Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent 2

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    We're busy.

    Busy, busy, busy.

    We're sooooooo busy that we may miss...

    It's hard to be immersed in the wonder, love, and praise of "how silently, how silently, the wondrous gift is given" when there's so much to be done before we can...

    You know what I mean.


    Something's wrong with a "holiday" that causes more stress than "peace on earth, good will toward men."

    Recently, I asked a busy person who was sooooooo busy getting ready for..., "Aren't you afraid you may miss the reason for the season in all of your preparations for celebrating what you don't seem to be experiencing?"

    She snapped, "You should talk!"


    I was reminded of another pastor who said on December 1 that he couldn't find an hour to meet with me about something important until December 16.

    Is he that busy?

    Actually, I got his message.

    But sometimes I wonder as I wander - if you know what I mean - if we get His.

    He numbers all of the hairs on our heads.

    We don't have time for that kinda relationship; because we're soooooo busy preparing to pretend what/Who we don't really seem to get because we don't take the time to...


    At one of the most critical times of His/everyone's life/lives, Jesus asked,"Could you not tarry with me for just...?"

    Hang out together.

    Really relate to each other in more than sound/text/twitter/Facebook/e-mail bytes.


    Too busy.

    For Him or His.


    Carlson and Lueken's Renovation for the Church, like I Just Wanna Ride, is must-reading for churchgoers.


    Yeah, I know the other title is shameless promoting; but, really, I think...

    Anyway, they wrote about a significant strategy in transforming their family of faith from a congregation of consumers into real disciples who "meet Jesus and become more like Him": "We need unhurried, luxurious time in solitude, doing nothing."

    They explained, "We needed to experiment with simplicity.  We needed to deal with our anger and lust.  We needed to learn how to abandon the outcome of our work.  We needed to slow down.  We needed to learn how to be with God without an agenda."

    Indeed, we're supposed to meditate or wrap ourselves around or chew on His Word in Jesus and Holy Scripture (e.g., Psalm 1).

    Baron Friedrich von Hugel: "It is more like sucking on a lozenge than gulping a meal."



    Back in October during our pilgrimage to Montana, Eugene said he spends the first two hours of the day "sitting on the porch, drinking tea, and...doing nothing."

    That from one of the most renowned and "productive" authors of all time whose translation/paraphrase of the Bible continues to sell better than anything ever dreamed up by Rick Bell or Joel Osteen.


    That's why my authentic covenant brothers agreed when I referred to him as "a man of primary Source."

    Eugene just hangs out with Him.

    He's not too busy for...relationships.





    I keep hearing people say this season just doesn't mean as much to them as it...

    I think I've said that.

    I may be wrong - of course, I don't think so because I'm gonna say it - but if we can't find an hour in two weeks for...

    If we're sooooooo busy preparing for something that we can't...

    Sounds kinda sick to me.

    The cure is so simple for what's ruining...




Blessings and Love!

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