Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Some people, even in churches, don't get it/Him.

It's proverbial: eyes that don't see and ears that don't hear.

It's the challenge of Colossians 3.

Let's admit it.

It's easy to see and hear who get it/Him.

Galatians 5:19-26 comes to mind.



Praise the Lord for those who get it/Him!

A conspiracy began in Belvidere, Illinois on 12/31/10-1/2/11 with roots in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania just after Christmas (12/28/10).

Actually, it began a long time ago in Israel: "As you do it for others, you do it for Me...I give up my life voluntarily for others...No one forces Me...If anyone wants to follow Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and, then, you can say you're following Me" (cf. Isaiah 53).

Getting back to Pittsburgh, there were ten of us in the house just after Christmas.

As we sat down for breakfast on 12/28/10, two family members announced/asked, "Who stopped up the toilet?"

One of the two was kinda having fun with it while the other was much more serious about it.

No one confessed.

Personally, in the privacy of my noodle, I narrowed it down to four candidates (two young girls and two young boys); but seeing and hearing no one coughing up a confession and sensing that was going to ruin breakfast if not the whole day, I felt inspired to blurt out, "Blame me!"

I was dismissed by the inquisitors because I was stationed in the basement with my wife, dog, and the other toilet.

But I refused to relent and kept announcing, "Blame me!"

Eventually, the case was dropped.

I know some folks have a problem with that.

They say it's not honest/fair/just; but when has honesty/fairness/justice been the top priority of Jesus and people who love Jesus by loving like Jesus?

If Jesus were really honest/fair/just, wouldn't everybody go to hell?

That would be honest/fair/just; but Jesus is more about grace than honesty/fairness/justice in the ultimate disposition of souls.

Jesus took the blame and paid the penalty for us.

It wasn't honest/fair/just; but it's always been more about unconditional favor for Him (aka agape).

Now, quickly, go back to the third sentence/paragraph of this section before continuing.

The word Christian means "little Christ" or "junior Jesus."

Paul said Christianity happens when we say and really mean, "It is no longer I who live but Jesus who lives in and through me."

So if Jesus can take the blame and pay the penalty...

Yes, blame me!

I stopped up the toilet!

Geez, I hope you didn't/don't miss the bigger implications/ramifications of that metaphor.

Chan: "God's definition of what matters is pretty straightforward. He measures our lives by how we love" (Crazy Love).


And sometimes that means giving up everything; including your relative innocence to bear the blame and penalty for someone else.

For example, Bonhoeffer who got it/Him.


You see and hear - maybe/hope/pray - if we love Jesus, we love like Jesus!

That's when we get it/Him.

Getting back to Belvidere, a woman pointed a crooked finger at a man; because he had to be blamed for something that offended her.

She came to me; expecting me to side with her.

She believes/believed - not sure which one yet - I like to take sides; especially when it comes to blame.

Calmly, instead, with a smile and laugh fresh off my increasing transformation ignited in Pittsburgh, I said, "Yes, blame me!"

She was confused.

Why should I take the blame and penalty for someone else?

I refused to stop: "Yes, blame me!"

Word spread.

It came up in a fellowship gathering.

There was an argument.

But, then, Norby interrupted, "Yes, blame me!"

He got it/Him!

Then Julie interrupted, "Yes, blame me!"

She got it/Him!

Then Ev interrupted, "Yes, blame me!"

He got it/Him!

Then LuAnn interrupted, "Yes, blame me!"

She got it/Him!


The conspiracy spread(s).

The woman withdrew her accusing finger; and word spread of a place, a safe haven, a beacon for Him, where people are not blamed but invited, welcomed, included, and loved with selflessness, mercy, tolerance, forgiveness, and unconditional favor.

It is a place where burdens are shared and carried together.

It is a place where being in love means more than being right, convincing, and winning.

It is a place where they have forgotten what has divided them because divisions disappear through Jesus.

It is a place where no one takes sides because they are walking alongside Jesus.

Blame has been transformed into blessing.

It has become of Christocentric proportions.


The conspiracy continues to spread.

Word has reached KD of pewsitters/pulpiteers across America who are confronting/confounding/converting the contentious in their regenerating churches with a simple sacrifice: "Yes, blame me!"

They're getting it/Him!



Blessings and Love!

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