Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Morning After

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



I've been a police chaplain for almost as long as I've been an undershepherd.

It started in New Jersey in the late 70s; and it's been a part of His call in my life ever since.

Anyway, authentic undershepherds who respond to needs rather than schedule 'em - trying to explain that is like trying to explain easy riders - know the weeks before Christmas and Easter are the two most challenging weeks in the church calendar; and, again, trying to explain that is like...

Well, this Holy Week has been, uh, normal in the, uh, typically abnormal dysfunctional kinda traditional way.

I spent most of Good Friday as a police chaplain called into a domestic dispute.

While the details are none of your business, the woman said, "We were so much in love with each other at the beginning; but now he just seems to be drifting away from me."

Over the hours with her and him through most of Good Friday, I thought of Him.

We were so much in love with Him at the beginning; but now we just seem to be drifting away from...


Have you ever wondered what Jesus thinks of the extra energies and emotions focused kinda on Him during the weeks before Christmas and Easter?

2 of 52.

What a % of fidelity.

You know what I mean; and, again, if I have to try to explain that to...


When Jesus rose from the dead on that first glorious dawn, everything changed for women and men who got it/Him.

Everything continues to change for women and men who get it/Him.

As Ernie Campbell wrote in Where Cross the Crowded Ways, "Death is prevails...Christ is here."

Even the worship calendar changed - a change that hasn't changed for over two thousand years.

Instead of worshiping on the "traditional" Sabbath (Saturday), people who got/get it/Him worshipped/worship on Sunday because the Bible says that's when Jesus rose from the dead.

Indeed, Biblical, historical, and traditional Christians see every Sunday as a "Little Easter" or time to praise God for His resurrection and what it means for everyone who loves Him by loving like Him as Lord and Savior.

Putting it another way that religiously posing churchgoers so obviously don't get, getting it/Him includes investing the same exuberant emotions and energies into every week of the calendar.

Truly, every day is "the" day for women and men who get it/Him to...

If you don't get that/Him, there's no way for me to...

However, it does betray your traditionally posing religion has yet to be converted to an authentic relationship with Jesus.



Blessings and Love!

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