Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 28, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Let's make a deal!

We'll get behind the insult to the one true God of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament with a wink to the Asheroth Pole planned to be planted next to Ground Zero as soon as Muslims get behind building a Christian chapel in spitting distance of those holy pebbles in Mecca.

Parenthetically, are you as fascinated as moi to hear mostly mainliners so ready to help plant the pole as they malign Christians who still look up, stand up, speak up, and act up for the God of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament who ain't no Persian sun god with a prophet whose personal example is barbaric at best?

Back to the pole and chapel, the deal will never happen because Islam isn't exactly an irenic paradigm of cooperation, coexistence, and fraternity.


I didn't mention sorority; because, psst, you know the place of women in mosqueland.


While studying in Germany as Nixon was about to be shown the door - We can only hope history repeats itself! - Dr. Wolfgang Lowe put me in a better place after I'd acted like an especially obnoxious egghead, "Unfortunately, Herr Kopp, we are not all omniscient."

The sarcasm stung to save.

Anyway, I'll never forget trying to suck up to him for better grades; quoting Marx extensively because he was one of those Christian-Marxists that have dominated the weltanschauung of the World Council of Churches for so long.

Salting again, he snapped, "Listen, Herr Kopp, I know you are a Christian who plans to be a pastor; so if you don't stop trying to ingratiate yourself with me by parroting what you don't believe, I will never know when to believe you and I can't trust anyone who pretends to be who they're not."

Now - and this is especially for you so-called Christians who spend more time criticizing Christians than... - go back to the third sentence of the preceding section.


Heartland Presbytery comes to mind.

I served a wonderful church in that presbytery until my ego caught up with me and I resumed the climb to the top of the ecclesiastical ladder of success to discover it was leaning against the wrong building as preface to a much-deserved crash and burn.

Well, you've probably heard that their second biggest church - probably biggest when it comes to, uh, real members who know who He really is and act like it - has cut the cord and left our stinking denomination for another stinking denomination.

As Gump says, "It happens."

And as expected, the Gestapo, uh, the standing administrative commission of Heartless, as it's known by its former and continuing evangelical members, has threatened to seize assets, properties, and remove ordinations.

Parenthetically, a former member of the presbytery who fled to another franchise, confided, "Bob, they visited our session and said, 'We don't care what you believe. Just send the per capita to us and do what you want.'"

Writing about this particular chapter in the presbytery's increasingly sad history, a KCMO lawyer wrote, "For Heartland, the organization is the focus. They could care less about Biblical peace, unity, and purity. Heartland keeps throwing grenades at people who just want the church to be the church as our constitution still states. That's why some have already left and others will follow..."

Using Heartland as an example of Pharisaical yeast, a denominational executive confessed, "Our denomination is making it very difficult for folks to focus only on Christ and Him crucified. There are so many side issues. There are so many non-essentials of the faith. We keep majoring in the minors. I'm tired, too. I understand why pastors and churches don't want to fight anymore and just leave. We are in deep kimchee."

A former member of the church: "I think there was always an under-current of feeling that we'd have to leave sooner or later. It motivated them to not get too deeply into debt...and try to structure finances and properties in a way that would prevent seizure by the presbytery. Only time will tell...CPC has always knew it was swimming against the tide; especially after they called that snake to be...CPC was increasingly threatened, harassed, and hindered by him and his cohorts. I support their move."

Now everybody gather around the campfire to sing, "We are one in the..."


The longest serving pastor of that church was a very close covenant brother who went home to Jesus not too long ago.

He shared my reasons for remaining faithfully (scroll down to last two editions).

Speaking of yeast (go back to the 8th sentence of the preceding section), I'll never forget sitting in that presbytery's Nominating Committee and suggesting my friend be, uh, nominated for moderator of the presbytery.

The EP went ballistic; challenging (euphemism) my friend's loyalty to the franchise.

Parenthetically, he never ever once encouraged/enabled anyone who wanted to split from the franchise and remained loyal to Jesus within the franchise until he went home to Jesus.

I asked for a recess to talk to my, uh, self-anointed bishop in the backroom (his office).

Pointing to a blue coffee cup sporting the new seal of the franchise, he started, "See that cup. That's me. I'm true blue for the PCUSA."

I responded, "I thought our first loyalty is supposed to be to Jesus."

He cast a cold stare at me.

I continued, "Here's the deal. I'm going back into that meeting and nominating Ted. If you succeed in poop-canning him, I will make a minority report to the presbytery, nominate him, and tell everybody what you said about him."

Ted was nominated and elected moderator; and served with distinction punctuated by passion for Biblical peace, unity, and purity as upheld by our constitution.

The EP hated me from that moment on, black-balled me on a few occasions, and planted the seeds or spread the yeast that established the dysfunction, dissonance, and defiance of Biblical Christianity as upheld by our constitution that has built the presbytery's renown over recent years.


I've said it before and I'll say it again because some folks don't get it.

While I sympathize with folks who separate to be faithful, I believe it is faithful to remain for reasons previously stated - Scroll down! - and to pray and labor to reconcile through Jesus even with folks - gulp and gasp - like the EP who hated Ted and especially me and made the church's exit inevitable.

I may be wrong but I sense a parallel with Beck's trip to DC this weekend.

He wants to "restore honor" to America according to previously treasured principles taken from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament.


Yeah, there will be some real nuts cracking around him; just like the nuts who will be cracking around Al down the street.

So what?

At least both are trying to sting America and stir it up before it's too late and it, like the mainline denominations, goes down the crapper.

Of course, while millions assemble with Beck, the MSM will probably dedicate its newsreporting to the five people from PETA who are gathering in Beloit, Wisconsin to boycott Alpo.


Again, in his retort to a mainliner who criticized his methods of evangelism, Moody said, "I prefer the way I do it to the way you don't do it."

Jesus barfed on the lukewarm for Him.



Blessings and Love!


Reformed Catholic said...

Dr. Kopp,

totally agree with you on all points. I find it interesting that an EP put you on the poop-list and then submarined you. In a comment on a post I wrote as to why I blog anonymously, an HR minister told me in the 7 presbyteries he was a minister member of, nothing of that sort of thing happened.

I happened to personally know of a few cases in a presbytery slightly south of where I am now, where this happened, but my personal knowledge evidently meant nothing. I was told to trust the system.

Its good to know that I wasn't hallucinating, and such things DO happen.


Reformed Catholic

Interesting, the word verification is GRADETH ... a computer premonition about the PCUSA ?? GRADual DEaTH ...

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Thanks, friend, for chiming in!

In this dark world [and church], Jesus is counting on saints like you!

Blessings and Love!