individuals have a free will in making decisions about God; Islam often relies on force, intimidation, or conquering entire nations to recruit converts."


Now he's ticked off the hyper-Calvinists.

Ah, let's hear him out anyway: "Islam takes a hard-line approach to adherents of other faiths. A non-Muslim can easily become one, but if a Muslim decides to convert to Christianity or another religion,...he risks almost certain death. Muslims are free to worship Allah, and even proselytize in the United States, but Christians are not free to worship the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, or openly discuss their faith in most Muslim countries."

What's good for the goose ain't good for the...

"The Christian message," he noted, "is God's love and forgiveness of our sins through faith in Jesus Christ - a gift that an individual is free to accept or reject. Although there have been disgusting acts done at times by wicked people claiming the name of Jesus, Christ Himself never advocated holy-war tactics, violence, misrepresentation, bribery, or coercion to make converts."

But that old Muhammad dude...

Brutalizing "Christians" did/do not inherit/learn their behavior from Jesus.

Don't blame Jesus for Christians!

On the other hand...

But why confuse fiction with facts for friends in D.C., mainline denominational headquarters, and...?

Finally, "Jesus Christ is the One who elevated women and gave them a place of honor. Islam teaches not just that men and women have different functions and roles, but that men are actually superior to women...Muhammad supposedly stated that the testimony of a woman is worth half the testimony of a man, because a woman's brain is deficient...For anyone to say that the two faiths worship the same God is incredibly uninformed. As someone so eloquently has said, 'The god of Islam requires you to give your son to die for him. The God of the Bible gave His Son to die for you.'"

Yeah, I can see why Muslims hate him/Him and couplings with the Army have conspired to dishonorably discharge him/Him from more than a day of prayer.


I spent several hours with a pastor last week who is bleeding to death in a highly conflicted church.

He said, "It's almost as if people are just looking for something to fight about; or looking for some reason to leave the church."

I understand; and if you don't, you've got your head in the sand akin to the aforementioned about Islam.

It's kinda like the preceding.

Islam is an angry religion; and Muslims, lots yet admittedly not all, always seem to be looking for...

Couple that with an increasingly angry nation...

I think now would be a good time for the Prince of Peace to come back.

Getting back to dishonorable discharges...



Blessings and Love!

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