Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)




The flakes, fruits, and nuts on the left coast were ticked by the last KD with some - Oh, how does my much more famous than moi writing friend put it? - snide and sarcastic comments about 'em; and this one from the radio version of KD via (click it on now and go to the tab for KD and catch up) on 11/0/10: "Well, the pachydermic wave last Tuesday didn't affect those jackasses in California. Of course, I'm not sure California is even a part of America anymore? Does anyone know if it's still a state? Did it fall off the continent yet? I'm going to buy some beachfront property in Nevada..."

Or something like that.

All I know is California doesn't need a new law to legalize weed.


Don't get me wrong.

I like California.

I could never live there; because I'd never get any work done if you know what I mean.

Every now and then - last week being the latest - I get a call from a church out there about being their pastor because they like my style; which tells you a lot about how...

Parenthetically, when I was almost as famous as my much more famous writing friend who thinks I'm too snide and sarcastic every now and then, I was a part of a covenant group of really famous franchise pulpiteers who met in Malibu at the Serra Retreat (Franciscan joint) for a week every year to talk about doing what they never accomplished: take back the PCUSA from the apostates.

Be that as it was, I like where I am and what I'm doing; though I still wish somebody would pick up my latest book on biker culture as metaphor and challenge to the church. All of the reviews say it's gonna really sell; but, geez, convincing those big...

My wife and I have decided we're home and we're gonna stay until, you know, I'm assassinated or something like that.



Don't tell anybody.

But I really like my presbytery; and for folks who have no clue about what that is, it's kinda like a diocese, conference, or other bunch of clergy and others who pretend to know what's best for churches in their geographical neck of the woods.

While I've got some friends who have left for other franchises only to discover their greener pasture was somebody else's brown field, I took my ordination promises seriously (even the ones that I've broken along the way) and take John 17 even more seriously.

Recently, I was named to our presbytery's nominating committee; which is kinda cool because that means I get to help pick people for really important positions in the judicatory as well as really inane positions that require the extending of indulgences to...

I was so excited that I wrote a letter to the chairwoman and continuing members:


I look forward to serving with you on our presbytery's nominating

Parenthetically, now that I have your e-mail addresses, I'll send
first editions of Kopp Disclosure to you...

___ and ___ already get them; and I hear they have mastered the
use of the delete button.

Now to something serious.

I love Blackhawk Presbytery because it's part of the remnant that
esteems agape and John 17 over the increasingly extreme
ideological divisions destroying the fabric of our franchise. We
have the privilege as well as responsibility to model Someone
better for the rest of our sisters/brothers.

I have no patience for folks who have cut and run in defiance of
their ordination promises and John 17; and I also have decreasing
patience for pewsitters/pulpiteers who forget our confessional
and constitutional commitment to Jesus as attested in Holy

While I have been very critical of the direction of our national
leadership as well as New Wineskiners and other schismatics,
I have also been laudatory about our presbytery as counter to
that culture via many media outlets.

In other words, I will take this privilege seriously as we pray
and labor together to model Him through our irenic and
redemptive intentions.

Or something like that.

Blessings and Love!




...or just move to California!



Blessings and Love!

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