Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


The obviously double-minded nut in Gainesville, Florida will/won't celebrate "International Burn a Koran Day" on 9/11/10 at his Dove World Outreach Center.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what does/doesn't happen on Saturday.

All I know is I'm expecting some wacky skits on NBC in the fall.

Despite the best non-separation-of-church-and-state politically correct and one-sidedly religiously tolerant efforts of the White House, Secretary of State, General, Vatican, Junior League, and mainline denominational hierarchy who aren't really hierarchy by their constitutions but act like it when they make pronouncements on everything opposed to Biblical Christianity to the horror of their constituencies, only 9/9/10's KD (scroll down) momentarily convinced the fundie pastor to call it quits; or as a reader wrote from Pennsylvania: "Because of your KD or the Secretary of Defense calling him or God knocking him on the head, the Florida pastor has decided to can his Koran burning gig for Saturday. Praise the Lord! Now the extreme radical Muslim nut-jobs will have to come up with another reason for being so obnoxious and dangerous!"

Well, fasten your pew belts, 'cause the ___head behind building a mosque next to Ground Zero warned/threatened Islamists will have their feelings hurt and get really, really, really mad - and you know how they like to chop off heads and strap bombs to babies when they're pouting - if they can't have their spiritual fun house where they want it.

But more on that after more reader responses to the 9/9/10 edition.



From California: "I love your column and I love the way you write! And I REALLY like this column. I'm upset when anyone paints another with a broad, black brush; particularly when there's no personal knowledge involved. Thanks for your Kopp Disclosure! I happen to like Sarah."

O.K., that wasn't in response to the 9/9 edition. The reader liked the 9/7 edition. But, geez, being a pastor, husband, dad, football commissioner, P of a MC (Rainmakers), author of the best biker book not yet published, and covenant brother who is supposed to agree with everything that other brothers think or else, I need all of the affirmation/affection that I can get. So, California, let me know when you're in town and I'll cough up the $ that I don't have because no one's sending any to take us out to lunch.

From Florida: "Agree with you! People in the Gainesville area are very nervous and upset. There is a big football game at the 'swamp' on the same day. Perfect environment to create havoc. The immediate neighbors of this 'church' are being asked to leave for the weekend; and if some don't have places to go or have trouble leaving but want to, local churches, temples, and agencies are helping them. Jacksonville is also nervous for our community."

And I thought it's only the Jags that make folks nervous down there. Notice how it's the Jews, Christians, and other Americans who't go there.

From Minnesota: "Koran burning is Biblical. Read Acts 19:19. The imams in Saudi Arabia practice witchcraft. Let's get something straight! The world will not like you if you tell the truth. Muslims will want to kill you. What is wrong with you? Muslims are killing Christians, Jews, and everybody else who aren't Muslims. That's a fact! Wake up! This is not a popularity contest. This is Kingdom business. You did not see Moses keeping the golden calf around. Micah 6:8! Stop being such a wimp and step up for Biblical righteousness!"

Gulp. It's a good thing that I'm a mainliner; 'cause that means I don't have to pay attention to the Bible if it doesn't work for me. It's right there in the most approved mainline edition of the Bible (the really revised standard version): Acts 36:66.

From Washington: "Pastor Jones may be a 'nut' as you say, but this is an interesting case of civics and comparative tolerance...It throws a fascinating spotlight on what we are really dealing with as far as the Islamic movement is concerned. I would call it the Muslim religion, but we both know it's far more than that...It also has tentacles deeply entrenched in the political make-up of many influential nations. It has paramilitary wings...It seeks opportunities for expansion...It is rather covert about its true goals (worldwide domination). Its adherents swarm to free countries, breeding like rats, refusing to assimilate; instead, seeking all manner of accommodation to their belief system and laws. Now it is heavily bruised and insulted because a little tin horn outside of Gainesville decides to stage a ceremony where Korans are destroyed? PLEASE! Do we respect the First Amendment or don't we? These people are a hazard...Given Jesus' (not Allah's) sense of drama and message, I wouldn't be surprised if, at the end times, He personally makes a big show of His own-preeminence over Islam; but waits until that menace has metastasized and poses an immediate threat to everyone."

Whoa. I never thought of that. Well, actually, I did; but you know me.

From Ohio: "While I think this is a stupid thing to do, he has an absolute constitutional right to do so. When some commie pinko idiot anti-American (domestic or foreign) spits on, pisses on, tramples on, and burns our American flag, we are expected to suck it up and tolerate their freedom of expression in the name of the Constitution, tolerance, and diversity. In the same way, we are being called upon to show the world how superior our values are by letting the Ground Zero mosque be built...So where are all the pundits who should be calling for us to support the rights of this nut in Florida?"

Here's the fact, Jack! America and its mainline denominations share a pathology: thanatos libido. I've said it before and I'll say it again with no expectation of anybody paying attention. There is a lethal virus in America and mainline denominations that encourages/enables everyone/everything opposed to the Biblical moorings at the etiology of our prosperity and benevolence to the world. The virus comes from hell. I have been reluctant to say this; because so many are blind to the truth. When a nation has so devolved that its most prominent leaders bend over forward for Islam at the expense of honoring the only true sovereign of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, we better get out 2 Chronicles 7:14 within the context of Genesis 18 and pray Dean Harvey is right!



Staying with nuts, the imam behind building the mosque next to Ground Zero to respect the feelings of Islamists while saying to hell with everybody else's feelings has just said America will be in deep do-do if the mosque is not built next to Ground Zero.

In other words, he predicts Islamists will chop off heads, strap bombs to babies and send them into Wal-Marts, and...

Even Trump's offer to fund relocation has been trumped by the religion's irreconcilable in-your-face...


My guess is we'll fold and let 'em have it where they want it 'cause we're gonna outlaw those "Don't Tread On Me" flags and admit that America's spine for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is yielding to the world's new superpower.

Again, I think the guy in Florida is a nut.

I think the imam building the mosque is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I also think America and its churches founded on the Hebrew Bible and New Testament have no, uh, uh, uh,...spine.

The imam is not as double-minded as the nut.

He has a goal; and anyone missing it is stoned and singing, "When you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair..."

I don't want the nut to burn the Koran for reasons stated in the last edition (scroll down).

I don't want America to cave in to the imam because it's a slippery slope to...


The tone for all of this is being set in DC.

You know it's true.

O.K., maybe BBPBHO is just reflecting what is happening to America; but, geez, gulp, sigh, whoa, don't we see how he bends forward for Islam at every turn while turning his back on Who and what made America so great?

Are we that blind?


Hope not.

We've had a good run and as Teddy used to say, "We, here in America, hold in our hands the hopes of the world."

Do we really want to turn all of it over to the Islamists and their sympathizers?

God, help us!


Kathie says America may be coming to its senses.

She sent the following video about a forthcoming movie that attempts to disclose/distinguish fiction from facts.

Of course, most folks prefer American Idol.

Hell/heaven, we elected him.



Blessings and Love!

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