Thursday, March 22, 2012

Voting for the Lesser of...

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)




    It's inevitable.

    The race to the White House is down to two, uh, horses.

    The incumbent is a secularist whose values are imperceptible apart from the gospel according to Gallup.

    The insurgent's role model is Joey Smith.

    Think about it.

    Increasingly, Christians are hoping the incumbent doesn't know what he's doing.

    Increasingly, Christians are hoping the insurgent is a Mormon about as much as most pulpiteers/pewsitters in mainline denominations are Christians after the pattern of Jesus and prescriptions of Holy Scripture.

    Think about it.


    A friend confessed, "Well, I guess I'll just have to vote for the lesser of two evils in November."

    As the last words, uh, fell from her lips, it/He hit me.

    Parenthetically, if you're comfortable, you be the judge if what follows was inspired/indigested.

    Think about it.

    Don't be like most mindless Democrats and Republicans who would vote for Satan itself if it were their party's nominee.

    Anyway, I thought via inspiration/indigestion, "If I vote for the lesser of two evils, that means I'm still gonna be voting for someone who is, gulp,..."


    WW2 came to mind.

    The cigar-inhaling PM of our greatest ally - since, you know, the late 18th and early 19th centuries - convinced us to ally ourselves with the devil to beat Hitler.

    He meant Stalin.

    We did.

    Our enemy Hitler was evil and slaughtered millions.

    Our ally Stalin was evil and slaughtered millions.

    In other words, the lesser of two evils was/remains evil.


    Think about it.

    Do we really have to vote for either of 'em?

    Before committing ourselves to the lesser of two evils, let's think about what that means.

    I wonder how He feels about us saying, "I'm gonna vote for the lesser of two evils."

    Maybe He'd say, "How about voting for the one who is trying to honor Me the most?  I'll take care of the rest."

    I don't know.

    I'm not suggesting anyone in particular.

    I've written over and over and over again that I don't like anybody who's running.

    But I think there's gotta be someone left in America who...

    Like part of the, uh, remnant.

    Where's that book by Rabbi Cahn?


    Tim wrote this morning: "I heard last night the Cubs went all out to get Albert.  They offered more than anyone else and a promise that he'd never have to play in October."


    Theo Epstein comes to mind.

    He's the guy who's supposed to do for the Cubs what he did for the Red Sox.

    Think about it.

    Really, the curse of Babe Ruth seems much tougher than a billy goat.

    Well, Epstein was asked how he expects to win after a century of losing.

    Answer: "There's a universal recognition here that we need to try a different way.  The 103 years...I basically ignore it."

    Think about it.

    Before voting.


Blessings and Love!

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