Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Big One in 2012

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



My wife took down the portrait of yours truly from the wall next to our bed.

It was inked by one of America's foremost artists as a gift pour moi in 1989.

While it shows more hair/youth than the current enfleshed version, what I like most about it apart from the narcissistic stuff is the blending of my faith's focus into the portrait by blending words/symbols into the portrait that prompt a "Where's Waldo?" probe.

The artist wanted the portrait to point to a greater value than her supposed subject; and I'm not going to squeal because that would ruin the surprise.

You have to see it to get that last sentence-paragraph; which is more probable now that it's no longer hanging on the wall next to our bed.

If I die any time soon, it could land on E-Bay; though my youngest said he wants it along with my ring from Israel as soon as my name appears on the roll to be called up yonder.

The removal was abrupt.

Assuming it signaled a change of, uh, something, I had to ask, uh, why.

She said it had hung on the wall next to our bed for long enough; moreover, gulp, geez, gasp, golly, she asked rhetorically, "Don't you think it's a little egotistical to hang your picture in our bedroom?"

I never really thought of that; 'cause I've always been caught up in the artist's not-so-hidden message(s) in those blended/inked words pointing to a greater value than her supposed subject.

I thought she liked it.

I was/am wrong.

After so many years, she took it/me down.

It signals a change of, uh, something.


That got me thinking about my favorite ecclesiastical franchise (PCUSA) in my favorite country (USA).

I love both.

Yeah, I've been disillusioned/disappointed by both over the years; but I'd never leave either because the former introduced me to Jesus and the latter let me love Him without too much interference.

I don't know how people can discard who/what have been so important to them for so long just because...

Yeah, I know churches and countries can really...

But, c'mon, if people keep segregating/separating over stuff that has no eternal consequences, it won't be long before churches and countries become so paralyzed by polarizations that...


I look at the church today - sideline as well as mainline - and can't help but wonder if Jesus wonders what happened to John 17.

I look at the country today - left to right and back again - and can't help but wonder if we'll ever fill in this blank again: "In ___ We Trust."

After so many years, people are taking 'em down.

It signals a change of, uh, something.


That got me thinking about Election 2012.

Having successfully predicted the winners of the Midterms and Super Bowl (Yep! Go to the archives!), I'm ready to disclose who will win the big one in 2012.


Unless the Republicans present a Romney/Rubio ticket for election, Oprah's favorite child wins again.

Specifically, every demographic went as expected in the last election except for female crackers who went overwhelmingly for BBPBHO; so if the GOP wants to get the keys back to the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue, they're going to have to convert those vanilla babes or go after the demographic that's within reach via the VP side of a Romney/Rubio ticket.


BBPBHO wins.

He's still the most winsome of candidates with the pale ladies and the Republicans aren't ready to be as inclusive as America.

Besides, GWB will still get most of the blame for everything that's gone wrong until our names appear on the roll to be called up yonder.

Remember, we're into hula hoops, pet rocks, Paris Hilton, and Charlie Sheen.

Of course, I don't see the Republicans picking any of...

You can count on it.

BBPBHO wins again in 2012; unless, of course, people get as fed up with him as my wife is with me and take down...


BBPBHO wins.

Some things/people don't signal change.



Blessings and Love!

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Reformed Catholic said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who sees that unless the GOP actually selects someone who will appeal to more than just their conservative base, they won't have a chance to take the Executive at all.

Their best chance is to take the Senate, thus have a real check and balance.