Monday, March 7, 2011

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



My oldest son was recruited by just about everybody back in the mid 90s to play D1 football.

He narrowed it down to Northwestern, Notre Dame, and Pitt.

While the Irish and Wildcats lost that one to Johnny Majors, N and ND were exceptionally classy in defeat, wishing him well, staying in touch during the Walt Harris era, and never expressing the sour grapes of another keystone state school in, uh, defeat.

All three of 'em are doing quite well these days; but I am a little concerned about N.

Aside from not being able to count the # of schools in their conference, the Big Ten's intellectual elite - as their students often chant while exercising their right to sour grapes during another loss on the gridiron to anyone above NAIA - seem to be devolving into something more like UTEP or the U than their ivy league pretensions.

Yeah, I'm talking about tenured Professor John Michael Bailey and his sex class.



Unless you're living in the ozone layer of reality like most Democrats/Republicans/mainliners who refuse to see/hear/admit what's going on in their playgrounds, you've probably heard about what happened during Professor Bailey's human sexuality class at Northwestern.

He provided an "optional" academic moment for 120 students to watch a couple demonstrate a @#$%saw sex toy.

Parenthetically, please remember I use @#$%s moins any intended/inferred vulgarity to separate sections of KD and ain't gonna change just because some control freaks aka DUs insist @#$%s mean what they think they mean rather than what they don't mean for me other than separating sections of KD.

But, of course, when it comes to the professor's sex toy in class, @#$% as the first syllable of ___saw is my way of saying even disclosures yield to discernments or, in this particular instance, common sense.

Speaking of common sense, let's get back to the professor who exhibited an astounding lack of it in February not too long after, uh, Valentine's Day.


He invited two certifiable whackos to demonstrate some really funky stuff because, in his own academicese, "I think it helps us understand sexual diversity."


All you have to do is go to a mainline clergy/laos meeting for that...or watch Desperate Housewives, South Park, Jerry Springer, or...

As a professor myself, my guess is Professor Bailey is either trying to win a personal popularity contest among young Cub/Girl Scouts in heat, increase ratings for his other classes, pretend some academic intention to conceal running out of notes and needing to come up with something to fill time (Puuuuuuuhlease don't even bother to say it was an "optional" opportunity or try some other inane rationalization for, uh, it!), or is just a rather pathetically prurient little sleazebucket himself.

As for the, uh, exhibitors, just google Faith Kroll and, uh, judge for yourself; remembering what Jesus said about judging lest you/I/we get carried away to even more self-righteousness.

Apologists say Professor Bailey was only "illustrating" important academic information on human sexuality.


Consider the logic.

Does that mean our next class on world religions will have exhibitors chopping off the heads of nuns to "illustrate" Islamofascism or guys dressed up like Crusaders doing the same thing to camel jockeys or finding some churchgoers willing to crucify their pastor in a Christian kinda way or...?

Anyone who has read KDs for any length of time knows we ain't prudes.

But puuuuuuuhease.

This particular professor could have suggested field trips to the local porn shop or strip club or mall or Laundromat or high school study hall to view...

Fortunately, Professor Bailey has grudgingly apologized after being rebuked by N's President; still maintaining the, uh, exhibit did "absolutely no harm" to anyone.


Aside from graphic images planted in the mushbrains of, essentially, children that may require an exorcism or the degradation of a gender as her male mate plowed away with the ___saw or the suggestion that it takes tools to improve upon God's wonderful gift of human sexuality or..., the sheer stupidity, lack of common sense, and baseness of the, uh, exhibition makes a mockery of "higher" education not to mention the Wildcats' claim to intellectual pre-eminence.



On the other hand, when I was a famous high steepler, I was invited to a White House briefing on the dangers, degradations, and darkness of pornography.

I remember a very famous American so passionately committed to focusing on family values (a hint to his identity is in the preceding words of this sentence) who suggested the only way to wage a successful war against pornography is for churches to fill buses with church ladies and drop 'em off at the local porn shops and strip clubs so they can see how some very twisted sickos are exploiting their gender. He said the outrage would/will be so great that it wouldn't/won't be long before they were/are put out of business.

So maybe the professor has served a purpose beyond his pseudo-academics.

He's alerted his boss to the truth that even the best academic institutions in the world may not have tenured the brightest.

Now read 1 Corinthians 1:18ff. again.


Blessings and Love!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure the good professor will get an invite to do a demonstration for the seminarians at Garrett!

From Pittsburgh Seminary