Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vote for Cliff Mansley!

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



We met many years ago.

I was consulting with a church near Pittsburgh in their search for a mainline pastor who still believed in Jesus as attested in Holy Scripture.

From my first conversation and then prayer with Cliff, I knew he was...

While there are many things that distinguish Cliff from other mainliners apart from enthusiasm for Jesus as Lord and Savior without equivocation, two quotes stay with me in a governoring kinda way if you know what I mean.

When I asked him to summarize Christianity, he said, "We sin! God saves! What a great deal!"

Annnnnnnd I'll never forget when he stood up at a presbytery meeting during a fierce debate between evangelicals and apostates and yelled, "Vote for Jesus!"

That's His boy!


I was Cliff's mentor through the maze of mainline politics, proprieties, and posturing; for I had prostituted myself to get ahead in the culture.

Cliff became my mentor when I decided to leave the imperial priesthood to follow Jesus; and as I loved him through an unGodly betrayal, he did the same for me.

We even survived a major moment of misinterpretation with each other; which real friends and covenant brothers who love Jesus by praying/trying to love like Jesus always do.

In a mainline ecclesiastical culture dominated by posers (upokrisis), Cliff is the real deal - an authentic who never makes deals with the devil to get ahead.

So if you're a pewsitter or even pulpiteer in one of those posing mainline cages, I've got a suggestion that will change you and maybe even your church forever; especially if you can swing with this deal.

Call him (417-396-6175) or write him (1831 South Connor Avenue, Joplin, Missouri 64804) or check out the website for the church that is so blessed to call him pastor:; and ask him how you can be blessed by blessing the people of Joplin as they continue to recover from the horrific tornado that tore through the city like a one mile wide rusty old razor for six miles.

Annnnnnnd if you dare - a big risk for pulpiteers who have fudged on Jesus at the expense of eternal life and abundant living in order to get along with mainliners who aren't that into the Jesus of the Bible because Cliff will inspire those thirsting for authenticity while exposing the posers for who they ain't - invite him to your church to preach at Sunday services or even lead a few days of what is certain to spark revival among those who need to be renewed or even "newed" if you catch the drift.

My recent trip to Joplin as part of our First Response Team sealed the deal for me.

It's been germinating for almost 12, uh, 13, uh, uh, uh,...59 years.

I will never be able to return to the imperial priesthood; and my hands are getting dirtier and dirtier and dirtier for Jesus as He cleans my heart.

I thank Him through Cliff for my, uh, rebirth.

I've got such a long way to go; but, at least, I've started/returned.


If you'd like to know more, go to the archives of and click on the 6/14 show of Kopp Disclosure that featured a live interview with Cliff or just listen into for the next week or so as the show is replayed over and over and...

Or go to or look to the right column of this website and click on "What Joplin Means to..." for an original video by Kathie demanding attention.

Or call our family of faith at 815-544-6402 and ask for Pastor Jeremy; inquiring how you can be a part of the 30+ folks who are leaving from Belvidere on 6/26 to lead a week of VBS in Joplin.

Or make out a check to First Presbyterian Church (221 N. Main Street, Belvidere, Illinois 61008) with "New Creation Joplin Relief" in the note/memo for designating, recording, and receipting. Every penny goes to the relief effort with nothing held back for handling or administration.

Or e-mail me at and ask how you can be a part of our continuing relief to Joplin through Cliff and New Creation Church and support our fledgling First Response Team and get your hands dirty for Jesus to clean up your heart.


For God's sake and the sake of His children in Joplin and wherever authentics who just want to follow Jesus are needed/expected, do something!

Pledge your prayers, muscles, materials, and/and/no/or money!

Leave the mainline which has become the sideline!

Get in the game!

Get out of your monastery, museum, or mausoleum; and do more than talk about mission!

You will be glad you did/do!

People will be blessed!

He will be blessed ("As you do it...")!

Annnnnnnd just wait to see...


Vote for Cliff!

No, that's not right.

Cliff got it/Him long ago.

Vote for Jesus!



Blessings and Love!

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