Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 9, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Some nut in Gainesville, Florida is having a book-burning featuring the Koran on 9/11/10.

Alligator, Alligator, eat 'em up, eat 'em up!

That's all we need.

Another excuse for those emotionally fragile Islamists to whip themselves into a bad acid/religion frenzy before strapping bombs onto toddlers as they crawl into Wal-Mart.

Yeah, I know those ___heads burn our flag and chop off the heads of missionaries as well as their daughters who dare to date Jews/Christians/Moonies; but I don't recall Jesus giving permission to behave badly because they do.

Yeah, I think their prophet and their holy book rank right down/up there with Alfred E. Newman and other Maddening psyche-jobs; but isn't it better, as the Christophers say, to light candles than burn books...uh...I mean curse the darkness.

It's time for everybody to chill out and turn their attention to something really the NFL.



KD's Annual Pre-Season NFL Power Rankings

1. Ravens - Led by a real killer at MLB, they bring to mind the formula for football success on any level as explained to me by NCAA/NFL strength coach Buddy Morris: "80% of your players gotta be Boy Scouts and the other 20% gotta be criminals."

2. Colts - Though I think they like 2nd, anybody with the elder brother taking snaps and a healthy Bob Sanders on defense can clutch the big one after the season's clock expires.

3. Saints - Like BBPBHO trying to win again, it won't be a Brees this year. It's hard to repeat when everybody knows what you got.

4. Packers - With their old QB about to do the ultimate Ali and go one round too many, the Favre is off their backs. Besides, the youngest team in the NFL has put a few years of experience in the playbook.

5. Jets - So much $, talent, little to show for it. They remind me of Boise State (see next section).

6. Patriots - If they can't win fairly...

7. Steelers - Big Ben wasn't elected captain by his mates; meaning they know they can win without him. That's good because lots of 8th grade girls hang around Heinz Field.

8. Giants - Wounded animals are deadly; so don't under-estimate a coach who must win or file for unemployment. Besides, Eli's coming!

9. Redskins - McNabb is motivated even if Albert's not.

10. Eagles - Big mistake in dumping McNabb for the untested or untrue.

11. Broncos - The revenge of the righteous!

12. Bears - Sleeper. Just look at the QB's face after an interception.

13. Cowboys - Romo hasn't and won't.

14. Vikings - He should have quit after last season.

15. Chargers - LT is gone and they don't have Rivers of living water.

16. Falcons - Great QB! Mediocre team.

17. Dolphins - If the Big Tuna is stepping aside, you know this ain't the year.

18. Bengals - TO brings BO to any team.

19. 49ers - The coach is a winner. The QB isn't. You know you're in trouble if your best player is the punter.

20. Texans - Really, who cares?

21. Titans - I like the QB; but suing USC? Geez. They must be really hard up. Besides, anybody who'd sit Young this long doesn't deserve to win.

22. Cardinals - Greatest receiver in the league with no one capable of getting the ball to him.

23. Lions - C'mon, they're not the Cubs!

24. Browns - This is the year to find out if the coach is for real.

25. Panthers - Really, isn't NC about basketball?

26. Raiders - The owner is on oxygen.

27. Jaguars - Who?

28. Seahawks - Any chance they had went to Cleveland.

29. Chiefs - Best groundskeeper in the league!

30. Buccaneers - Send Gruden!

31. Bills - This team needs to move to the CFL.

32. Rams - QB of the future, premier RB, and players who couldn't beat the girls field hockey team at Duke.



Everybody likes an underdog; except, of course, Yankees fans.

With hopes to bust apart the BCS nightmare and use playoffs to determine a true national champion on the field instead of polling booths, Boise State has captured the imagination of everyone except members of the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, SEC, and even Big East.

I was so impressed by their win over Virginia Tech.


Hit me with your best shot.

VT may not even be a top three team in their conference.

Whether it's the WAC or Mountain West, Boise State will not earn respect until they play a schedule with more than one legitimate opponent.

Does anyone really think they could whip Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan in the same year? How about Oklahoma, Iowa, and Nebraska? How about Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, and LSU? How about...?

I want to see playoffs as much as anyone else; except, of course, those who are cashing in on the current travesty.

Exaggerating the quality of Boise State football concomitant to their pansy schedule just to force playoffs is disingenuous and unfair to those teams/players that play true championship schedules.


Getting back to another game being played by Pastor Terry Jones in the Sunshine State (go back to the first section), he probably thinks his antics will spike worship attendance or get him on MSNBC.


But just as some things are illegitimate when it comes to football prognosticating, Jesus never said the ends justify the means.

Jesus was all about truth; and people who love Him share that passion.



Blessings and Love!

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