Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Slightly paraphrasing BBPBHO, Tuesday's "shellacking" of the Dems was of Biblical proportions.

I haven't seen such a repudiation of a President/party in my lifetime.

Not even the partners-in-governmental-crime of mostly reviled LBJ, RMN, and GWB were tossed under the bus like the buddies of the White House's current resident.

The jackasses got a wake up call.

They are out of touch with America.

The pachyderms got a second chance.

They have two years to make a difference...or else.

Americans think the jackasses run government with two feet planted firmly in the air; and so they've been grounded.

Americans think the pachyderms hate to see anything happen for the first time; yet the jackasses have made such a mess of everything, they are being given another shot at redeeming their collective reputation.

Americans are forgiving...and fickle.

If things don't get better in the next two years, watch out!



BBPBHO was elected because people like him.

Though it continues to horrify my friends who are a little left to way right, I like him; and wish he'd invite me to the White House for a brew.

Heaven, because it's what happens as intimacy with Him increases, Jesus is helping me to like lots of folks who I formerly thought were my - How did BBPBHO put it just a week before the elections? - enemies.

Anyway, BBPBHO promised to be a bridge-builder.

Of course, he lied.

He's turned out to be the most partisan President in history.

I guess that's what happens when you've got/had such an overwhelming majority in the House and Senate.

That's over; and since Tuesday, BBPBHO is talking more like candidate junior Senator BHO with a regenerated promise of reaching across the aisle and...


We'll see.

With the Secretary of State starting to salivate at the prospect of a Kennedy-against-Carter kinda run and Sarah flirting at her prospects and that Latino guy in Florida who burned the party regular to a crisp(t) and a House filled with paybackers, he better be a reborn bridge-builder if he wants any chance at a second term.

Again, we'll see.

God knows I don't know what's gonna happen.

When Oprah gets to pick Presidents, it's hard to make predictions anymore.



BTW, in addition to domestic readers, has readers in Canada, UK, Russia, Brazil, India, China, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Israel, Iraq, and the Netherlands.

But not one sugar daddy/mommy/baby!

I think that's because I've ticked off non-readers in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Our radio version on is also picking up steam if not packing in $.

People like freebies.

While Kathie (written), Bill (radio), and I (?) like the public service aspect, she still wants a trip to Hawaii, Bill wants to go commercial, and I'd like to buy a van for my wife.

Regardless, we're gonna keep at it; but if you've got some sugar...



Returning to Tuesday, KD received some interesting commentaries on what happened from the right and left coasts.

From a seminarian in Pittsburgh: "I think the primary shift in power occurred because one side failed to listen to the collective voice of the American people...A political party may be able to pass what it wants to pass given a large majority, but the people ultimately judge the wisdom of their actions. A large majority of America apparently disagreed with their elected officials and sent them to the unemployment lines (with the rest of us)...The church...has been suffering from the same general loss of power...The cause is related...When the world judges, as it apparently has, that the church has nothing of value to offer in terms of social capital, deservedly declines in influence...The church must reverse its tendency to reflect the culture...A vision not based on partisan divisions, but on radical love that transcends the world's modes of action. We need a good dose of humility to recognize our own sinfulness...Can it be that we are willing to sacrifice some of our doctrinal purity, which is filthy rags to God anyway, in order to extend the love of Christ to a hurting and dying world?...Two young men were shot across the street from the seminary I attend last week. Our reactions were instructive...Some wanted to hide in their rooms; others planned and executed a prayer-walk in the neighborhood, attended community meetings, and made ourselves visible in the community as a sign of Christ's love...It became painfully obvious that our school was not known in the community...Wouldn't it be a good idea if those of us who bear the name Christian testified to Jesus...Political parties will come and go, but God remains the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Shall we be about preparing the world for that reality? May it be so!"


From someone who has counseled Presidents in California: "You got PA-11 but the wave ran out of steam by the time it got to I got Jerry Brown...The election map is 'parenthetical.' Red state America bounded by blue state coastal areas. Main street versus elite street...The voters have allowed the REPs to rent the House. If they turn out to be bad tenants, they will evict them, just like they evicted the DEMs. Obama just got his two year 'notice to evict.' If he does not take care of business (literally), the voters will do to him what they did to 60+ DEM House members...What Obama has done is reap the whirlwind of two seemingly contradictory things: over-heated expectations and over-reaching...smooth-talking but no longer credible on core issues...He rammed through his program without transparency as he promised...The list of headshaking pratfalls grows weekly...Obama's only true God is government and it scares Americans across the political spectrum; except for atheist lefties. His political missteps and his vague demeaning of American bedrock values has ignited a massive outpouring of citizen activists...Obama may benefit from an improved economy going into 2012...We will see if this Obama anomaly is completely repudiated like Jimmy Carter's awful administration or if America has, in fact, given up on its core values and joined the European descent into socialist hell."




I've been feeling a little loopy lately.

Aside from Barletta upsetting Kanjorski in Northeastern Pennsylvania's "Little Poland" where jackasses have ruled since the Flood (i.e., Daniel) which seemed as intellectually plausible as my buddy Chuck becoming the next Moderator of the PCUSA, I had a back tooth extracted on Wednesday and forgot that I'm allergic to Vicodin laced with Codeine.

That may have been cool pour moi in the 60s; but now that I'm almost...

Anyway, I've been more loopy lately than usual; which rationalizes the preceding.

But while lying flat on my back in bed most of Wednesday and Thursday, I got to watch BBPBHO on the dope box; and while that's not unusual in that he's always, uh, on, I was, again, confined to the bed and decided to see how he reacted to the shellacking.

While my friends a little left to way right will be horrified by this observation and may want to accuse me of being really loopy, I kinda liked what I heard and saw in his remarks and demeanor.

He didn't swagger to the lectern.

He didn't boast.

He wasn't what he had become since inauguration.

He came off as quite, uh, humble, reconciling, and reminiscent of what got him elected two years ago.

A very, very, very important truth came to mind: Matthew 23:12.

That's why BBPBHO and the rest of the jackasses lost on Tuesday.

That's how they can win in 2012.

The pachyderms better pay attention to it/Him.

And, uh, BTW, the same is true for mainline denominations, you, and me.


Blessings and Love!

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