Friday, June 8, 2012

Reamed Out Again

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


    I've got some bad news for people who hate me in a Christian kinda way.

    I just got reamed out again; celebrating the 10th anniversary of my first colonoscopy with my second.

    Anyway, I don't have to get, uh, hosed again for another decade; meaning former members of First who have hated me for everything but Christ's sake can stop hoping I'm gonna have to quit for health reasons so they can look/search for another victim for their darkly transferred pathologies.

    I just may outlive 'em to quote the former P of Princeton who said to a friend who followed him in a parish, "You'll outlive most of your enemies.  I did."

    Read the last KD for more on that (viz., "God Told Me").

    Of course, there's still hope for 'em.

    They could assassinate me (always a possibility) or I could die from another unnatural cause (always within my heavenly thanatos libido) or the Libertarian in me that gives the Billy salute to those with insatiable control needs to convince/cajole/chastise me about the helmet thing that they don't get because they're so ignorant/inexperienced/gullible/deluded/lemminged could keep them pridefully separated/segregated/schismatic (aka sinful) as they hope for a, uh, header.

    Be that as it is or will be, I've been reamed out again and I'm ready to resume...


    I've also been reamed out in ministry over the years - rightly and wrongly - and left two churches before the inevitable minority who hated me convinced the majority to get rid of me for everything but Christ's sake.


    Did Jesus come to separate and segregate Christians from each other?

    Think about it.

    Read John 17 slowly within the context of the corpus.

    Is there anything about following Jesus that includes "Christians" separating and segregating themselves from each other because of the inane things that often separate and segregate "Christians" from...?

    I say "Christians" because I am convinced authentic followers of Jesus - uh, Christians - don't separate and segregate themselves from each other over anything or anyone and pray and work out their differences through and for Him.

    He is eternally more about restoration than removal/rejection.

    Real deals for Jesus know He ain't about divorce and division.  He is all about mutual confession and repentance on the way to the forgiveness that enables real/Biblical/Christocentric peace, unity, and purity (aka redemption).

    Posers run out pastors and other people from pulpits and pews because of their deep dark impulses that, frankly, point to a terrible reality about 'em: Matthew 12:31-32.

    Or as I told a "friend" who left the PCUSA for the EPC in another pridefully posing example of me-so-much-better-than-you BS, "You have no credibility for telling people that they can get along through Jesus 'cause you don't get along with anyone through Jesus."

    Come to think of it, that's the last time that...

    Now everybody together, "We are one in the...And they'll know we are...Blest be the tie that..."

    upokrisis to the max.

    BTW, though most of you ain't gonna be there and really don't wanna be there, I'm gonna talk about that during worship at next week's stated meeting of Blackhawk Presbytery.

    Come to think of it, that may be the last time that...


    Three elders who taught me more about authentic discipleship when I was a rookie than any professor or presbyter did have all gone home to Jesus.

    Eddie just joined Fred and Frank last week.

    Frank taught me about hanging in for Him who hung it all up for us even when you lose votes and can't convince people to...

    Fred was the illustrator for my dissertation and taught me about hanging in for Him who hung it all up for us even when you lose votes and can't convince people to...

    Eddie taught me about loyalty to the Yankees, Giants, and Jesus even when the rest of the world...

    And so much more.

    But I'll also never forget how they often disagreed with my rookie instincts/intentions yet protected me from the kinda blasphemers - yeah, I really mean that for reasons cited as well as understood by saints who understand the will of God for the authentic Church - that wanted to run me out for everything but Christ's sake.

    If it weren't for Eddie, Fred, and Frank, I'd probably be a lawyer or Harley tech.


    Maybe now that they ain't around I've gotta pick up their...

    Maybe that's why I just wrote to my ecclesiastical superiors and told 'em that I'm going after the bastard children of Satan who have slipped/slithered into our presbytery's churches and raise everything but heaven for...

    Maybe that's why I know and will pray/work to live/enflesh the truth of the old salt: "Revival sometimes don't mean bringin' people in but gettin' the people out who don't love Jesus and all His children!"

    Maybe that's why I may still become a...

    Doesn't matter one sense.

    It really, really, really matters in another sense.




    No, not that one even as cathartic as...

    This one...



Blessings and Love!



Anonymous said...

It really does matter . Please don't be hasty and don't fret so much . You sound angry , which won't help solve problems . My 97 year old friend Margaret read Psalms 139 :16 to me Wednesday . Something we should all try to remember .

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Thanks, friend.

Actually, I'm not angry about anything related to my life and ministry. I was warned; and though I am just scratching the surface of my relationship with Jesus, I'm close enough to overcome and I know you know what He means.

I am angry at how people who pretend to be tight with Jesus terrorize too many in His name; and I have decided not to sit by anymore if I can pray/say/do anything about it.

Keep keepin' on, brother, for your spirit is akin to His

Anonymous said...

We should all be angry at anyone whose main goal is to destroy the church of Jesus Christ, especially when they do it in his very name! Especially when they use scripture to justify their evil ways.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Obviously, a KJV fan.

I beg you, anonymous, to take a long and prayerful look at the transition team, take a look at the text, and then, uh, judge.
I sense you are really trying to be faithful and beg you to love your family with constructive criticism directed to the Ecclesia Bible Society.

For example, if you wrote Dr. Dearman at Fuller Seminary in Texas, I am sure he will respond with care and concern as a brother through and for Jesus.
Blessings and Love!