Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Euro-Americans are the submerging minority in America.

Uncle Sam's family has become a technicolor fabric of socioeconomic diversity; or putting it crudely, Will Herberg's triple melting pot has become a mongrel nation.

The symbols are everywhere from the White House to professional sports to the latest beauty pageant; and while I'm wondering if there are any Mexicans still living in Mexico, history reminds us that America was built by folks who moved from there to here.

Rednecks may not want to admit it buuuuuuut immigration was/remains in America's DNA.

FDR put it this way while addressing and simultaneously ___ing off the DAR, "My fellow immigrants..."

Sure, we wanna make sure our newest family members do it legally 'cause we don't want any ___heads slipping across the borders with WMDs to take out Beloit, Wisconsin or Kansas City, Kansas or some druggies to cash in on the corruptibility of citizenry who wanna be anesthetized from what's bummin' 'em out or some...

Yet, equally sure, we've always welcomed/adopted new members into the family just like we via our ancestors were welcomed/adopted.


And for those who say Jesus is their Lord, He never shuts the door to folks who want to pursue life, liberty, and happiness; meaning if you're gonna say you love Him, you better start loving like Him and expand all of your borders.

He says, "Come to Me - everyone who is weary and burdened and looking for a fresh start!"


Don't we have a big statue in the big apple that paraphrases Him on that?

If you're gonna tell people to go back to where they belong, it might not be a bad idea to do it yourself by way of example.

They belong here as much as you do because you were them from there before you arrived here.

And, uh, what's His golden rule and, uh, what about those social ethics in Matthew 25 and, uh, what about agape and, uh, what about...?

Or something like that.

America is a nation of mixed breeds; and, in a Christian kinda way, we've always prided ourselves on that.

I just hope those old minorities don't team up on the old majority and treat 'em like some of 'em treated 'em.


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Speaking of memberships, the support staff for our family of faith is superb.

While I could have done without some of the members that I inherited who've made it clear that they can do without me, I could/can never do without the staff that He graced on me when I arrived five years ago.

Indeed, I've made a deal with one of 'em that I'm following her/him out the door when she/he retires.

Though I think they kinda like me by virtue of not having quit since I arrived, I really like them and include praises to God for them every day.

Oh, yeah, back to membership...

Two of our staffers responsible for maintaining the membership roll(s) as delegated by the session/board of the church called me down/out from my study for me to review their latest lopping off miscreants; otherwise known as folks who don't show up or pay up.

After I said lots of pastors like to pad the rolls to make 'em look good - "Mine is bigger than yours!" - and that it's almost to the point that the only people we're keepin' on our roll are those who, uh, show up or pay up, they said quite simultaneously, "Why should we pay per capita tax to the denomination for people who aren't really proving to be members of the church and what integrity is there for keeping them on the roll if they aren't going to...and...and...and...?"

O.K., O.K., O.K.

They were/are right at the expense of my fragile ecclesiastical ego and the franchise's declining revenue.

Mine seems to be getting smaller.

Anyway, I've decided to recommend something even more radical/rooted to Biblical/confessional/constitutional integrity.

If someone who is able doesn't worship with us regularly - except when there's a really important game on the dope box or something else more important than honoring the One who died a miserable death as the price of guaranteeing the eternity that enables confident living through the meantime comes down - I'm gonna suggest...

Let me put it another way.

If everyone - granted, a stretch - knows the most essential evidence of membership in the Church is corporate as well as individual worship as explained in Holy Scripture, confirmed by historical/traditional confessions, and upheld by the constitutions of even mainline denominations, then the status of anyone's membership can be easily determined by...

Measuring the integrity of anyone's claim to membership in the Kingdom ain't rocket science.


Rainbows, since Noah, have reminded us of God's unyielding, indefatigable, and unconditional love for the world; which, parenthetically, includes you, me, and, uh, gulp, geez, you've-gotta-be-kidding-me, them.

God likes all colors, classes, and cultures.

Sooooooo if God likes all of the below from all of the above and loving God is loving like God...

Again, it ain't rocket science.

Minorities unite to become the majority in, through, and for Him.

That's fundamental to America's past/present/continuing greatness.

Conversely, if...



Blessings and Love!

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