Friday, March 2, 2012

A New Pony for My Birthday

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)




    Royalties ain't there yet - more splash than cash.

    I tried to coax some rich buddies in WSNC and KCMO to chip in for this summer's four missionary journeys which you will hear about; but no bites.

    Book (page 161): "I thought I was going to get one for my...I was wrong on that...As you read the preceding, you will discover I'm wrong about a lot of things.

    Woodstock HD will have to wait for the trade until I get a few more K for that 2007...


    That's not why I'm writing today.

    If you've got the book in front of you, turn to the first page just inside the cover.

    Uh, I asked you to turn to it to read it; and if you don't have it, weeeeeeelllllll...

    Tozer: "We have been snared in the coils of a spurious logic which insists that if we found Him we need no more seek Him...I want deliberately to encourage a mighty longing after God...Acute desire must be present or there will be no manifestation of Christ to His people."

    Stanley: "It is wise to worry less about what men think and to keep our hearts set on Jesus...Waiting for man's nod is waiting for second best."

    Even after 6 decades of sucking the marrow out of life - Yeah, watch The Dead Poets' Society! - I'm still scratching the surface of my relationship with Jesus.

    Now read the first page just inside the cover again before going on.


    O.K., here's why I'm writing today.

    It happens around this time every year.

    Same old same old.

    "Friend, do you really think the world or church can't get along without you?"

    I thought about that especially over the last week because of the following.

    My dad almost died.

    Fred, one of the greatest humanitarians in our community and county who was also a conscience for rednecks who only think in whiter shades of pale, went home to Jesus.

    Gerry, a confused man who spent his last days on the street, followed Fred.

    Two 16 year young cheerleaders died in a tragic accident last Friday.

    A 17 year old almost scolded me, "My friend died in a car wreck last year and nobody..."

    Back to the SOSO: "If I died today, they'd have ham and beans in Fellowship Hall on Monday and then put together a pastor search committee next Sunday to find somebody better than I've been."

    It's true.

    There'd be lots of volunteers for that committee.

    I have no illusions.

    Presidents come and go...and are replaced.

    Star quarterbacks come and go...and are replaced.

    Doctors, lawyers, construction workers, secretaries, superintendents, running backs, coaches, preachers, teachers, politicians, professors, cooks, plumbers, mechanics, and everybody else come and go...and are replaced.

    We are not nearly as important as we sometimes imagine.

    The world and certainly the Kingdom do not rise or fall on our efforts, energies, and emotions.


    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    Only God cannot be replaced.

    Now while some especially egotistical people with an unseemly estimate of their worth will rebel against that truth, others find that truth quite liberating.

    It means we can be who He designed us to be without worrying what anyone else...

    It includes knowing we will be just fine sooner or later and definitely in the end because He has always loved us and will always love us and nothing can separate us from His love.

    It allows us to smell the roses; because if we don't get 'er done, very few will or be "moved" in any way.

    It encourages us to set our priorities clearly/conclusively; focusing on praying/laboring to honor Him above all else and giving our best efforts, energies, and emotions to those who really, really, really depend on us so much more than most: family and friends.

    Now go back to the first page just inside the cover of the book.

    I'm just scratching the surface of my relationship with Jesus.

    I think about that a lot; especially when someone comes, sometimes me, with an especially unseemly estimate of their...value and place in the lives of other people.

    It also helps when those rich buddies in WSNC and KCMO forget to...

    Yes, we must always find time for those who really, really, really depend upon our efforts, energies, and emotions.

    Most don't.

    That's true...and liberating if you know what I mean.

    If you don't, I feel so sorry for you 'cause you're missing...


Blessings and Love!


Bill said...

All this may be true, but it reminds me of the following story:
A man was called to jury duty. When he got to the court, he asked the judge to be excused because of his employment. The judge asked him what kind of work he did. He said, “I work for the railroad.”
The judge replied, “Ahhh , so you are one of those very special indispensable people without whom the trains would not run on time.”
The man answered, “No Your Honor, but I don’t want them to find that out by missing work.”

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! I was just going to write "Ride Captain Ride...." when I read a little further.
I was giving everything I had to my job/career....and I do mean everything. Suddenly sick with an unknown disease ......... I too had thought myself Irreplaceable. What would they do with out me at work? I did so much, held so many positions, knew so much information.....I was close to death and I had a One on One with the Only Master who not only took care of the Company- I thought it was ME holding it together and all the worry about my Family whom he promised to Always take care of You -I learned you can not believe one Word of His without believing it All- You dont get to pick and choose through His Words to find what you want to believe - Its a package deal)
I am so sorry for your loss friend and your pain which I know is indescribable- but so will the healing be indescribable,
a crossover to new places, or if you will....a new Ride on a different pony.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Superbly said, dear friend.