Monday, March 21, 2011

"N" and "F" Words

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



There are two words that I hate.

Yes, I hate them.

I hate them because they insult/injure God by insulting/injuring God's children who are usually the targets of 'em.

Jesus said, "As you say/do it to them, you say/do it to Me."

In other words, these two hate-filled words that I hate don't do much for proving people who use them love God.

You can't love God and hate any of His children.

Not any of God's children; and everyone is a child of God even if they don't know or act like it/Him.

But bad behaviors that insult/injure can be hated.


I hate the "F" word.

Yeah, I know people use it in different ways; mindlessly, thoughtlessly, and recklessly as well as malintentionally, meanly, and awfully; as in, "Pass the ___'in salt!...Get off my ___'in yard!...You're such a dumb ___!...What the ___?!"...and so on.

While potty-mouthed babes used to turn me on in college for too many unGodly reasons, it's used too often by people who want to insult/injure God/God's; and there are many who use it because their vocabulary makes rappers appear erudite.

Yeah, I've used it; because I can be as ignorant, insulting, and injuring as anyone else who would go to hell for sure if it weren't for Jesus.


I hate the "N" word.

Yeah, I know it's cool among some blacks/African-Americans who use it every now and then for reasons that escape me; escaping me because it hurts so much when crackers use it on blacks/African-Americans. I don't get the double-standard.

Yeah, I know it's cool among ignorant, insulting, and injuring whites/Euro-Americans; but they're ignorant, insulting, and injuring and will be held accountable by the highest authority sooner or later and definitely in the end (go back to 4th sentence-paragraph of the first section).

No, I've never used it; but, of course, I am as ignorant, insulting, and injuring as anyone can be on lots of other stuff which is why I spend more and more and more time in the confessional.


A true story from years ago keeps enabling my hatred of those words.

Two crackers where standing over a dead black child after a peaceful demonstration that turned ugly because of other verbally/physically taunting crackers.

One said, "Well, that's just one more ___'in dead ___."

In what must have been an instantaneous and apocalyptic Damascus Road experience, the other said softly, "That's also somebody's little baby boy and don't you ever forget it!"



Don't ever forget it!


I hate those words.

I hate how those words remind me of how I can be so ignorant, insulting, and injuring in so many ways when it comes to God/God's.

Thankful for His redemptive graces available to everyone including those who use such vulgarities, hating those words and eliminating them from our communications means a little more heaven will come into a world so seemingly obsessed with going to...



Blessings and Love!


Crystal said...

Dr. K.,
I'm with you...I HATE those words and cringe when I hear them-such ugly, ugly words. With our words we bless and with our words we condemn...and yes, that little boy was some mother's precious baby.
Bless you,

Anonymous said...

Good stuff again. I grew up in a segregated town in VA, where the "n" word was part of the ethos. I count as one of God's most gracious acts of healing my mind and soul that I hate that word and will never use it again. People can change.

Ella Jane said...

Our tongue reflects what is in our hearts. I pray that He will not only set a guard over my lips, but also my heart.
I bless you today, dear friend!
Ella Jane

Jim said...

Yep, two "Uggllleeeee" words if there ever were. It would have done me good if my mom had been around a bit more often with a bar of soap when my tongue needed it!

Bill said...

Dr. Bob. I agree with you wholeheartedly and those, especially the F word
are used far far to often, and often for the wrong reasons. I would like to
add one more word to the list and it is another F word and that is "Friggin"
which is the same as the other word by someone who is trying to tidy up
their mouth, thinking this will make it alright, when in fact the insult or
meaning is still there and the same. Sometimes I get even more upset by the
use of the second F word because I know its true meaning but the person is
only trying to be polite in a polite sense of the word. Words with the same
meaning are still the hurting and discusting no matter how it is used. Both
are words and are in the dictionary and should be removed from the english
language but then again, that would be like convincing everyone they need to
be more like Jesus. Blessings. Bill