Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Word of God for July 4, 2012

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    "Long may our land be bright with freedom's holy light; protect us by Thy might, great God, our King!"

    I pray that for America.

    I trust you pray that for America.


    America began with such strength;  understanding its strength as a blessing from Him: endowed by our Creator with...

    Though it's a relatively recent articulated addition to our national identity, our founders understood our strength in/from/for the Founder: one nation under God.

    So we sing, "God bless America!  Land that I love!  Stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above!"

    I pray that for America.

    I trust you pray that for America.


    In recent years, many Americans have added another line to the songs/praises/prayers around this time of year: "America, bless God!"

    Increasing #s of Americans are increasingly concerned about America's obvious drift from its Founder.

    Increasing #s of Americans are increasingly concerned about America's leadership not even giving lip service to Him anymore.

    Increasing #s of Americans are increasingly concerned about a justice system that increasingly overlooks justice as identified and explained in Holy Scripture.

    Increasing #s of Americans are increasingly concerned about a country that's losing its unity amid rainbow-colored diversity because it seems to be forgetting or ignoring, as the Imperials sang, "There will never be any peace until God is seated at the conference table."

    Diagnosis: "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people."

    Prescription: "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."


    It's easy to get really, really, really down about where America's not Headed anymore.

    That exchange in Genesis 18 comes to mind; or as Billy's wife said long ago, "If God does not bring judgment upon America soon, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah."

    Martin Luther King, Jr. prophesied about it on 2/4/68 ("The Drum Major Instinct"): "God has a way of putting nations in their place...He has a way of saying, 'Don't play with Me, Israel!  Don't play with Me, Babylon!...And if you don't stop your reckless course, I'll rise up and break the backbone of your power.'  And that can happen to America.  Every now and then, I go back and read Gibbons' Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.  And when I come and look at America, I say to myself, the parallels are frightening."

    Now go back to Solomon's diagnosis.

    Now go back to God's prescription.


    Paul told Timothy, "God wants everybody to be saved!"

    Praise God!

    Now go back to Solomon's diagnosis.

    Now go back to God's prescription.


    Now look up, get up, speak up, and act up for Him before it's too...



Blessings and Love!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


"I am not ashamed of Jesus."

Romans 1:16-17


    I'll never forget shopping for a cross about 35 years ago in a big mall jewelry store near Edison, New Jersey.

    When I asked the salesman if he'd let me see the store's stock of crosses, he asked, "Do you want one with or without the little man on it?"

    As time has passed and I pray and try to be His with increasing passion, that question keeps coming back to me.


    I kinda grew up in days when men didn't wear a lotta jewelry unless, uh, you know, they were kinda...

    It wasn't considered manly.

    While I don't know who makes up the rules for that kinda stuff, the rules for that kinda stuff started changing when Bo Jackson showed up in a Royals uniform with a diamond stud in his ear and Michael Jordan won a bunch of NBA crowns with more bling than Cher and...

    You know what I mean; and if you don't, you gotta stop hanging out with people who are only just like you in defiance/rebellion of/against His expectation of unity despite diversity in, through, and for Him.

    Go to a biker rally sometime and see real unity amid diversity; and, come to think of it, there's a book about...

    Conditioning is a hard thing to overcome.

    It's like denominational pride.

    It has nothing to do with following Jesus and being in communion with people who follow Jesus representing the rainbow colors of the covenant.

    So I've been resistant to those kinda changes.

    Of course, our Lord provides apocalyptic moments or Damascus Road experiences to shake us out of, uh, ourselves and back to...

    I think of the day a few years ago when I walked into the restroom before worship, looked into the mirror, and blurted, "Dang, you look ridiculous!"

    Now I'm not saying that people who continue to wear silly vestments look ridiculous.

    Maybe I am.

    Ever read Matthew 6:25-34?

    I wonder if we'll be wearing collars and Genevan gowns when we do the Revelation worship thing.

    Don't be so defensive.

    Ask Him.

    BTW, you holy ones who snicker at colleagues in vestments but still wear ties and suits every Sunday which, uh, is tantamount to wearing vestments 'cause you wear the same thing whenever you do holy stuff gotta ask in a KD kinda way if wearing expensive gravy rags on steroids and stuff like that helps you identify with the poor or even the Suffering Servant Himself.

    I'm just asking.

    I'm just thinking.

    You know.

    It's a KD thing.

    He called us to do His thing more than anyone else's.

    Why do you wear what you wear?

    Is it for Him or yourself or because somebody else decided that...?


    Despite conditioning, I wear jewelry; and really don't care what anybody thinks about it because every piece symbolizes something about my relationship with Him/His and causes people to ask which opens doors to talk about Jesus.

    It's like my missionary mule.

    I ride because, uh, I like to ride; yet it also opens doors to talk about Jesus if I don't come off like a...

    I wear a wedding band for obvious reasons.

    I wear a ring that I bought just outside of the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem that has an inlay of the Decalogue for, uh, obvious reasons.

    I just got a big and, according to my wife, gaudy "Lion of Judah" ring because, well, uh, He's about to roar back as the...

    I wear two crosses.

    One is made of nails and reminds me of what He did for me/us and what I/we must do for Him to prove faith's veracity.

    The other was given to me at ordination back on 5/8/77.  It's the cross used as the seal for my old denomination (UPCUSA) prior to merger into the PCUSA in the alphabet soup of denominational division/pride.  Anyway, it's a prominent Celtic cross surrounded by porcelain inlays of other symbols highlighting God's sovereignty, Holy Spirit, Biblical revelation, and mission.  It's beautiful; or, uh, was beautiful.  The porcelain has chipped over the years like, uh, me if you know what I mean.


    I don't like to wear jewelry; yet I do.

    I do because I need reminders about really important stuff and because people ask me about it and it opens doors to talk about Jesus.

    Also, it reminds me of a struggle akin to Romans 7:7ff.


    I guess what I wear somehow exposes who I am or want to be or...

    That's why I stopped wearing vestments.

    That's why I wear...

    That's why I ride...

    Romans 1:16-17.




Blessings and Love!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    I've gotta get something off my chest.


    Everywhere I, uh, look, I can't avoid, uh, seeing it.

    It can be really distracting if you know what I mean.


    While I've spent a lotta my life returning to my dad's counsel after rejecting it when first offered, I heeded this one except when wearing dark sunglasses, "Always look into the eyes of a woman and don't let your eyes drift down to her..."

    You know...

    Something has happened in the last few years that's made that really, really, really tough/challenging to pret' near impossible.


    It seems that everyone in the other gender's got it from the youth with augmented trainers to geezers with erector sets for...

    Couple that with the increasing # of tattoos with half showing above the cut line and the other half left to the imagination/inquiry, it's really, really, really tough/challenging to pret' near impossible to heed my dad's counsel.


    I would never even attempt to get into the minds of women who let it all, uh, hang out/up/down/around; but several thoughts come to mind apart from comfort, culture, and, uh, pride.






    Uh, modesty does not come to mind.


    Getting back to temptation, guys are very visual.


    I think some women who let it all, uh, hang out/up/down/around know that and do that to attract roving/wandering/carnal eyes.

    I may be wrong but I think some women like being sex objects.

    If that's not true, then why do some women use 'em like eye candy?

    See how easily it is drift from...?


    Bad things that taste good.

    If ingested, indigestion soon follows.

    Solomon, who knew more about women than most of us, wrote about the penalties of succumbing to 'em (e.g., Proverbs 5-7).

    Truth is I've never heard of cleavage enabling cogitations/conversations on ecclesiology, eschatology, Christology, soteriology, or...

    But I know other thoughts have entered the minds of men upon, uh, sightings.

    Let's, uh, face it.

    Cleavage is tempting to ignoble thoughts and even...

    I mean, uh, I like to, uh, look.

    Really, if you're a guy, you like to look; unless, you know, you're not into chicks.

    And if you're a woman who likes showing cleavage, you know what you're doing; and if you don't, the problem may be even...




    Attempted solution.

    A nun once counseled me about temptation, "When tempted, turn to the right!"

    She meant turn to Jesus.

    I do; or, at least, I try.


    Jesus came as our Savior as well as Lord because do and try aren't always on the same page.

    Getting back to Jesus, He knew cleavage and other temptations would be tough/challenging and often pret' near impossible to avoid/overcome; so He taught us to pray, "Lead us not into temptation."

    In other words, Jesus knew we often succumb to temptations because we wanna succumb to 'em because bad things taste good and most of us don't bother to think of the consequences/indigestion of ingestion - again, that's why we need Him as our Savior as well as Lord who cuts slack for our inability/unwillingness to be perfectly His - and so He taught us to implore/beg Him to keep us away from stuff that ain't good for us.

    Cleavage is always in, uh, sight/grasp; meaning we often need His help to steer/stay/stare away from it.

    Don't miss the inductive metaphor.


    So here's how I do it so I don't do it if you know what I mean.

    I pray, "Lord, You told me to ask You to not lead me into temptation because You know me and know my inclinations to ingest what will make me sick.  So I'm calling You on that right now.  Lord, do not lead me into this temptation.  Lead me away from it.  Do whatever is necessary to keep me away from it.  You told me to pray like this because You know I do/will fall and fail to stay away from it on my own.  So it's up to You, Lord.  If you want me to stay away from it, You're gonna have to..."

    Catch the drift?


    It/He works!

    Whenever I pray like that - like He taught me/us to pray - the supplication is always satisfied.

    Now if I'd only always pray like that.


    Uh, point.

    Cleavage is always in our faces.

    Whether intended or ignorant, it's distracting.

    Admit it, gentlemen.

    Or as a favorite street preacher friend of mine likes to say, "You can't fix what you won't face."

    Admitting it, accept His way out of it.

    Turn to the right.

    Turn to Him.

    And beg if/when necessary, "Lead me not into temptation."

    Now read Matthew 7:7-8 and James 4:3 in quick succession.

    Cleavages cave when clinging to Him.


Blessings and Love!

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Dirty Secret Why People Leave Churches

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    My religious franchise (PCUSA) holds another of its really big meetings (General Assembly) in a few weeks (Pittsburgh, 6/30-7/7/12).

    Simply, it's when we get together to make decisions about lots of stuff that usually ticks off lots of members, causes some to exit for good/bad/ugly, occasionally offends God by contradicting His will as enfleshed in Jesus and explained in the Bible, usually offends posers in pulpits/pews whose "Christianity" is only coincidental to His will as enfleshed in Jesus and explained in the Bible, and has about as much of an impact upon global/national culture as the next #1 pick in the NBA draft.

    Of course, as I've written many times, I'm staying put because we don't need more segregations, separations, and schisms in our world/nation/church in direct defiance of John 17.

    Besides, I just don't get the logic of leaving one stinking denomination for another stinking denomination 'cause they all stink in some way and I'm so used to the smell of mine that I don't feel like making the effort to get used to another's smell and...

    Or something like that.

    Really, leaving one denomination for another denomination reminds me of that silly kids' song, "The bear went over the mountain to see what he could see...And what do you think he saw?...The other side of the mountain, the other side of the..."

    I'm reminded of advice given to me about staying put in marriage that I give to anybody who doesn't wanna do that: "Your greener pasture was someone else's brown field."

    Moretheless, I know I'm gonna spend most of July-December (at least) convincing folks about the preceding after the realities cited in the second paragraph.



    Things are bad enough without me piling on.

    So let me say something positive about my franchise.

    The Presbyterian Church (USA), like just about all other mainline denominations, does a pretty good job of displaying its sins for everybody to see.

    I mean that.

    Ain't much hidden in mainline denominations.

    It's as, uh, exposed and, uh, disclosed as the faith and morality of Charlie Sheen.

    We don't hide our finances or minutes or faith or morality from anybody.

    More than less.

    For example, while you've really gotta dig to find out how much those independent/non-denominational guys/gals are making for talking about Suffering Servant Jesus - I just found out one of our local stars makes several six figures without having gone to seminary or being examined by anybody about anything - the PCUSA publishes "Changes in Terms of Call" every year for everybody to...


    Green with...

    I mean I won't let my mom, wife, children, or Kopper see the list.

    I don't look at it anymore because it's hard not to...

    Golly, I can't believe how much that rookie...!

    What's up with that associate getting...?

    That church is, like, uh, and they pay their...!

    Puuuuuuuhlease, how does he justify making...?

    What the...?

    It's like I told the priest who asked if I took a vow of poverty when I was ordained.

    "Nah," I replied, "Protestant pastors don't need to take a vow of poverty because their churches impose it on 'em."

    It's hard not to make comparisons and feel a little, uh, well, uh, you know...

    That's why I don't read that report.

    I don't need fuel for that fire.

    I've got enough problems with the 10th.

    Can you say Electra Glide Ultra Limited?

    And when 1st AG gave him one for his 5th after I got a $5 card to Culver's in October...


    When I was a rich and famous pastor in KCMO and WSNC and making more money than any follower of Suffering Servant Jesus should get for talking about/for Suffering Servant Jesus, I felt so badly about it that I sent monthly checks to Paul, a pastor in a church that didn't even blush about paying him so poorly and never felt any guilt about it even after he died, in a penitential kinda way.

    While I've sinned so badly in my life and ministry which causes me to praise and thank God for cutting me sooooooo much slack/grace and not holding any of it against me foruhever, I've never been one of those imperial priests who feel they deserve more than...

    Aside from the reality that I know I'm no better while probably worse than anybody else in this business and following Suffering Servant Jesus doesn't include living so much more like a Pharisee than Him that He must barf whenever considering our "sacrifices" for Him, I've read the first few chapters of Acts.

    I've read James 4.

    Matthew 20:1-16 really upsets my jealousies.



    The more I fill myself with Jesus, the more I'm satisfied with/by, uh, Jesus.


    I've been watching myself as well as churches for a long time.

    I'm convinced the preceding has a lot to do with our unabating problems.

    Pride and its buddy control with jealousy as an accomplice devastate lives and ministries.

    Let me illustrate.

    I am blessed to be the undershepherd of a wonderful family of faith called First Presbyterian Church (Belvidere, Illinois) in a much better than most presbytery called Blackhawk (big part of Illinois).

    Our particular church and presbytery have one terrible thing in common.

    There are lots of folks who've exited or exasperated little problems into big ones because they don't get the idea of being a supportive servant; or ignore it which is even worse in a Hebrews 10:26ff. kinda way.

    Specifically, if they aren't leading, they can't/won't follow and criticize those who do in unhealthy ways or make up some BS about why they must separate, segregate, or stir up schism.

    I can't tell you how many pulpiteers/pewsitters exit/exasperate after completing a term of office or resigning (volitionally or otherwise) from a leadership position.

    It's all about their hellborn lust to control others because of their pride and jealousy.

    It's the truth and they/we know it.

    "I'm not being fed by our...I haven't left the denomination but it has left me...We're just going in different directions...They're so..."


    Don't it make their/our blue eyes brown?


    Dallas Willard: "Most problems in contemporary churches can be explained by the fact that members have not yet decided to follow Jesus."


    We precede the benediction at First by saying, "The answer to every question is Jesus!"

    It/He is.




    For followers.


    The answer to pride and jealousy and, uh, everything/everyone else that ails us.


Blessings and Love!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

God Moments

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    I think I had three "God Moments" on Tuesday (6/12/12).

    You can/will be the judge of that/me.

    They couldn't have come at a better time pour moi.

    While I'm still convinced my latest book is gonna sell, the first five months of publication have been underwhelming.

    While I didn't write it for the $, I was hoping for a few coins to pay off some debts, help some friends/family, and upgrade my missionary mule as I/we ride with/for others to Biblical/Christocentric freedom.  The truth is, as I told Blackhawk Presbytery on Tuesday, I talk more about Jesus along the ride than I do in most ecclesiastical, uh, settings.  That's why I know my missionary mule is about to, uh, evolve if you know what I mean and, uh, if you do, it's because...

    BTW, my mule's name is Return with the evolved model to be Return2.

    Get it/Him?

    Yeah, I'm gonna put it on the plate upon arrival.


    Anyway, I had three "God Moments" and, knowing we share humanity, I'm guessing/praying mine will encourage you/yours.

    Again, you can/will be the judge of that/me.


    First one.

    I was walking Kopper around 4:10 a.m. and asked him/Him what the heaven I should talk/write about in the next...

    It/He hit me as soon as I asked.


    Since first reading Kung's On Being a Christian in 1976, my life and ministry have been challenged by these sentences: the Church's agenda is "to discover what is permanent...originally meant, before it was covered with the dust and debris of two thousand years...This is not another gospel, but the same ancient gospel rediscovered for today!"

    35 years later (October 2011), I spent a week with three of my covenant brothers and Eugene Peterson in Montana; and Kung's challenge seemed to be increasingly/exponentially satisfied as I started catching His Spirit in his spirit and...

    I feel like I'm just scratching the surface of my relationship with Jesus.

    I feel like I'm starting all over again in life and ministry; moving from a religion about Jesus to a relationship with Him/His.

    I feel, uh, born anothen.

    I haven't been as excited about life and ministry since 5/8/77.

    Getting back to my walk with Kopper, it/He hit me as soon as I asked (clue).

    I'm gonna begin talking/writing about Scratching the Surface: Bible Books and Basics in Sunday morning messages, KDs, and maybe put it all together for my favorite publisher after my latest book...

    I'll start around September - give or take a few...


    Second one.

    Aurora, Illinois' Westminster Presbyterian Church hosted the stated meeting of Blackhawk Presbytery on Tuesday.

    The host pastor is supposed to preach at the worship service before business; which is why I couldn't understand why Chuck wouldn't take no for an answer when he told-more-than-asked me to preach about a month before the meeting.

    Well, about an hour before the service, he revealed why he insisted I preach: "I asked God what I was supposed to preach about; and He told me, 'Kopp is supposed to preach.'"


    I was reminded of Chuck's humble obedience; which did not come as a shock to me because I've always felt he's always been far more faithful in every aspect of his life and ministry than me.

    Let's face it.

    Most pulpiteers, like me, can be pretty...

    His humility before God to upset precedent threw me from head to toe toward, uh, Him.

    You can/will be the judge of what happened because you can hear/experience it by contacting the church at 630-896-5502 or and asking 'em to send a disk to ya.

    I wouldn't even suggest it unless...

    Again, you can/will be the judge.


    Third one.

    I was participating in the opening exercises of VBS on Tuesday and thinking while watching our DCE/YD, "Man, I'm really getting hot for her!"

    Fortunately, she's my wife.

    She's really great at doing what God has called/anointed her to do.

    God knows I haven't always been affirming, appreciative, and...

    Come to think of it, using the first letter of those adverbs, I've often acted more like an...


    You can/will be the...




Blessings and Love!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    I attended a "Self-Awareness Workshop" for executives about 25 years ago in Greensboro, NC.

    Frankly, a few elders funded it because they didn't think I was very, uh, self-aware at the time.

    They were right.

    Anyway, it was kinda cool being the only guy paid to be holy in the group; and it wasn't long before I discovered banks, clothing companies, universities, medical schools, car lots, and other businesses along with even law firms and tobacco pushers seem to have higher ethical as well as performance standards than most, uh, gulp, gasp, geez, uh, churches.

    I think it was the first time that Matthew 23 came alive for me by contrast.

    We went through more psychological testing than I ever recall enduring before ordination; which could be a clue to why...

    While I'm still scratching the surface of my relationship with Jesus and finding more about myself with the passing of every day, I gotta admit it was worth their money.

    The highlight was one shrink saying, "You are not responsible for what others say and do; however, you are completely responsible for what you say and do and how you respond to what others say and do."

    That was the most liberating gospel that I'd ever heard as a partner, parent, pastor, presbyter, professor, and just about anything else beginning with the letter...


    That came to mind over the weekend when two elders and three others gave a newspaper clipping to me about a colleague who wrote some pretty outrageous stuff in a "special" to a local rag.

    Parenthetically, they were especially interested because he used to be co-pastor of one of our presbytery's flagship churches.

    Nobody's really sure what he is anymore because another franchise hired him and he rarely attends our meetings unless pushing some left-wing-wacko agenda.  How he gets away with it is beyond me.  I didn't know you could belong to two different denominations at the same time. 

    While his latest hobby-horse doesn't interest me, I was impressed by how he approached it: "My words may surprise some, given that I am a Christian pastor...Surely the Bible contains several references that...But I believe...The Bible clearly includes a message against...I do not believe, however,..."

    O.K., I added the italics and bold print.

    Do you find that as flabbergasting as I do?

    Essentially, "I know that's what the Bible says but I believe..."

    As if what he thinks/feels/wants/believes is somehow on equal footing with Biblical revelation!

    Of course, he, obviously, doesn't think Biblical revelation has any more clout than Twain, Maclaine, or, uh, how he thinks/feels/wants/believes.

    And while you've probably guessed what he's advocating, it doesn't really matter because his logic could be used to controvert/confuse clear Biblical declaratives on just about any issue of faith and ethics.


    History tells me that's what some of those "Christians" did to put Jews in ovens back in...

    I'll give him this.

    He put his thoughts/feelings/wants/beliefs in print and in direct contradiction to Holy Scripture for all to see.

    He owns 'em.

    I feel no responsibility for what has come out of his...

    Yet, yes, I do feel compelled to say he does not represent any pastor I know who still prays/labors to live under the authority of God as personified in Jesus and prescribed in Holy Scripture.

    Go back to the shrink quote in the first section.


    Here's the point.

    The shrink was right.

    We are not responsible for the good, bad, or ugly being spewed by other people.

    But we are completely responsible for what we say and do and how we respond to what others say and do.

    If we're still trying to honor God as God has revealed Himself, then we must honor those who are still trying to honor God as God has revealed Himself.

    We must stand up, speak up, and act up with 'em.

    If we're still trying to honor God as God has revealed Himself, then we must not honor those who are not trying to honor God as God has revealed Himself.

    We must stand up, speak up, and act up against 'em.

    God knows one Judas was/remains enough.


    I guess, for people like me who profess/pretend to be Christians, self-awareness is confirmed by praying/trying to speak/look/act like it/Him.

    Anything other is not true to self; not to mention Him.

    Or maybe it is true to self; not to mention Him.


    Some are.

    I'm not saying I've got it/Him all together.

    I'm wrong about lots of stuff.

    I'm just saying He's right as He's revealed Himself in Jesus and the Bible and my arms are just too short to box with...

    I'm just not, uh, divine enough to take on...


Blessings and Love!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Reamed Out Again

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


    I've got some bad news for people who hate me in a Christian kinda way.

    I just got reamed out again; celebrating the 10th anniversary of my first colonoscopy with my second.

    Anyway, I don't have to get, uh, hosed again for another decade; meaning former members of First who have hated me for everything but Christ's sake can stop hoping I'm gonna have to quit for health reasons so they can look/search for another victim for their darkly transferred pathologies.

    I just may outlive 'em to quote the former P of Princeton who said to a friend who followed him in a parish, "You'll outlive most of your enemies.  I did."

    Read the last KD for more on that (viz., "God Told Me").

    Of course, there's still hope for 'em.

    They could assassinate me (always a possibility) or I could die from another unnatural cause (always within my heavenly thanatos libido) or the Libertarian in me that gives the Billy salute to those with insatiable control needs to convince/cajole/chastise me about the helmet thing that they don't get because they're so ignorant/inexperienced/gullible/deluded/lemminged could keep them pridefully separated/segregated/schismatic (aka sinful) as they hope for a, uh, header.

    Be that as it is or will be, I've been reamed out again and I'm ready to resume...


    I've also been reamed out in ministry over the years - rightly and wrongly - and left two churches before the inevitable minority who hated me convinced the majority to get rid of me for everything but Christ's sake.


    Did Jesus come to separate and segregate Christians from each other?

    Think about it.

    Read John 17 slowly within the context of the corpus.

    Is there anything about following Jesus that includes "Christians" separating and segregating themselves from each other because of the inane things that often separate and segregate "Christians" from...?

    I say "Christians" because I am convinced authentic followers of Jesus - uh, Christians - don't separate and segregate themselves from each other over anything or anyone and pray and work out their differences through and for Him.

    He is eternally more about restoration than removal/rejection.

    Real deals for Jesus know He ain't about divorce and division.  He is all about mutual confession and repentance on the way to the forgiveness that enables real/Biblical/Christocentric peace, unity, and purity (aka redemption).

    Posers run out pastors and other people from pulpits and pews because of their deep dark impulses that, frankly, point to a terrible reality about 'em: Matthew 12:31-32.

    Or as I told a "friend" who left the PCUSA for the EPC in another pridefully posing example of me-so-much-better-than-you BS, "You have no credibility for telling people that they can get along through Jesus 'cause you don't get along with anyone through Jesus."

    Come to think of it, that's the last time that...

    Now everybody together, "We are one in the...And they'll know we are...Blest be the tie that..."

    upokrisis to the max.

    BTW, though most of you ain't gonna be there and really don't wanna be there, I'm gonna talk about that during worship at next week's stated meeting of Blackhawk Presbytery.

    Come to think of it, that may be the last time that...


    Three elders who taught me more about authentic discipleship when I was a rookie than any professor or presbyter did have all gone home to Jesus.

    Eddie just joined Fred and Frank last week.

    Frank taught me about hanging in for Him who hung it all up for us even when you lose votes and can't convince people to...

    Fred was the illustrator for my dissertation and taught me about hanging in for Him who hung it all up for us even when you lose votes and can't convince people to...

    Eddie taught me about loyalty to the Yankees, Giants, and Jesus even when the rest of the world...

    And so much more.

    But I'll also never forget how they often disagreed with my rookie instincts/intentions yet protected me from the kinda blasphemers - yeah, I really mean that for reasons cited as well as understood by saints who understand the will of God for the authentic Church - that wanted to run me out for everything but Christ's sake.

    If it weren't for Eddie, Fred, and Frank, I'd probably be a lawyer or Harley tech.


    Maybe now that they ain't around I've gotta pick up their...

    Maybe that's why I just wrote to my ecclesiastical superiors and told 'em that I'm going after the bastard children of Satan who have slipped/slithered into our presbytery's churches and raise everything but heaven for...

    Maybe that's why I know and will pray/work to live/enflesh the truth of the old salt: "Revival sometimes don't mean bringin' people in but gettin' the people out who don't love Jesus and all His children!"

    Maybe that's why I may still become a...

    Doesn't matter one sense.

    It really, really, really matters in another sense.




    No, not that one even as cathartic as...

    This one...



Blessings and Love!