Friday, April 29, 2011

Heavenly Visions

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Every once in a while, somebody suggests a book to me that surely horrifies theologians/religionists to the left who understand Him according to their gonads and theologians to the right who appear to believe God's been dead since the canonization of the Bible's last book.

The left pontificates as if it's the Holy Spirit and the right pontificates as if the Holy Spirit has stopped pouring better wine.

Books like In His Steps, The Shack, Joshua, The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers, Wild at Heart, and I Just Wanna Ride (FTW) come to mind.


Nobody's had the guts to publish the last one yet.

Be that as it is/was or would/could/should be, I just read another one: Heaven Is for Real.



It's the story of a 4 year old boy who almost dies during emergency surgery and spends 3 minutes in heaven during the process.

That's 3 minutes in our time but not His time if you know what I mean; and you will if you read it.

Anyway, the book is selling lots more than anything ever written by Barth, Moltmann, Pannenburg, Rahner, Kung, Obama, or, uh, me.

I guess it's because people are kinda curious about what happens after the last breath.



I liked it.

There's a lotta cornball humor in it; 'cause, I guess, the kid's dad is a Cornhusker and recorded the heavenly vision.

And, yeah, there's a lotta stuff that really comes off really supernatural, out of this world, and far out.

Kinda like, uh, the Bible.

Yet I didn't find anything that antithetical to revelation in Jesus and Holy Scripture; though I'm not that convinced that's Jesus' hair-do.

All I know is readers along with religious agnostics like those described in the first section of this KD are gonna be challenged in a Matthew 18 kinda way: "No matter what new tidbits he revealed, though, Colton had one consistent theme: he talked constantly about how much Jesus loves the children."

It's a quick read; and I couldn't put it down.

I didn't even start to doze; like I do when I read Barth, Moltmann,...

And after our Wednesday evening true discipling meetings get done with our current assignment, I'm gonna look at it for a few weeks because of this: "Another way Colton's story has changed us is this: we are bolder. We live in a day and time when people question the existence of God...It's the truth and I talk about it, no apologies."

Romans 1:16-17 comes to mind.



Speaking of heavenly visions, did you get a load of the spectacle on Friday, April 29?


Yeah, I'm sure that's what Jesus had/has in mind for nuptials.


"Samuel, Samuel, we want a king..."

Dang, the clergy were decked out in their finest; looking sooooooo much like humble suffering servants for...

Do the math!


God knows I've wasted so much $ on such frivolous things at the expense of Matthew 25 kinda stuff; so I'm not judging 'em.

Anybody who's been reading previous editions knows that's my constant confession, repentance, and...

I'm just asking if Jesus had/has that kinda, uh, stuff in mind when there's so much pain and poverty and...

Forget it.

Most will.

Eyes are sooooooo glazed over that they can't see the...

Heaven can't wait.



Blessings and Love!


Reformed Catholic said...

FWIW .. I totally agree about the book. There are some that would have problems with C.S. Lewis today ... A lion as an image of God ... horrors. As you say, they just don't get it/Him.

But about the wedding !!!

If you look at it, the Royal Wedding was more for the nation than for the couple. She only had one attendant, he only had the best man.

I bet if they could, they would have had a small wedding, at the RAF base chapel where he serves.

However, he is the future King of the UK, and because of that, there had to be a spectacle.

In that vein, the vestments are just right for an Anglican service for royalty.

However, I did like the preaching tabs on the dean of the abbey.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...


We're cool.

I am so happy for the "royal" couple; but as I watched, I couldn't get Matthew 6:19ff. out of my noodle.

Of course, I have a hard time getting the logs outta my eyes as well.

BTW, did the vestment case arrive?

Blessings and Love!