Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



While making my daily hospital rounds, a fellah just getting up after the previous day's surgery asked, "So who'd we bomb today?"

I said, "We're still bombing Libya but we'll soon start bombing Yemen before we prepare to bomb..."

He laughed a sad laugh if you know what I mean.

The other fellah in the room spoke up, "They're really gonna hate us now over there."

I said, "Nah, they already hate us over there; but don't worry about it 'cause I've been over there so many times and they hate each other almost as much as they hate us and just about everybody else."

He laughed a sad laugh if you know what I mean.

Then we watched a news summary of quick hits on the bad news in Japan, Wisconsin, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Haiti, Chile, China, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, and Big East basketball lockerrooms.


There's lots of bad news.

Then I prayed with 'em; and while walking out of the room, I laughed a sad laugh if you know what I mean and said, "I think this is a good time for a spring break."


Even KD is going on spring break.

Kathie's headed to Virginia for a week, I'm headed to Pennsylvania for less than three days, and Bill's planning his retirement.

So this is a good time to go to the right side of this site, click on old editions and maybe even read 'em, and check out the other features for your pleasure/pain.

It's also a good time to visit, click on the tab for Kopp Disclosure, and listen to old shows.



Well, as long as nobody starts bombing us, we should have more new stuff by late next week.


With so many things going so badly in our world, country, and my favorite mainline denomination that's moved to the sideline of American interest/relevance, I haven't had much time or temptation to add more fuel to the fires.

With so many people in our world, country, and franchise so determined to bite, beat, batter, and butcher, I've decided more folks have got to take a more irenic approach if we're ever going to tone down the rhetoric as well as fisticuffs.

That's new for me.

But with so many people wanting to fight these days, I figure it's more in my rebellious nature to be a peacemaker for a change.



In other words, I'm taking a break from what's broken.

We need a spring break - a fresh and new approach to what's killing the world, country, and...

I know this is gonna sound really syrupy; but we need to stop dropping bombs that kill and start love-bombing the world, country, and...


I've decided somebody's gotta stop dropping bombs that kill.

Somebody's gotta be a beacon to a better way.

Somebody's gotta provide a safe haven from the meanness, madness, and misery of life in the world, country, and...

Somebody's gotta, uh, take Jesus seriously and love everyone to, uh, death.

Yeah, let's love people to death.

Not theirs.


For them.

Kinda like, uh, Jesus.


No, I haven't started smoking weed again.

It's just that I pray with our youth choir on Wednesdays and really don't want them or children like them in other parts of the world, country, and church to suffer any more at the hands of adults who act like anything other than people who understand Christianity is more about love-bombing than dropping bombs that kill.

Go ahead!

Call me a peacenik, fruitcake, dreamer, or resurrected hippie.

Go ahead!

Say I'm compromising, accommodating, unrealistic, and naive.

Go ahead!

I don't care what you think anymore.

I care what Jesus thought/thinks, said/says, personified/personifies, and expected/expects of anyone who dares to claim Him as personal Lord and Savior.

I'm gonna live a lot longer with Him than you anyway.

And He says that you can make fun of me and use all kinds of slurs and slanders to discredit, defame, and damn me.

But He says I'm a part of His family if I stop dropping those bombs that kill and start love-bombing death.


Not theirs.

Read the Beatitudes sometime; and for warmongering bastard children not of His kingdom, that's in Matthew 5.

Take a break!

Make love not war!

For Christ's sake!

...if you know what He means.



Blessings and Love!

Monday, March 21, 2011

"N" and "F" Words

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



There are two words that I hate.

Yes, I hate them.

I hate them because they insult/injure God by insulting/injuring God's children who are usually the targets of 'em.

Jesus said, "As you say/do it to them, you say/do it to Me."

In other words, these two hate-filled words that I hate don't do much for proving people who use them love God.

You can't love God and hate any of His children.

Not any of God's children; and everyone is a child of God even if they don't know or act like it/Him.

But bad behaviors that insult/injure can be hated.


I hate the "F" word.

Yeah, I know people use it in different ways; mindlessly, thoughtlessly, and recklessly as well as malintentionally, meanly, and awfully; as in, "Pass the ___'in salt!...Get off my ___'in yard!...You're such a dumb ___!...What the ___?!"...and so on.

While potty-mouthed babes used to turn me on in college for too many unGodly reasons, it's used too often by people who want to insult/injure God/God's; and there are many who use it because their vocabulary makes rappers appear erudite.

Yeah, I've used it; because I can be as ignorant, insulting, and injuring as anyone else who would go to hell for sure if it weren't for Jesus.


I hate the "N" word.

Yeah, I know it's cool among some blacks/African-Americans who use it every now and then for reasons that escape me; escaping me because it hurts so much when crackers use it on blacks/African-Americans. I don't get the double-standard.

Yeah, I know it's cool among ignorant, insulting, and injuring whites/Euro-Americans; but they're ignorant, insulting, and injuring and will be held accountable by the highest authority sooner or later and definitely in the end (go back to 4th sentence-paragraph of the first section).

No, I've never used it; but, of course, I am as ignorant, insulting, and injuring as anyone can be on lots of other stuff which is why I spend more and more and more time in the confessional.


A true story from years ago keeps enabling my hatred of those words.

Two crackers where standing over a dead black child after a peaceful demonstration that turned ugly because of other verbally/physically taunting crackers.

One said, "Well, that's just one more ___'in dead ___."

In what must have been an instantaneous and apocalyptic Damascus Road experience, the other said softly, "That's also somebody's little baby boy and don't you ever forget it!"



Don't ever forget it!


I hate those words.

I hate how those words remind me of how I can be so ignorant, insulting, and injuring in so many ways when it comes to God/God's.

Thankful for His redemptive graces available to everyone including those who use such vulgarities, hating those words and eliminating them from our communications means a little more heaven will come into a world so seemingly obsessed with going to...



Blessings and Love!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why It's So Easy/Hard in the Church to Get Anything Done for Christ's Sake

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Many years ago while sitting with Dick for breakfast in the snack shop of the old Alameda Plaza Hotel in Kansas City, he lamented, "I just don't get her. If it's not her idea, she's always against it. We'll never move forward with her on the board."

I asked, "Have you ever heard her talk about Jesus?"

"No," he replied.

"Then," I asked, "why do you expect her to want to do anything for Christ's sake?"

"Oh," he said.


After returning from one of my several trips to the Middle East, I did the obligatory slide show for the old women of the church.

A wonderful yet naive saint asked, "Why can't those people over there just act like good Christians and get along with each other?"

I replied, "Aside from churchgoers not providing a very good example for them of getting along with each other, those people can't just act like good Christians and get along with each other because there aren't too many over there."

"Oh," she said.


One of the finest saints to ever enter my life observed through tears, "I'm getting so tired of all the silly and insignificant and simply stupid stuff that some people care about in our church. How are we ever going to move ahead for Jesus if people can't see the big picture? They're so caught up in what has hardly any connection to being a Christian."

I asked, "Do you think such people really know Jesus as personal Lord and Savior?"

She said, "Well, if, as you say, Paul was right about Christians showing the evidence or proof or fruit of being a Christian and are more concerned about His way than getting theirs, no."

"Exactly," I concurred.

"Oh," she said.


Wolves often slip in among sheep to distract and detour if not devour.

Jesus talked a lot about that.

Today's churches are polluted by wolves dressed as sheep; ergo, they stagnate, grow stale, and slip farther and farther and farther from the blessings to be experienced by moving closer and closer and closer to Jesus.

Churches often fail by falling for the lie that people who just show up on Sunday, insist their names be recorded on a membership roll despite being as regular as I am without fiber, and slither into leadership are actually Christians.


An elder was sooooooo mad at God because...

A pastor lost sleep because...

Both had something in common with the problems identified in the preceding sections of this KD.

They weren't close enough to Jesus for Him to make a difference in their lives.

The problems don't want to do anything for Christ's sake because they're not really related to Him.

The elder and pastor are out of sorts because they're not related enough to Jesus for Him to make a difference in their lives when...



Get closer to Jesus!

Specifically, "God inhabits the praises of His people."


Get closer to Jesus for increased peace and everything else that enable overcoming whomever, whatever, whenever, and wherever!


If you need some help, go to, look to the left corner and click on Prayer Room, then click on the white words on the black screen, and then stay and soak until...



Blessings and Love!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why We'll Invade Libya

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Now that we're about to invade Libya, I was wondering how many wars can be fought at the same time?

Let's face it.

We're fighting lots of wars in lots of countries with only so many soldiers to go around coupled with an economy that can't handle many more wars not to mention the conflicts in our own country.

Along comes the disaster in Japan...and we know who's gonna pay those bills...

Have you read Mark 13, Matthew 24, or Revelation lately?



Getting back to Libya, BBPBHO is taking his time on deciding whether we should go after 'em.

I mean he's really taking his time; reminding me of churches that take so long to do anything for Christ's sake.

Parenthetically, the last three words of the preceding sentence-paragraph are to be taken literally rather than profanely.

Anyway, I'm not saying BBPBHO is indecisive - O.K., maybe I am - but he does remind me of churches that wait and worry and rap so long about the opportunities/challenges before them that they usually go away before...

The Middle East is a mess! Geez! The world's a mess! Double geez! Wisconsin's a mess! Triple geez! There are messes all over the place! Even those fat cats in the NFL can't get along with all of their $!

So maybe BBPBHO is hopin' he'll close his eyes, go to bed, wake up, and it'll all be over.


He's gonna have to make a decision before Jesus comes back; or at least before the bloodthirsty nutball with the most bombs in Libya kills off everybody opposing him.



While I still don't think BBPBHO is as anointed as his sycophants pretend or as awful as his antagonists advertise, I think he tries to be reasonable about these kinda things in a moralistic kinda way that I've not been able to identify thus far; but, again, I think he tries to be a decent guy without reference to any perceivable ethical standard.

That sounded redundant; kinda like his fans and foes when...

Be that as I think it/he is, my guess is he's tryin' to come up with a "just" cause/rationalization for starting another war for us to fight.

Of course, history shows nations are especially nimble at coming up with "just" causes/rationalizations for trying to wipe out...

The esteemed Yale Professor Roland H. Bainton's conclusion often comes to mind in times like these: "...illustrated by the fate of Augustine's doctrine of the just war. He had said that war should be conducted only under the auspices of the state, because private war is anarchy...He had said justice must be on one side only and that the prince should determine the prince had as much right as another to call his cause just, and no superior power was in a position to adjudicate. Consequently, theory was thrown to the winds, and those attacked took care of themselves, including bishops, priests, monks, and nuns, though the clergy often scrupled to use swords and, instead, bashed the enemy with clubs, because 'the Church abhors the shedding of blood.' The code had utterly collapsed."

In other words, uh, your guess is as good as mine as to what "just" cause/rationalization will be used by our prince for starting another war for us to fight.



Here's my guess why we're in the Middle East and will get into Libya: oil and a place for Nelly Furtado, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Usher to make lots of $ at private parties put on by really, really, really rich people making lots of $ selling oil to, uh, us.

I don't think BBPBHO is gonna be driven by political polls on this one; because America is so polarized these days that it really doesn't matter what he says and does. We're split down the middle with no reconciliation in sight. Surely, Jesus could bridge that divide; but we know He's not been asked to any of the deliberations lately.

I don't think we'll fight this war for Israeli interests 'cause our interests in Israel are fading. They may be our most loyal ally in the area and the apple of His eye but we're so afraid of those Islamofascists who really hate Jews not to mention just about everybody else that we're willing to sell out Israel for a little national security and that oil and a place for...

I don't think we'll fight this war because we can't stand to watch a nutball dictator like Gaddafi torture and kill so many people. Nah. C'mon, if that were why we start wars, we'd have gone into Saudi Arabia, Iran, Korea, China, countless countries in Africa and South America, and Wisconsin. If we invade Libya, it will be for the oil and a place for...

In other words, I don't think we're going to fight another war for anything apart from our own selfish...

It's all about oil and a place for...



I'm tired of wars.

They cost too much.

Too much $.

Too much suffering.

Too many lost lives.

I've got an idea to end wars.

Instead of spending so much $ on bombs and stuff to kill people, why not just spend the $ that would be used on bombs to buy food and clothing and shelter and...for everybody?

Wouldn't it be cheaper?

And if you think some of the nutballs like the one in Libya or ones in Wisconsin would stand in the way of such an idea, I'll bet so many folks would go for it that it wouldn't matter what they said.

I know that sounds crazy; so don't write to tell me that it sounds crazy.


Is it really crazier than war?

Yeah, I know it'll be hard for those who have to give up what they've got for those who have not.

I know Jesus said it's hard for those who have to get into heaven because they're so resistant to such ideas.

But we're running out of options!

Surely, there are more important things/values than oil and a place for...




Read Matthew 5:9.


Read Matthew 5:10-12.


Talking about peace for Christ's sake means you're going to catch everything but heaven for Christ's sake.


If you don't think it's/He's worth that effort, then you can go to the hell that you're enabling for everybody else.



Blessings and Love!

Friday, March 11, 2011

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Big One in 2012

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



My wife took down the portrait of yours truly from the wall next to our bed.

It was inked by one of America's foremost artists as a gift pour moi in 1989.

While it shows more hair/youth than the current enfleshed version, what I like most about it apart from the narcissistic stuff is the blending of my faith's focus into the portrait by blending words/symbols into the portrait that prompt a "Where's Waldo?" probe.

The artist wanted the portrait to point to a greater value than her supposed subject; and I'm not going to squeal because that would ruin the surprise.

You have to see it to get that last sentence-paragraph; which is more probable now that it's no longer hanging on the wall next to our bed.

If I die any time soon, it could land on E-Bay; though my youngest said he wants it along with my ring from Israel as soon as my name appears on the roll to be called up yonder.

The removal was abrupt.

Assuming it signaled a change of, uh, something, I had to ask, uh, why.

She said it had hung on the wall next to our bed for long enough; moreover, gulp, geez, gasp, golly, she asked rhetorically, "Don't you think it's a little egotistical to hang your picture in our bedroom?"

I never really thought of that; 'cause I've always been caught up in the artist's not-so-hidden message(s) in those blended/inked words pointing to a greater value than her supposed subject.

I thought she liked it.

I was/am wrong.

After so many years, she took it/me down.

It signals a change of, uh, something.


That got me thinking about my favorite ecclesiastical franchise (PCUSA) in my favorite country (USA).

I love both.

Yeah, I've been disillusioned/disappointed by both over the years; but I'd never leave either because the former introduced me to Jesus and the latter let me love Him without too much interference.

I don't know how people can discard who/what have been so important to them for so long just because...

Yeah, I know churches and countries can really...

But, c'mon, if people keep segregating/separating over stuff that has no eternal consequences, it won't be long before churches and countries become so paralyzed by polarizations that...


I look at the church today - sideline as well as mainline - and can't help but wonder if Jesus wonders what happened to John 17.

I look at the country today - left to right and back again - and can't help but wonder if we'll ever fill in this blank again: "In ___ We Trust."

After so many years, people are taking 'em down.

It signals a change of, uh, something.


That got me thinking about Election 2012.

Having successfully predicted the winners of the Midterms and Super Bowl (Yep! Go to the archives!), I'm ready to disclose who will win the big one in 2012.


Unless the Republicans present a Romney/Rubio ticket for election, Oprah's favorite child wins again.

Specifically, every demographic went as expected in the last election except for female crackers who went overwhelmingly for BBPBHO; so if the GOP wants to get the keys back to the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue, they're going to have to convert those vanilla babes or go after the demographic that's within reach via the VP side of a Romney/Rubio ticket.


BBPBHO wins.

He's still the most winsome of candidates with the pale ladies and the Republicans aren't ready to be as inclusive as America.

Besides, GWB will still get most of the blame for everything that's gone wrong until our names appear on the roll to be called up yonder.

Remember, we're into hula hoops, pet rocks, Paris Hilton, and Charlie Sheen.

Of course, I don't see the Republicans picking any of...

You can count on it.

BBPBHO wins again in 2012; unless, of course, people get as fed up with him as my wife is with me and take down...


BBPBHO wins.

Some things/people don't signal change.



Blessings and Love!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



My oldest son was recruited by just about everybody back in the mid 90s to play D1 football.

He narrowed it down to Northwestern, Notre Dame, and Pitt.

While the Irish and Wildcats lost that one to Johnny Majors, N and ND were exceptionally classy in defeat, wishing him well, staying in touch during the Walt Harris era, and never expressing the sour grapes of another keystone state school in, uh, defeat.

All three of 'em are doing quite well these days; but I am a little concerned about N.

Aside from not being able to count the # of schools in their conference, the Big Ten's intellectual elite - as their students often chant while exercising their right to sour grapes during another loss on the gridiron to anyone above NAIA - seem to be devolving into something more like UTEP or the U than their ivy league pretensions.

Yeah, I'm talking about tenured Professor John Michael Bailey and his sex class.



Unless you're living in the ozone layer of reality like most Democrats/Republicans/mainliners who refuse to see/hear/admit what's going on in their playgrounds, you've probably heard about what happened during Professor Bailey's human sexuality class at Northwestern.

He provided an "optional" academic moment for 120 students to watch a couple demonstrate a @#$%saw sex toy.

Parenthetically, please remember I use @#$%s moins any intended/inferred vulgarity to separate sections of KD and ain't gonna change just because some control freaks aka DUs insist @#$%s mean what they think they mean rather than what they don't mean for me other than separating sections of KD.

But, of course, when it comes to the professor's sex toy in class, @#$% as the first syllable of ___saw is my way of saying even disclosures yield to discernments or, in this particular instance, common sense.

Speaking of common sense, let's get back to the professor who exhibited an astounding lack of it in February not too long after, uh, Valentine's Day.


He invited two certifiable whackos to demonstrate some really funky stuff because, in his own academicese, "I think it helps us understand sexual diversity."


All you have to do is go to a mainline clergy/laos meeting for that...or watch Desperate Housewives, South Park, Jerry Springer, or...

As a professor myself, my guess is Professor Bailey is either trying to win a personal popularity contest among young Cub/Girl Scouts in heat, increase ratings for his other classes, pretend some academic intention to conceal running out of notes and needing to come up with something to fill time (Puuuuuuuhlease don't even bother to say it was an "optional" opportunity or try some other inane rationalization for, uh, it!), or is just a rather pathetically prurient little sleazebucket himself.

As for the, uh, exhibitors, just google Faith Kroll and, uh, judge for yourself; remembering what Jesus said about judging lest you/I/we get carried away to even more self-righteousness.

Apologists say Professor Bailey was only "illustrating" important academic information on human sexuality.


Consider the logic.

Does that mean our next class on world religions will have exhibitors chopping off the heads of nuns to "illustrate" Islamofascism or guys dressed up like Crusaders doing the same thing to camel jockeys or finding some churchgoers willing to crucify their pastor in a Christian kinda way or...?

Anyone who has read KDs for any length of time knows we ain't prudes.

But puuuuuuuhease.

This particular professor could have suggested field trips to the local porn shop or strip club or mall or Laundromat or high school study hall to view...

Fortunately, Professor Bailey has grudgingly apologized after being rebuked by N's President; still maintaining the, uh, exhibit did "absolutely no harm" to anyone.


Aside from graphic images planted in the mushbrains of, essentially, children that may require an exorcism or the degradation of a gender as her male mate plowed away with the ___saw or the suggestion that it takes tools to improve upon God's wonderful gift of human sexuality or..., the sheer stupidity, lack of common sense, and baseness of the, uh, exhibition makes a mockery of "higher" education not to mention the Wildcats' claim to intellectual pre-eminence.



On the other hand, when I was a famous high steepler, I was invited to a White House briefing on the dangers, degradations, and darkness of pornography.

I remember a very famous American so passionately committed to focusing on family values (a hint to his identity is in the preceding words of this sentence) who suggested the only way to wage a successful war against pornography is for churches to fill buses with church ladies and drop 'em off at the local porn shops and strip clubs so they can see how some very twisted sickos are exploiting their gender. He said the outrage would/will be so great that it wouldn't/won't be long before they were/are put out of business.

So maybe the professor has served a purpose beyond his pseudo-academics.

He's alerted his boss to the truth that even the best academic institutions in the world may not have tenured the brightest.

Now read 1 Corinthians 1:18ff. again.


Blessings and Love!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Counting time in the womb which I always do because God does, I almost turned 60 a few days ago.

With time remaining not as much as already spent, I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with trying/praying to distinguish the important from the incidental.

I'm becoming less and less and less interested in the academic and more and more and more interested in the practical proofs of showing I'm related to Jesus by deed to prove creed.

I'm with my favorite poet John David Burton: "Years of school prompt my distrust of and disinterest in the academic."

Paul was/remains right (1 Corinthians 1:18-25) with Clarence Jordan's paraphrase to the point: "I will tear to bits the dissertations of the Ph.D.s; I will pull the rug from under those who have all the answers...God's weakness is stronger than..."

Galatians 3:28 has become the big theme/text/test of my spirit's phylactery.

I don't want to read any more about Jesus.

I'm tired of secondary sources.

I want to read Jesus.

I want to immerse my totality in Him.

I want to be so intimate with Him alone through what He alone said/says that Paul's personal experience becomes the description of my discipleship: "It is no longer I who live but Jesus who lives in and through me."

I want to be so close to Him that Rembrandt's "Inspiration of Saint Matthew" is more than a painting hanging in the Louvre to illustrate 2 Timothy 3:16 and 2 Peter 1:20-21.

I'm tired of learning more about Jesus.

I want to know Jesus better.

Faith grows/deepens by direct familiarity with the Founder so much more than through thoroughly tainted human filters to Him.



Brother Daniel comes to mind.

I met him at Assumption Abbey in Ava, Missouri.

It's a Trappist monastery where I spent a lot of time back in the 80s.

Anyway, I remember watching him with his Bible opened to Psalm 91 while packaging incense.

Having studied the Psalm in Hebrew under some of America's and Germany's greatest Bible professors as well as capturing a sense of its traditio-historical context during several trips to Israel, I thought I would help him to understand it; especially because I knew his education ended shortly after 8th grade.

He seemed completely underwhelmed as I tried to enlighten him.

So I asked him to share what he had learned about it with me; and as he spoke, the heavens seemed to open as revelation poured through Brother Daniel in ways that I'd never...

When you're certified as an ecclesiastical egghead by many of the world's most notorious seminaries and universities, you assume greater, uh, evolution and...

You know what I mean; and if you don't, praise God!

Well, I was overwhelmed by what Brother Daniel knew about Psalm 91 without the benefits extended to me; so I asked, "How do you know so much more about it than I do? I mean, let's be honest here, I've studied this under some of the greatest Biblical scholars of all time and been to..."

He said, "I asked God what it means."

Now go to the last sentence of the previous section.



Everything's unraveling before our eyes today.

Right, wrong, good, bad, nations, religions, economies, families, and all of the rest have become talking points for mediaheads with no real answers beyond their cynicism, condescending pseudo-intellectualism, and polarizing commentaries exposing them as slightly more coherent than Charlie Sheen.

Everybody's an expert; reminding me of the infidel who slipped into leadership in a church that I served long ago who said, "I know that's what Jesus and the Bible say but I think..."


Of course, that's the problem.

With no standard of truth, there's no, uh, standard of truth; and anybody's word has become as good/authoritative as anybody's else word on any subject.

Am I the only one who thinks that's a big part of why everything's unraveling before our eyes today?



Surely, I'm not suggesting there's no place for secondary sources.

I'm just convinced they're, uh, secondary sources.

While I may be wrong on this, I don't think what Jesus said/says is that hard to figure out.

My guess is some really smart people, like the infidel who slipped into leadership in a church that I served long ago to make that preposterously arrogant comment recorded in the previous section, just don't like what Jesus and Holy Scripture said/says and try to come up with something that they'd rather...

Let me put it another way.

I think everybody/we would be a lot better off if they/we just got in touch with Lord Jesus as Savior and followed His example as we relate to everybody about everything.

Of course, considering that's not been the popular opinion/conviction in our world or even Christendom, everything continues to unravel before our eyes.

If you think that's depressing, it's because you're still looking through the wrong filter(s).

It's only human.

That's the problem.

We've been looking at Jesus through our humanity: "So humanity created God in its own image."

We've got to stop smoking filtered religions masquerading as...

We've got to open our eyes/minds/hearts/spirits to the obvious problem demanding the only solution.

Nothing's working anymore.

No one's got the answer.

Everything's getting worse and worse and worse and...

Before it's too late, we need the answer.


Specifically, the answer to what's killing all of us is loving Him by loving like Him: sacrificially, selflessly, mercifully, tolerantly, inclusively, and redemptively with unconditional favor to all.

Let me put it another way.

When I arrived in Heidelberg in the 70s and gushed to Professors Ficker, Leibrecht, Lowe, and Westermann about how great it was to study in Germany with all of the great theologians, Dr. Ficker admitted, "They're dead."

Jesus is alive.

Let me put it another way.

I used to scoff at those sporting lapel pins that urged "Try Jesus."

Not anymore.

We better try/do something/Someone different from what we're trying/doing now 'cause what we're trying/doing now ain't workin' for nobody no how.

Yeah, let's try Jesus for a, uh, change.

Let me put it another way.

Uh, sorry, uh, I mean really, there is no other way.


Blessings and Love!