Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Now that BBPBHO has pulled the trigger on OBL and befuddled critics questioning his manhood, he's more of cinch to win again in 2012 than anything materializing that Harold Camping has ever predicted.

Really, any one of the current pack of announced GOP hopefuls has about as much of a chance of bouncing the Hawaiian - Wink! - as I do of being elected or even nominated as the next moderator of the PCUSA or even little old Blackhawk Presbytery.

C'mon, Newt dissed his own party and got nuked, the Libertarian is too old and, uh, nutty, Huckleberry likes Confederate flags, Sarah's very hot but even more polarizing than JJ, and I can't see rank and file Republicans (aka rednecked crackers) nominating another black guy for the, uh, White House despite him making more sense than all of the insurgents and incumbent combined.

I like the Latino guy in Florida; but he's too young and won't have more than two years in the Senate by...


O.K., that didn't matter last time.

Buuuuuuut I still don't see rank and file Republicans (aka...) nominating a brown guy; unless, maybe, it's for VP with the Mormon at the top of the ticket.

Yeah, I know the "Mormon" thing could be an issue.

Think about it.

Mormon? Muslim? Mormon? Muslim?

Maybe we're getting really, really, really inclusive and there's a chance for...


BBPBHO is a shoo-in in 2012; even if he shows he's still strictly OJT as evidenced by his latest lame-brained idea about going back to 1967 borders in the holy land.

Buuuuuuut every day is a learning opportunity for BBPBHO and he's smart enough to catch on.

Annnnnnnd despite the many wrong and right reasons for people hoping he follows in the footsteps of the increasingly self-marginalized peanut farmer, I just don't see it happening.

Of course, I never thought he'd win in the first place; until, you know, the GOP picked McCain.

Parenthetically, only the PCUSA rivals the thanatos libido of Republicans.

Take it to the bank.

BBPBHO wins in a walk.



Staying with continuing education, I really want to take a motorcycle maintenance/repair, uh, crash course; you know, uh, one of those one week deals specializing on hogs.

Except for $ and convincing my ecclesiastical superiors not to mention wife that it would be really therapeutic and other stuff...

Really, I want to do that; but, of course, my vocation seems to limit lotta stuff that I'd like to...

Instead, I'll settle for less than a week with a really, really, really famous yet authentic Christian in October with my covenant group (i.e., authentic brothers who really, really, really care, bear, and share more than when it's convenient/palatable/auto-suggested).

I can't tell you who he is before we do it because, well, uh, geez, sigh, it's just not right to...

If I have to explain that to you, you won't get it anyway.

Continuing education is important for everybody; unless, uh, you're God's other son and already know everything which is as ridiculous as suggesting those 1967 borders in the holy land.



Brother Daniel, a Trappist monk at Assumption Abbey in Ava, Missouri, taught me about authentic continuing education long ago.

Sparing the details, I asked how he knew so much more about a particular Psalm than moi without being like moi who studied in really important American/European academic factories not to mention several trips to the holy land and sat at the feet of icons like Claus Westermann, Wolfgang Lowe, Walter Leibrecht, Bernie "the word" Anderson, Bruce "he wrote the Bible" Metzger, Ed Dowery, Donald Tooloud, John Dim, Jurgoon Meltdown, Wolfhard Pannedtheburg, Cardinal Wazupwitdat, and so on.

He said, "I asked God what it means."

Authentic continuing education.



Blessings and Love!

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Dan G said...

I was asked at the last minute to be the radio representative for Stand With Us, which is the largest international pro-Israel education and information organization (I am on the Board as PR Chairman).

The radio host was HOT because of what Obama had said about the peace process. He is a Christian minister . . . and big into American history. My role was to be more steady and present the viewpoint of a pro-Israel organization.

If you have some time, my discussion starts about 16 minutes into the show.

Dan G