Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why We'll Invade Libya

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Now that we're about to invade Libya, I was wondering how many wars can be fought at the same time?

Let's face it.

We're fighting lots of wars in lots of countries with only so many soldiers to go around coupled with an economy that can't handle many more wars not to mention the conflicts in our own country.

Along comes the disaster in Japan...and we know who's gonna pay those bills...

Have you read Mark 13, Matthew 24, or Revelation lately?



Getting back to Libya, BBPBHO is taking his time on deciding whether we should go after 'em.

I mean he's really taking his time; reminding me of churches that take so long to do anything for Christ's sake.

Parenthetically, the last three words of the preceding sentence-paragraph are to be taken literally rather than profanely.

Anyway, I'm not saying BBPBHO is indecisive - O.K., maybe I am - but he does remind me of churches that wait and worry and rap so long about the opportunities/challenges before them that they usually go away before...

The Middle East is a mess! Geez! The world's a mess! Double geez! Wisconsin's a mess! Triple geez! There are messes all over the place! Even those fat cats in the NFL can't get along with all of their $!

So maybe BBPBHO is hopin' he'll close his eyes, go to bed, wake up, and it'll all be over.


He's gonna have to make a decision before Jesus comes back; or at least before the bloodthirsty nutball with the most bombs in Libya kills off everybody opposing him.



While I still don't think BBPBHO is as anointed as his sycophants pretend or as awful as his antagonists advertise, I think he tries to be reasonable about these kinda things in a moralistic kinda way that I've not been able to identify thus far; but, again, I think he tries to be a decent guy without reference to any perceivable ethical standard.

That sounded redundant; kinda like his fans and foes when...

Be that as I think it/he is, my guess is he's tryin' to come up with a "just" cause/rationalization for starting another war for us to fight.

Of course, history shows nations are especially nimble at coming up with "just" causes/rationalizations for trying to wipe out...

The esteemed Yale Professor Roland H. Bainton's conclusion often comes to mind in times like these: "...illustrated by the fate of Augustine's doctrine of the just war. He had said that war should be conducted only under the auspices of the state, because private war is anarchy...He had said justice must be on one side only and that the prince should determine the prince had as much right as another to call his cause just, and no superior power was in a position to adjudicate. Consequently, theory was thrown to the winds, and those attacked took care of themselves, including bishops, priests, monks, and nuns, though the clergy often scrupled to use swords and, instead, bashed the enemy with clubs, because 'the Church abhors the shedding of blood.' The code had utterly collapsed."

In other words, uh, your guess is as good as mine as to what "just" cause/rationalization will be used by our prince for starting another war for us to fight.



Here's my guess why we're in the Middle East and will get into Libya: oil and a place for Nelly Furtado, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Usher to make lots of $ at private parties put on by really, really, really rich people making lots of $ selling oil to, uh, us.

I don't think BBPBHO is gonna be driven by political polls on this one; because America is so polarized these days that it really doesn't matter what he says and does. We're split down the middle with no reconciliation in sight. Surely, Jesus could bridge that divide; but we know He's not been asked to any of the deliberations lately.

I don't think we'll fight this war for Israeli interests 'cause our interests in Israel are fading. They may be our most loyal ally in the area and the apple of His eye but we're so afraid of those Islamofascists who really hate Jews not to mention just about everybody else that we're willing to sell out Israel for a little national security and that oil and a place for...

I don't think we'll fight this war because we can't stand to watch a nutball dictator like Gaddafi torture and kill so many people. Nah. C'mon, if that were why we start wars, we'd have gone into Saudi Arabia, Iran, Korea, China, countless countries in Africa and South America, and Wisconsin. If we invade Libya, it will be for the oil and a place for...

In other words, I don't think we're going to fight another war for anything apart from our own selfish...

It's all about oil and a place for...



I'm tired of wars.

They cost too much.

Too much $.

Too much suffering.

Too many lost lives.

I've got an idea to end wars.

Instead of spending so much $ on bombs and stuff to kill people, why not just spend the $ that would be used on bombs to buy food and clothing and shelter and...for everybody?

Wouldn't it be cheaper?

And if you think some of the nutballs like the one in Libya or ones in Wisconsin would stand in the way of such an idea, I'll bet so many folks would go for it that it wouldn't matter what they said.

I know that sounds crazy; so don't write to tell me that it sounds crazy.


Is it really crazier than war?

Yeah, I know it'll be hard for those who have to give up what they've got for those who have not.

I know Jesus said it's hard for those who have to get into heaven because they're so resistant to such ideas.

But we're running out of options!

Surely, there are more important things/values than oil and a place for...




Read Matthew 5:9.


Read Matthew 5:10-12.


Talking about peace for Christ's sake means you're going to catch everything but heaven for Christ's sake.


If you don't think it's/He's worth that effort, then you can go to the hell that you're enabling for everybody else.



Blessings and Love!


Ginny said...

Bob...You are SOOOO right....unfortunately.

John said...

The BEST ever friend....j

Steve Cooper said...

Great article! a few thoughts:
1. Whatever happened to the era of prosperity following a war? or, do the last 2 desert campaigns count more as corporate takeovers?

2. Seems like Saudi has UN and US by the barrels. they can slaughter all their Shiites w/o condemnation. but, then again, is that such a bad thing?

3. Reagan would already have been in Libya. Why dont the Teabaggers and WI unionizers follow in his footsteps?

4. has any country endured as many catastrophic nat'l disasters in their entire histories as Japan has endured in one week??? Seems like a ripe opportunity for evangelism. after all, Zens cant exactly blame God.

5. When do Pre-tribbers and Dispensationalists start rethinking their position?

6. Ultimate suffering for a biker in Sheol-- the realization there's a Harley Superstore at Pearly gates with an infinite credit line while he's stuck with his Fisher-Price tryke and a gravely path along the shores of Hades.

CRG said...

At this point I would oppose our involvement in a war on Libya in the same way I'd oppose going to war with Nazi Germany had they contained their activities to within the German border, and/or had not declared war against the US three days after Pearl Harbor as they did.

1. Horrific as their acts against their own people may seem to us, I do not see it as the prerogative of the "superpower" to invade on these grounds. Ghadaffi will answer before God for murder and much less, and that should be sufficient for us given present events.

2. The unpleasant fact is that the so-called "Religion of Peace" is dominant in almost all affairs in that region. Ghadaffi may be a horror, but how do I know that there aren't equivalent or worse entities, especially of an Islamic nature, ready to step up and fill a vacuum created by his departure (whether we assist or not)?

3. You lap me by about 10 years, but I remember the latter stages of Vietnam through the eyes of a child and a teen. Iraq has been a mess -- I was never satisfied with the rationale GWB furnished for that. Afghanistan on its own will be sufficient to occupy us, and I do support the campaign there to get to/capture/kill the Al Qaeda leadership which was sheltered there by the Taliban regime at the time of the attacks on our country, and which I believe is still operating somewhere in that area. Even winning there will not be ideal, because of the Islam factor overshadowing so much of what happens there.

4. Tell you the truth, in the wake of the 1979 sacking of the US Embassy in Tehran and imprisonment of hostages for over a year, I would have fought a war of extermination against that entire country (seal it off, and leave nothing inside alive), and I was fighting age at that time. As a result of President James Earl Carter's bold, decisive action, take a good look and see what a tumor that regime has become for the region.

5. What will BHO do? I have no idea. But whatever he does, I believe it will be a calculation based on how it affects his own re-election. If that sounds like I strongly dislike the man, well ...