Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can't Get Enough/Rid of Tim Tebow!

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    I think I'm the only Giants fan in Belvidere, Illinois.

    I've been one since finishing second in a Punt, Pass, and Kick contest on a snowy day in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania about 52 years ago.

    First place got tickets to something cool and I got an "official" Giants helmet.

    Please, no comments about helmets (read pages 96ff. in I Just Wanna Ride for more on that).


    Anyway, I'm a Giants fan.

    While I still think the Packers will win the second of three consecutive Super Bowls, I'm really trying to keep my big mouth shut about being a Giants fan because I'm here on the Illinois/Wisconsin border in a church filled with equal numbers of Bears and Packers fans.

    Job security comes to mind.


    I hear an echo from the past: "EEEEEEEElllllllliiiiiii's Coming!"




    I wanna get back to TT.

    Man, he pumps some up and P-O's lots more.

    It's a Matthew 5:10-12; 10:17ff. thing.

    Luke's version via Peterson: "Count yourself blessed every time someone cuts you down or throws you out, every time someone smears or blackens your name to discredit me.  What it means is that the truth is too close for comfort and that that person is uncomfortable" (6:22-23).

    Talking to people about TT is like exposing the emperor's nakedness.

    One dude wrote to us with an insult after quoting Matthew 6:5 to prooftext his disdain; failing, naturally, to mention the contextual reality of Matthew 5:13-16, Romans 10:9, Titus 1:16, and so on.

    Oh, how odd to see "Christians" smearing Christians to justify their, uh, kinda, uh, "Christianity."

    Hello, Romans 1:16-17!

    There's a lot about that in the book.

    Yeah, that one too!


    It does happen.

    That's why the little book trying to esteem the big book - hope you get that and buy some - spends so much time differentiating authentics from posers.

    But, again, you gotta read the book(s).


    Tony, part of the weekly team on the radio version of KD via, brought in some stuff for the Tuesday show (click on and then click on the archive for the 1/10 show and then go to and click on last night's show for even more stuff about authentics/posers) that will pump and P-O as, uh, uh, uh,....

    Though I'm not into numbers except for turning 60 in a few weeks, he noted some coincidental/providential/? numbers related to TT.

    The NFL bans eye-black messages; but TT wore John 3:16 on his eye black for the 2009 BCS Championship game.

    He often quotes it.

    Stats from Sunday are staggering/coincidental/providential/?/thought-provoking.

    He had 316 yards passing.

    He averaged 31.6 yards per pass.

    The television rating for the final quarter-hour of the Broncos-Steelers game was 31.6.






    It's your choice.

    Try, uh, thinking.

    Go Broncos!




    Did you expect a song from Madonna?

    No way Madonna goes with football.



    Blessings and Love!


Bruce said...

Dear Bob,
The only reason I pick up the sports pages to see what Tebow is going.
He gets credit for the 80 yard pass, but it looked simple enough--the anonymous runner was the fantastic one! (But I don't know much about sports).
The sports writers seem to hate him!!
What a performance he is making--what a witness!!!
When Florida wakes up and hires him for Jacksonville or Miami, you will see very crowded stadiums!!!

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Gotcha, but no more talk about anonymity.

I've had enough of him for a while!

Bruce said...

Dear Bob,
The anonymous one was that faceless runner who caught the pass and went for 50-60 yards!!!
I can't get enough of Tebow!
I bought and read his book months ago!!
Why can't yours take off like that, too!!!
I bought yours (from you--and read it), too!!
I gave it to my student who used to be part of the Outlaws. He loves it!!!
Surely a prominent pastor like you is more important than a football player!!!
I think that it is C.S. Lewis who said that the price tags have all been switched!!

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Danke, dude!

John said...

Bob, we are clearly not to be ashamed of Him, but then the football field is not our closet and more closely resembles the street corners and synagogues than our closets. Matt. 6:5-6. If asked where did you get the strength to throw that ball forty yards or see that receiver down field, he can certainly say I give all credit to my Maker and my Savior. God sees in secret when we pray in secret. Does he see when we pray in the end zone and are we truly praying and meditating and listening for the still small voice with 80,000 fans screaming? John

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Thanks, friend; and thanks for not being insulting before commenting like "Anonymous" (Braveheart? Faintheart?).

I recommend placing Matthew 6:5-6 within the context of Matthew 5:13-16, Romans 10, Titus 1:16, and so many parallel contextual texts.

Also, ask Him this question: "Lord, what do you think of Tim Tebow? Is he for You or against You? Do you appreciate His witness to You?"

I do not pretend to have an answer for you.

I trust you, even Anonymous, are on the same team...even with Tim the end.

Randall Schreurs said...

Hey Bob, good to see u're kickin! Hope u recall me from Wash pby days -Randy S.
For us GB fans, TT is not the Broncos qb; TT is the GM who drafted ARod, Clay Matthews, Raji & all the great young talent for GB. Yeah, TT is Ted Thompson. He was TT when Tebow was still in homeschool w/ his Mom.

IMHO, I like Tebow & think he's great for the game, even tho the lifespan of running qb's is not that long in the NFL.

A Giants' fan b/c of a helmet??

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

I remember you fondly, brother; even if I, uh, screwed up in Washington Presbytery a bit. Not my best years. Please relay my sentiments and recall my sins and my sorrow for 'em to friends and foes!

Julie said...

Jan 16 issue of TIME magazine ie when Tebow put 3:16 into the black under his eye @ University of Florida game there were 92 MILLION searches for that scripture reference on Google, HisTwitter feed has 800,000 followers and his Facebook 1.3 million subscribers.
Can i get a witness? Oh~~ can i get a witness?

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...


John said...

Bob, the Matthew 6:5-6 passage is about praying as is Tebow. The verses you cite are about confessing and preaching. Neh. 2 is rather clear instruction to me that quick prayers can be made in the midst of conversation with one who could kill you for a sad face. The passage seems to indicate no break in the conversation between the king and Nehemiah but clearly a prayer break. It is all about talking to the King who can hear in secret or in the midst of a conversation with the king. The King will even accept groaning which is how some of my prayers would sound to the king! All of this is not to disparage Tim's acknowledgment of where his talents originate and that they are gifts of the King. That is different from prayer to the King.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...


I appreciate your comments; however, the weight/glory of God is never to be under a bushel/hidden. Yes, never parade around. Do you really think he is parading around? I don't. Maybe I am wrong. I have been, am, and will be wrong about many things; like the first and only time I voted for the peanut farmer from Plains. Here are fhe facts. TT loves Jesus in a Romans 1;16-17 kinda way that is concomitant to John 3;19-21. TT is a far more attractive a witness to Biblical Christiantiy than, oh, let's say most mainline posers of the faith. TT doesn't flaunt. The media zooms in on him in his closet while he's sitting on the back bench. TT is running somewhere, then falls to his knees in pray, not rolling around and spitting and expressing other charismata, doesn't shout, and then gets up and goes about his/His business. Please, brothers/sisters, lay off this young brother who is bringing more glory to Jesus than I have ever done in my entire life and ministry and I dare say...

I am so saddneed by the the picking apart of a brother who is one of the most humble witnesses in my experience.

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem..."

Why not spend more energy on exposing secularism in America or dark religions getting a pass by the media or fat cats winking at the poor or bullies in the schoolyard or posers in churches who hate each other in a Christian kinda way or...

I have no doubts about the authenticity of your faith, brother; but be very careful lest the bad guys use your critique of TT not to advance the Kiingdom.

Go Broncos!

John said...

Bob, come on. TT is praying and that is what Matt. 6 is about. TT is talking to God in a way for all 80,000 people to see. That is very different from talking/evangelizing/witnessing to people about Jesus. God sees in secret. TT can pray even as he is about to take the snap, as we all should and then pray a prayer of thanks when he receives the snap without a fumble or a sack. Praying without ceasing in all circumstances---pray. It is very likely that the king did not know that Nehemiah was praying in the midst of conversation with him---talk about conversational prayer!

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...


Support a brother, John, and save your bullets for secularists, posers, and the like.

Besides, you can read my comment to the Matthew 25 guy.

Parenthetically, I respect your, uh, opinion on this; and from what I can see, there are many opinions out there with about as much value as yours and mine.

Fortunately, Jesus is much more gracious than me and...

Blessings and Love!