Sunday, February 5, 2012

Booking It!

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    While I don't plan to vote for 'em, I don't get the impression that Newt or Paul are lying when they speak; unlike the incumbent or other insurgents.

    Seriously, whenever I listen to any of the other aspirants, I hear a voice in my head, "Liar, liar, pants on fire!"

    Don't get me wrong.

    Newt has given new meaning to wearing flip-flops and Paul resides in the ozone layer of reality when it comes to nuthouses like Iran and...

    They're not gonna get my vote; but compared to the others, they're refreshing in a they say what they mean and mean what they say kinda way.

    Of course, I , uh, disclosed my favorites back on 1/17 ("Endorsements for President and CE Director") which you can review/condemn by clicking on, uh, "Endorsements for President and CE Director" in the right column.



    Jesus said, "Let your yes be yes and no be no."

    Simply, say what you mean and mean what you say.

    That's what I Just Wanna Ride (FTW) has come to mean for...

    As I wrote it and realized it was really going to, uh, ___ off some folks who live in the land of pretend, I went back to advice given to me so long ago that I only started trying to heed in the last thirteen or fourteen years: "What you believe has got to be more important to you than what people think about you."

    Sure, I wanna be liked; but not at the expense of betraying who I am or who I wanna be or who I'm trying/praying to be or...

    Jesus said, in effect, "You gotta love Me more than..."

    That makes sense.

    He is God.

    Review the big ten.

    Here it is.

    I love Jesus.

    I believe He is Lord and Savior.

    He is God; deserving our respect and efforts to obey Him.

    He is Savior; deserving our gratitude through efforts to obey Him.

    He remains as Spirit; demanding our yielding to tap into His best intentions for now as well as then.

    Or something like that.

    I believe people who love Jesus really try (more than less) to love Him by loving like Him - lavishly, graciously, redemptively, and unconditionally.

    I believe people who make that effort while admitting their shortcomings are authentic to Him; blessing Him/His along the way.

    I believe people who hate each other in a Christian kinda way and pose kinship to Him while being everything but merciful, tolerant, generous, forgiving, and the like are damnable posers.



    I was away last week - a delight to folks who...

    Booking it!

    Anyway, before I left, I gave a message to our family of faith about Matthew 7:12.

    Look it up.

    Jesus said that one verse just about sums up how to follow Him.

    Because, as a favorite elder and staff member keep telling me, nobody reads my stuff nor hardly listens to what I say -  and I know that's true because mainline facsimiles have been posing a religion more than practicing the relationship for God knows how long now - I wasn't surprised to receive reports about naughty behavior from three other staff members and several members in direct contradiction to Matthew 7:12 while I was away.


    Of course, that's why Jesus came.

    You know, as Paul wrote, "While we were still sinners, Jesus came to..."

    Or something like that.

    Which is why we must/should - Yes, must/should!!! - try to model something/Someone a lot better than...

    Corbett got me to talk a lot about that in the radio link just above.


    Book it!


Blessings and Love!


Chuck said...

I'm gonna have to call Santorum to get you some more lively sweatervests.

Nice interview...but you didn't mention me.

Bill said...

Hi Brother,

Just finished watching and listening to the interview. It was awesome. Now I have to go on Amazon and download it on to Katie's "Kindle".
Have a blessed day. Keep living in the Spirit and spreading the "Good News".

Love and blessings