Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why It's So Easy/Hard in the Church to Get Anything Done for Christ's Sake

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Many years ago while sitting with Dick for breakfast in the snack shop of the old Alameda Plaza Hotel in Kansas City, he lamented, "I just don't get her. If it's not her idea, she's always against it. We'll never move forward with her on the board."

I asked, "Have you ever heard her talk about Jesus?"

"No," he replied.

"Then," I asked, "why do you expect her to want to do anything for Christ's sake?"

"Oh," he said.


After returning from one of my several trips to the Middle East, I did the obligatory slide show for the old women of the church.

A wonderful yet naive saint asked, "Why can't those people over there just act like good Christians and get along with each other?"

I replied, "Aside from churchgoers not providing a very good example for them of getting along with each other, those people can't just act like good Christians and get along with each other because there aren't too many over there."

"Oh," she said.


One of the finest saints to ever enter my life observed through tears, "I'm getting so tired of all the silly and insignificant and simply stupid stuff that some people care about in our church. How are we ever going to move ahead for Jesus if people can't see the big picture? They're so caught up in what has hardly any connection to being a Christian."

I asked, "Do you think such people really know Jesus as personal Lord and Savior?"

She said, "Well, if, as you say, Paul was right about Christians showing the evidence or proof or fruit of being a Christian and are more concerned about His way than getting theirs, no."

"Exactly," I concurred.

"Oh," she said.


Wolves often slip in among sheep to distract and detour if not devour.

Jesus talked a lot about that.

Today's churches are polluted by wolves dressed as sheep; ergo, they stagnate, grow stale, and slip farther and farther and farther from the blessings to be experienced by moving closer and closer and closer to Jesus.

Churches often fail by falling for the lie that people who just show up on Sunday, insist their names be recorded on a membership roll despite being as regular as I am without fiber, and slither into leadership are actually Christians.


An elder was sooooooo mad at God because...

A pastor lost sleep because...

Both had something in common with the problems identified in the preceding sections of this KD.

They weren't close enough to Jesus for Him to make a difference in their lives.

The problems don't want to do anything for Christ's sake because they're not really related to Him.

The elder and pastor are out of sorts because they're not related enough to Jesus for Him to make a difference in their lives when...



Get closer to Jesus!

Specifically, "God inhabits the praises of His people."


Get closer to Jesus for increased peace and everything else that enable overcoming whomever, whatever, whenever, and wherever!


If you need some help, go to, look to the left corner and click on Prayer Room, then click on the white words on the black screen, and then stay and soak until...



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