Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why I Don't Quit

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    A man came into see me just before Friday's wedding and complained about people complaining.

    I asked, "Do you hear yourself?"

    "Yes," he said, "I'm so ___ by people who complain about the church that I feel like quitting just to get away from 'em!"

    Help me, Jesus.


    I finally get it.

    People like to banter and moan about others because it makes 'em feel better about themselves.

    I'm reminded of a former associate pastor who always complained about other staff members whenever we'd have staff meetings so we'd never get around to how awful he was as an associate pastor.

    I'm reminded of the woman who always complained to me about negativity in the church while being the poster child of negativity in the church.

    I'm reminded of the couple who always complained about not having enough young people in the church but left the church when we changed our order of worship and music to attract more young people.

    I'm reminded of...

    I think it was the Green Bay icon who said, "The best defense is a good offense."

    Help me, Jesus.


    He does.

    Using a phrase from OC, he provides "strong calm sanity."

    Here's how from the Psalmist: "God inhabits the praises of His people."

    In other words, hanging out with Him prevents getting hung up by them.

    Tozer: "David knew God with an easy familiarity that was yet sanctified and chastened with Godly fear and reverential awe."

    Specifically, it's the product of being immersed in Him in a Psalm 1 kinda way.

    It's incarnational Lectio Divina: reading, meditating/chewing/ingesting/digesting, and praying Holy Scripture to experience/express it.

    That's how His people live triumphantly amid the meanness, madness, and misery of the modern world/church.

    Thanks for helping me/us, Jesus.


    Visiting a neighboring church, I saw name tags for two former members of First.

    They're mad at me/us because...

    Doesn't matter.

    Separating and segregating is an ugly blasphemous sin in defiance of His high priestly prayer in John 17; reminiscent of the Green Bay icon's...

    I wanted to put little post-its on their tags: "Do you hear yourself?"

    I think of the guy who said he doesn't understand me 'cause I don't agree with him.

    Help me, Jesus.


    He does.

    When we stop navelgazing and immerse ourselves into Him as attested in Holy Scripture, He does.

    And that explains why some...



    When we stick it to the world by sticking with Him, we rise above...

    Charles Stanley: "You are with me today.  I am at peace.  Thank You, Father."

    And that explains why some...


Blessings and Love!


DG said...

Just had a vision . . . You should get a large full length mirror and position it at the doorway for those entering the church. Put a big label on it: SINNERS

When service is finished, put the mirror bu the exit and flip the sign to: SAVED

Should be a conversation starter.

Bill said...

Pastor Bob, It is so amazing how God works...........Of course you know this much better than I. Right when I was contemplating hanging it up and began praying about what to do, you come along and write on a subject like this one.

Help me Jesus...............He just did. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Bob,
Went to a funeral/memorial service yesterday. A pastor in OC, NJ said to me: "I'm remaining in the PCUSA to be a witness." And I replied with your famous line: "Just like Bob Kopp; remaining to be faithful!"
Rotation of saints--not quite what the RCC probably had in mind!

Chris Enoch said...

Just beautifully written. I thank you for your witness. At your church and in the PC(USA).

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...


Thanks for being a Barnabus to me!
I need it.