Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


You just gotta love BBPBHO.

He won't speak to the Boy Scouts but makes time to get down with the babes on The View.

A politico in DC explained it/him to me: "It's the mid-terms and time to prepare for his campaign that never ends. He's just appealing to his base. He knows he appeals more to folks who watch The View than hang around Scouts."



And don't you love his rhetoric?

"Illegal aliens" are "undocumented workers" in his dictionary.

Another friend snapped, "That's like saying drug pushers are unlicensed pharmacists."



Getting back to hanging around, the General Manager of Woodstock Harley-Davidson was on the radio version of KD live at 5 on 8/3 via

Parenthetically, you can still hear the interview by clicking on, then clicking on KOPP DISCLOSURE, and then clicking on the show for 8/3.

Uh, parenthetically, uh, again, you won't want to miss next week's edition when the station's founder and manager turns the table on KD and gets him to fess up on everything from ministerial role-modeling to why mainline denominations are goin' down the crapper quicker than poop through a goose. Uh, redundantly, just go to next Tuesday (8/10) at 5:00 p.m.

Getting back to Woodstock, I asked Doug a question after an observation (go to the show for the exact wording via, "I've written a book on biker culture as metaphor and challenge to the church called I Just Wanna Ride (FTW) which is gonna make a lot of money for some publisher sooner or later; and I've always been overwhelmed by the fraternity/unity of bikers that overcomes their color, class, and culture distinctions. I mean the biker culture seems to overcome the kinds of segregations, separations, and sectarianisms that make the church look so hypocritical/silly/unconvincing. I mean you see bikers wearing Weejuns and button-downed Brooks Brothers shirts hanging out with 1%ers and some really funky folks. How do you explain that?"

He said, "They have a common bond in..."



Isn't Jesus supposed to...?


Got lots of mail about the last edition (scroll down to 7/27).

It seems folks are really excited/threatened by the "emerging" church; reminding me of my favorite nuns in Maryland who like to say, "If you're right, you don't need to argue. If you're wrong, you can't afford to."

While mainliners are like sentences ending in prepositions compared to emergings, a few comments were fun/faithful/insightful/inciteful.

A pastor in NJ who just found out that leaving one stinking denomination for another stinking denomination is as illogical as trying to be rational with the irrational: "Whether it's an emerging new thing or an old beast ready for transformation, the Book of Acts illustrates six principles for faithful churches: (1) Spirit-driven-truth-centered worship rather than obsessing about form or style; (2) Mentoring relationships; (3) Mission in the immediate community - one hour per day per member to make a real difference in the community; (4) 25% off the top of Sunday's offering for mission and sharing space with other Christians even if their forms or styles offend you as long as Jesus is Lord and the Bible is the manual; (5) Ditch elections for church officers and just appoint spiritual leaders who love Jesus and His truth; and (6) Discipline and stop enabling, couching, and protecting the wolves in the church."

A PR guy in California who worked for the last leader in the White House (RR): "Face it. Most pastors are music-stupid. They do not get it. Ear tickling with emerging music is pandering to the lowest common denominator. Rigid adherence to old hymns sung in a dead manner is fighting yesterday's music war. Try a little common sense! It's the content not form, stupid!"

A PCUSA seminarian in Pittsburgh: "The Christian Church in America is living in a confusing time...thrashing about in search of some way to avoid the throes of death that's approaching...Some say give up Biblical standards and embrace the culture...Some say adopt successful business practices...I prefer Jesus: 'I look to my Father in heaven and do what He does'...Churches that impact lives are churches that model Jesus."

An emerging church pastor in Illinois: "All we care about is life change. Identity not behavior modification. Religion cares about behavior modification. Emergents care about new identity cause we know behavior is birthed from identity...Let's break out of the cage! Look into the mirror and be honest!...All of us are becoming! All of us are moving from darkness to light!...Emergents are not afraid to embrace the raw truth of life. We are not looking for safe and sanitized Jesus. We desire the raw and dangerous journey of following the Lion of Judah wherever He leads!"

Another emerging church pastor in Illinois: "I love Eminem's journey. Check out this video...[next video in this edition]...It depicts the journey from darkness to light. Yeah, some old denominationalists who care more about their fake proprieties, sensitivities, and such will be offended by the language - which is another reason why you guys don't reach younger folks anymore - but don't miss the message because of your mental masturbations."




After passing the coach's test for Special Olympics, which included a pledge not to date Special Olympians, I caddied and coached for my favorite Special Olympian in a state sectional qualifier on Monday just outside of Chicago.

The whole scene reminded me of cultures like the one mentioned above that do such a better job than too many churches of reflecting the love of Jesus to invite, welcome, include, and love unconditionally.

My guy came in 3rd.

As we approached the last two holes, I said, "Billy, if we par out, we can do this."

He said, "Pastor Bob, it's O.K. There are more important things than winning."



I'm heading to Sturgis after the 3rd service on Sunday with three of our elders and a few, uh, hundred thousand whatevers.

I'll see good, bad, ugly, and a culture that overcomes segregations, separations, and sectarianisms a lot better than...

Just like I saw with Billy on Monday.

Just like Billy taught me as we approached the last two holes.

Do you ever wonder who's really challenged?

Do you ever wonder if Jesus would feel more comfortable at a...than a...?


Blessings and Love!

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