Thursday, February 9, 2012

American Royalties

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    Though we fought a revolution to get rid of 'em/it, Americans love royalties.

    Did you see Madonna's entrance at the Super Bowl?

    How about American media coverage of the Queen's birthday?

    Catch that parade in NYC?

    American idol?

    And how about...?


    People like royalties; and despite the sacrifices of America's freedom fighters over the past 2+ centuries, we're slipping/tripping/acquiescing back to...

    We want a king.


    Nothing has changed since Saul.

    Read 1 Samuel 8.

    Nothing has changed since Saul and Samuel's caution about getting what you ask for.

    Read 1 Samuel 8; and while you're at it, review the first few of the big ten in Exodus 20.

    Wanting a king is as stupid - yes, some things/people are, uh, stupid - as ending a sentence with a preposition.

    Buuuuuuut, Americans still want one.


    Shamelessly, I think of these sentences from I Just Wanna Ride (FTW): "I will never forget a startling exchange between three young girls before Senators McCain and Obama faced off for the Presidency.  The girls dropped by to say hello and drop off some cookies that they made for me because..." (buy the book for more on that).

    Continuing, "I asked, 'If you could vote next week, who would you vote for?'  Spontaneously and simultaneously, the screamed, 'Obama!  Obama!'  Without tipping my political leanings on that one because I hadn't eaten the cookies yet, I asked, 'Why?'  Spontaneously and simultaneously, they said in a rather serious way for their ages, 'Because he will take care of us.'"


    For more, uh, buy the book.

    For now, it's just one of the increasing illustrations of America's lust/love/longing for royalties; noting, naturally as opposed to spiritually, the assumption that the king will, uh, take care of us.

    Read 1 Samuel 8 again.



    I've never stopped liking BBPBHO; and I'd like to share a Fat Tire with him and give him a copy of my book so he can mention it to Oprah and generate some cash as well as splash if you know what I mean.

    I just don't trust him.

    I mean, again, it's not that I think he's a socialist or Muslim or Kenyan or anything like that.

    It's because I have no clue who/what he is!

    He is the first truly secular President in American history.

    As we've noted here before, that's/he's what/who America wants.

    Don't kid yourself.

    That's why he won last time and why he'll win even bigger this time.

    America doesn't want a Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Moonie, or any other religious flavor spicing American culture with such a big bully pulpit and executive, uh, power.

    America wants a secularist who will, uh, take care of us.

    Screw freedom.


    Don't look now but isn't he, uh, you know, taking on, uh, I mean emasculating, uh, I mean forcing violation of conscience for large parts of Christendom with that unconstitutional ___care?

    Yeah, he's gonna take care of us.

    While I can't seem to perceive a faith preference in him, which, again, is cool for most Americans, I do see now more than sense anymore a deep antipathy for...

    Parenthetically, getting back to Madonna, BBPBHO reminds me of Madonna's performance at the Super Bowl.  Is he really saying/singing those things or just...?

    But, again, that's what/who most Americans want.

    Americans like kings; while hoping they'll, uh, you know, take care of us.

    Why be free if the king will take care of us?

    Yeah, that's right.

    I'll give up all of my freedoms if he'll, yeah, yeah, yeah, take care of us.

    I don't mind being enslaved.

    We'll see.



    Don't get me wrong.

    The insurgents aren't that appealing.

    Click on the 1/17 edition (right column) for more on that/them.

    I've been wearing sweater vests longer than Rick remembers inhaling back in...  It's twwwuuu.  It's twwwuuu.  Unlike Clinton but like the incumbent, he inhaled!  Uh, so did I; but, of course, I'm not running for President.  Besides, while he's a lot more consistently principled than the incumbent or any of the other insurgents, he doesn't have enough $ or organization or backing from the GOP elites or traction to...

    Newt reminds me of too many church hoppers.  If he can't get what he wants no matter how the votes are piling up, he'll ruin the party and move on.  He's a my-way-or-the-highway kinda guy.  That doesn't even work with the GOP.  He likes to burn rather than build bridges.  He's a no go for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    If Paul would just shut up about foreign policy because he sounds like mainline denominational seminary professors with two feet planted firmly in the air...

    Nah, I'm not worried about Mitt being a Mormon because I think he's a Mormon like most pewsitters/pulpiteers are to Biblical Christianity.  You know, uh, coincidental/occasional.  Really, do you think America would vote for an authentic to Joseph Smith Mormon with all of those racist, sexist, and elitist...?

    What's that?

    Rick just did what?

    Americans are rethinking the king thing?

    Where's my sweater vest?



    Speaking of idolatries, our church is just about ready to dedicate a massive renovation/expansion to...

    Probably Jesus.

    Should be Jesus.

    Hope it's...

    But, you know, those plaques, pictures, and...

    I wrote to our officers and staff, "I think God spoke to me about all of those pictures and plaques last night while walking Kopper and while exclaiming while looking up at the beautiful stars, 'O Lord, our Lord...'"

    He reminded me of Luke 21:1-4.

    I urged our officers/staff to meditate and chew and wrap themselves around it in a Psalm 1 kinda way.

    I went on, "He told me that no one's gift is no more nor no less important than anybody else's.  He told me no one deserves no more nor no less recognition, regard, response, nor reward than anybody else."

    I think it has something to do with the priesthood of all believers.

    Anyway, I suggested a room for some kinda "Hall of Faith" where we could hang up the pictures of everyone who has ever been a member of the church.

    I ended, "This is one of the opportunities before us now that we've renovated the building.  What a great time to renovate our..."

    Uh, I still don't have an updated dossier/resume/PIF.


    This is really, really, really important.

    We're going deeper in our family of faith on Wednesday evenings in the chapel with the help of Francis Chan's Forgotten God; Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit.


    Yes, this is related to the preceding in a Psalm 33:12 kinda way.

    Anyway, I can think of only one other book right now that I'd like you to buy/read/digest.

    No, I'm not talking about I Just Wanna Ride (FTW); though I'd really like you to...

    I'm talking about the Bible.

    Well, several folks missed last Wednesday's session for lots of reasons; and, typically, I was asked, "Will/did I miss anything?"

    For the answer, call our prayer line at (815) 544-3535.

    Yeah, it's related to the preceding.


Blessings and Love!

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