Monday, January 23, 2012

Really, Newt?

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    I can't imagine electing a President whose first name is Newt.

    Oh, uh, yeah, you're right.

    If we can elect a guy whose name sounds like a...

    Maybe there's hope for Hucklebooey.



    Really, Newt?

    While I still think the Mormon's gonna win to lose in November, Newt makes Bubba look like a monk with the gift of celibacy.

    It didn't play in SC.


    I don't know about Florida.

    They're as bad at countin' votes as Iowa.

    Anybody remember the Bush "win" over Bore, uh, Gore?


    And if white women were the overwhelming demographic that elected the incumbent, the early polls show they really, really, really don't like Barbie-hair-do's hubbie.


    Gotta confess that one quickly.

    Really, that spray net must be super glue strength.

    Don't get me wrong.

    The ABC interview with the other one was more frightening than thinking I could wake up as Pelosi's roomie.

    Soooooooo much anger.


    O.K., enough messing around.

    The "issue" seems to be if Newt has really changed his ways and been converted to something that most Americans don't practice much more anyway but expect from their leaders in a posing kinda way.

    You know.


    We don't seem to mind incompetence.

    We've had at least two of 'em in a row now.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear Newt is real intelligent and that he can slice and dice BBPBHO in a reincarnation of the Douglas-Lincoln debates; but, again, he's so dissed by the demographic that elected the incumbent that I can see him winnin' debates and losin' the election anyway.

    Really, how smart is he when he can't seem to figure out that he and sweater-vested Rick should cut a deal to insure the Mormon doesn't get the nod?

    They're gonna keep splitin' votes until one has the humility to...


    Foggetta 'bout it!

    Back to the "issue" with Newt, does his conversion to marital fidelity seem, uh, real?


    Or maybe he's just gettin' too old to play around anymore.

    I don't know.

    But let's say he's authentic about his faith now.

    If so, people who share the same kinda faith like, uh, you know, Christians are supposed to forgive and kinda forget.

    On the other hand, with 33,800 Christian denominations to prove Christians aren't really into their Founder's thing on that, I'm not expectin' much.

    But, then again, SC seems to have...



    If the Giants can bring back memories of 2008, then maybe Newt can bring back memories of what's possible through Jesus.



    I'm not saying I'm gonna vote for Newt; but I am saying people who give him another chance get my vote.

    More important, they get His.

    It's the only, uh, Christian thing to do.

    Look it up.

    Matthew 6:14-15.



Blessings and Love!


Crystal said...

Dr. K.,
UGH!! I know! Seems we just can't get a decent contender for the Presidency seat!! Everyone who has even speculated about running has been ripped to shreds by the liberal media and they quickly back off. I'm slowly being convinced that it's all a big political set-up! :( And that's so not like me to think this way.)

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

In the deepest recesses of me noodle, methinks thou art correcteth!

David said...

Newt is a toad.

Pastors Heartbeat said...

Praying/wishing for good candidates, but trusting Jesus with the outcomes!

Pastors Heartbeat said...

Praying/wishing for good candidates, but trusting Jesus with the outcomes!