Sunday, January 1, 2012

Predictions for 2012

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    Our financial secretary's husband asked, "What's the difference between God and our President?"

    Biting, I said, "I dunno."

    Answer: "God knows He's not our President."

    It was a joke.



    2012 has dawned.

    Everybody including the Mayans are making predictions; parenthetically, according to people who, uh, know what the Mayans were predicting whenever they predicted it, they've predicted the end of the world as we know it on December 21.

    So there's still time for you to buy I Just Wanna Ride (FTW).

    Be that as I hope you do, let me start with the prediction that nobody's asked me to make: who wins the White House on November 6.

    Because he's such a nice guy who says nothing so eloquently and still's captured the hearts of soccer moms who provided the margin for his first victory, BBPBHO gets a second chance to finish off...

    With the insurgents self-destructing already, inevitable nominee Romney incapable of picking Rubio as the running mate who would guarantee a win, Paul pouting his way to a third party run siphoning votes from the GOP, and soccer moms still swooning, BBPBHO wins bigger than last time.

    But if the Mayans or those who think they know what the Mayans thought are right, there's nothing to worry about regardless of who wins 'cause there won't be an inauguration in 1/13.


    While I may be wrong and claim no, uh, you know, higher help on this, here are some other unsolicited predictions.

    Packers win the second of three consecutive Super Bowls.

    Theo does for Chicago what he did for Boston and the Cubs meet the Yankees in the World Series and, gulp, win; proving the Mayans were/are right.

    LA is now home for the...Clippers!?!?!

    D1 college football rivals Congress for scandals.

    And staying with politics, the GOP keeps the House and gains the Senate which won't really matter because they won't have veto-proof majorities anyway; meaning even less will get done than...

    The Supreme Court will knock down ObamaCare as unconstitutional because, uh, it's unconstitutional to force citizens to buy products from the government; but we'll still figure out a way to provide medical care for everyone because a country as rich as ours should do that unless it wants a big spanking from God when the roll is called up yonder.

    The economy will begin to recover; but soon be worse than 2011 because Iran will undermine Iraq, Israel will bomb Iran while Uncle Sam winks, and the Middle East will explode as the latest nutball in North Korea makes even China nervous.

    BBPBHO will avoid impeachment by firing the current Attorney General who will join Blago in a conspiracy of silence to protect...

    2011's trend of 10 dying churches a day in America will continue; however, churches that buy, study, and mimic the Christocentric/Biblical inclusion of I Just Wanna Ride (FTW) will prune unconverted posers and experience unprecedented authentic revival.

    Hey, send in your predictions and Kathie will post 'em; 'cause, except for the last one, they can't be any more off the wall than mine.


    I'm praying 2012 is the best year for everybody!

    It will be if intimacy with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is increased via worship, discipling opportunities, immersion in His Word, sacrament, fellowship, and...

    2 Chronicles 7:14.

    Not only was Carole King wrong in how she spelled her first name, it's never too late!

    George Eliot: "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

    Read John 3; and have a happy new year!



Blessings and Love!


Coleen said...

Rubio won’t take the VP nomination if it is offered…

Bruce said...

Dear Bob,
Your usual brilliance.
I don't know much about football, but Obama will continue to fly, largely because we Republicans shoot each other in the foot.
I still have the Rubio sticker on my car; I put it on long, long, before people thought that he could beat Crist.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

You're much too kind, brother!

As my favorite Libertarian in New Jersey convinced me, never compromise on your candidates even if you don't think they can win because that's the attitude that keeps 'em from winning.

I was going to vote for Sarah because she's still the hottest one out there for the big house; but, of course, in mainline denominations, being hot for somebody ain't gender-restricted any longer.


Haven't had my caffeine yet.

Julie said...

My prediction is fear will rule the closer it gets to December -just as the computerized community quaked and trembled on New Years Eve of 1999. Those who have reason to fear, that is. I am not afraid, but good luck to those that are. I will be trying to comfort as many as I can through out the year and making "suggestions" as to how they might find comfort and release from their fear. I will be explaining how to build "emergency kits" that include words of acceptance and praise.........Thats what I predict.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

A real selah my dear friend