Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why I Wrote The Book

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    One of my friends showed up for coffee on Tuesday morning with a copy of the book.

    Dang, I don't even have a copy yet.

    Of course, I know what's in it; and before anyone asks, I thought I'd better explain why I wrote it.

    I learned a valuable lesson from VMTC which learned it from 1 John 1:5-10.

    It's better to dump your garbage before someone else digs it up.

    Somebody should have mentioned that to Cain, Fine, and Sandusky.



    Maybe you've seen the promo: "It's raw, rough, real, and maybe even redemptive; and he could lose his day job for writing about it!  I Just Wanna Ride is an Ivy League pastor's search for authentic faith on a motorcycle after he couldn't find it after years in academics, pulpits, or pews.  From his immersion into biker culture since watching Easy Rider as a teen-ager, the author holds no punches in this provocative, edgy, and risky look at hogs and those who ride 'em as a metaphor and challenge to believers and bikers.  Too authentic for "church ladies" and too concerned about "faith" for secularists, this book demands reading by all of 'em if any of 'em still care about Who and what matter most sooner or later and definitely in the end."

    I love Jesus.

    I want to honor Him through the book.

    I love my chrome pony and biker culture.

    I want to encourage the authenticity of bikers which is a metaphor and challenge to pewsitters and pulpiteers.

    I want to encourage freedom to be who God designed people to be - as unique as snowflakes yet as complementary and interdependent as snow.


    That was an awful metaphor.

    Please trust the book is better.

    Really, did you expect me to tell you why I wrote the book in Cliff Notes style?

    I want you to buy and read the book!

    Not read about it!

    This KD is more about interrogatives surrounding the book; as opposed to the substance of the book.

    Besides, while I think I know what I was/am trying to communicate, I predict folks will have their own impressions about its message as well as the messenger.

    Matthew 23 and 1 Corinthians 1 are big background hints.

    Just buy it.



    It's been out in its electronic version for about two weeks via

    The book version, my friend who showed up for coffee with a copy on Tuesday told/showed me, is now out via

    You can also get copies from my publisher via

    Or if you'd like me to make some money on it, you can order copies from this site or order from me at or

    The electronic version via is $5.99 while the superior paperback version with really neat pictures on and in it in addition to snugglin' possibilities is $13.95.

    Annnnnnnd you can buy really neat looking "I Just Wanna Ride" hats for $15 at this site or, again, from me at...(see above).  Black.  Red lettering.  Better and more authentic than the hats being sold for/by Sons of Anarchy which I still watch despite it becoming a caricature of its former, uh, self.

    Add shipping and handling and, uh, donations if you order directly from me.




    Speaking of $, here's how I'm gonna handle royalties.

    I want the publisher to make lots of $ for taking the risk to publish it.

    He should make the most because he took the big risk.

    As pour moi as in what's left over, 25% (firstfruits) goes to Jesus.  I have established a line item in First's budget to receive these offerings for benevolences and mission-minded kinda stuff.

    55% goes for assistance to family and friends.

    20% goes to research and development (e.g., research on the next book 'cause the foundations for clergy renewal are more into gardening and needlepoint than mounting a mule and taking a month to travel around the country to ask people of all persuasions What It Means to be Faithful in a Country that Doesn't Give a Damn About God Anymore, MC upgrade, riding $, and the like).

    Slightly less shameful.



    Some folks, no doubt, especially posers who pretend on Sundays what they don't practice anytime or anywhere with anyone, will have, uh, issues with the quotables in the book.

    While I try to observe Proverbs 4:24, Ephesians 4:29; 5:4, and related stuff in my personal vocabulary, integrity demands reality and the book records reality as it has been relayed to...

    Of course, my mom is concerned: "What will some people think?"

    Response: "The book is in the language of 'real' not posing pewsitters and pulpiteers who talk like angels in the sanctuary and often like sailors in the streets.  Yes, it will offend some; but as Paul noted, we must learn the language of people to communicate.  I'm willing to take some personal risks to get people to discover the kinda faith that makes a difference 'cause the conventional kind ain't doin' much for many anymore."

    Or something like that.

    Besides, when posers stop their vulgar actions, then they will have the credibility to question what they claim to be vulgar words sooooooo offensive to...

    The search for authenticity.

    That's what the book is about.


    Just buy it.



    I probably won't be writing much more about what I wrote about in the book.

    Book-signings, interviews, and things like that are being lined up - Kathie will keep you posted on this site - and that should...

    But if you'd like information on how you can host an event, just write to Kathie or me and we'll offer some suggestions.

    The most important thing to me is the message of the book that inspired the message of this book.

    There is a way for all people so naturally separated and segregated from each other to come together through...

    Nope, you gotta buy the book!

    Of course, if you've been reading KD for more than a week, you already...

    Just buy it.

    Buy lots to give away in a Christian kinda way.

    You decide if it's shameless.



Blessings and Love!

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