Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



I'm not into Halloween.

Don't get me wrong.

Unlike some friends/foes/others who see demons under every rock or in every peanut butter cup and want to make an ecclesiastical/spiritual federal case out of it, I just see it as a good/lame excuse for eating candy and having another party; and as far as I'm concerned, to quote Michael in, uh, Michael, "You can never have too much sugar!"

I don't like scary movies; though you can take me to Little Shop of Horrors or The Rocky Horror Picture Show for some laughs.

I've never, uh, pretended to be immune to the taint of that original sin.

I'm just not into costumes; mask-wearing.

It's so, uh, hypocritical; you know, as in the Greek root of our word (upokrisis): wearing a mask to conceal one's true identity or pretending to be who you ain't.


Yeah, I know lots of mainline clergy are hypocrites; pretending to be for Jesus and Biblical Christianity while contradicting too much of what He...

Yeah, I know lots of American politicians are hypocrites; pretending to be for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the preservation of the country while so obviously more concerned with piling up pension credits, selling their souls for votes, and...

Yeah, I know I'm a hypocrite; pretending to be all in for Jesus while leaving Him out of my life when...

Maybe that's why Halloween is so popular.

We like to pretend to be who we ain't for everything but noble purposes.


I know some readers from the way left are gonna be p-o'ed because I'm not going to say Halloween isn't anything more than a fun time for wearing costumes, going door-to-door for freebies, and the like.

I know some readers from the way right are gonna be p-o'ed because I'm not going to say Halloween is a threat to souls because of its roots in really weird stuff that today's witches reincarnate and really weird people celebrate as if it's Christmas or Easter and...

I just think most reasonably sober and sane people can distinguish good from evil surrounding/permeating most things like what's being preached in pulpits, D.C., and Halloween.

I don't think people are as stupid as the way left and way right think from their condescendingly arrogant perches of, uh, pretended superiority.


On the other hand, I find it rather ironic/fascinating/hypocritical that public schools make room for Halloween celebrations on public school property despite all of its real and exaggerated religious trappings but go apoplectic when anybody wants to celebrate Christmas, Easter, and...

Wait a second!

I think I've just figured it out!

Halloween is the most appropriate national holiday!

It's all about who we ain't anymore or ever were!

Trick or treat!



Blessings and Love!

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