Sunday, October 14, 2012

Election Day Cometh for Believers

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



"Elegant speech sounds odd when it comes from a fool,
and a lie on the lips of a leader
is even more out of place!"

Proverbs 17:7


    No, I'm not talking about the rapture, Matthew 24, Mark 13, or...

    I've got a street preacher buddy who knows lots about that in a Mayan kinda way.


    Be that as he is, I'm talking about November 6.


    You may have noticed I haven't endorsed anyone for the big one.

    I'm having a hard enough time figuring out who's gonna get mine without figuring out who's gonna get yours.

    All I know is it's really, really, really important to pick the better of the two...

    Gotta vote for somebody; unless ya don't give a...


    While I may be wrong which is why I'm not gonna tell ya who should get your vote, I believe there is a better of the two, uh, choices in God's mind.

    That's because I don't believe God is double-minded.

    Just as I don't believe God is as confused as we are on issues like when life begins, whether some life is more sacred than others, Israel, Islam, human sexuality, free enterprise versus socialism, the right to medical care for everybody, Moyers or Greta, or if Notre Dame deserves to play in the BCS Championship Game, I believe God isn't as double-minded as we are about whether the Mormon or other guy would make a better...

    Cowman: "Whenever you are in doubt as to which way to turn, submit your judgment absolutely to the Spirit of God, asking Him to shut every door but the right one."

    In other words, I suggest diving into the Word and staying in prayer until compelled to vote for...


    One of the most courageous pastors to ever cross my path is Cliff Mansley.

    He's pastor of New Creation Church in Joplin, Missouri; and has taught me not to play footsies with the devil or people playing footsies with the devil.

    Anyway, I'll never forget when he stood up during a stated meeting of Pittsburgh Presbytery at the conclusion of an extremely hot debate and yelled just before balloting, "Vote for Jesus!"





    When we pull the curtain on November 6 to vote for..., let's not pull the curtain on Him.

    Vote for Jesus!


Blessings and Love!


Crystal said...

Dr. K.,

I know a lot of Christians struggle with voting for "the Mormon" but that seriously confuses me that they would give their vote to someone like "the other" who has made his intent crystal clear to make this a Muslim nation; whose first act was to sign a bill to pay for abortions in Africa; who endorses same sex marriage; who stands against almost everything we as a Nation and as Christians believe in and hold dear. I may be wrong, but if he is elected a 2nd term, we will not know America in 4 years. I may be wrong, but I also believe if "the Mormon" is elected, it is because God is extending His grace to us to "get things right" with Him.

Just my perspective :) Blessings,

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

My dear friend Crystal,

You always refresh me with your honesty in, through, and for Him.

People have said to me, "Surely, you can't vote for a Mormon."

My response has been, "Well, at least I know who/what he is. I have no clue about the other guy 'cause he comes off as the first truly secular P in American history. My only clues about who he may really be and what he really wants is to check out his historical friends. Ouch."

While I have deep concerns about the Mormon when it comes to our Lord's concerns/commands about the poor, I am deeply troubled by so much of the incumbent's past shrouded in secrecy. As you know, John 3:19-21 is very convicting to me, personally, and I believe He didn't say it just for me.

I look at our cry, "God bless America!"

He has!

He has blessed us so much more than any other nation in human history.

I shudder when reflecting on how we have paid Him back.

I shudder when reflecting on how I have paid Him back.

I have come to the conclusion that we are damning ourselves in that we seem so determined to destroy America by electing someone to the highest office who doesn't really care to focus on Him and filter leadership through Him.

I have come to the conclusion that we are damning ourselves in that we seem so determined to destroy the Body of Christ in America by separating and segregating from each other over the smallest theological idiosyncrasies and selfish ambitions in defiance of John 17.


That's just my way of saying you're right and I wish I had your courage to say it as clearly as you.

I praise Him for you, dear sister.

Blessings and Love!

Crystal said...

Dr. K.,

We, the Christians, the body of Christ, hold in our hearts and hands the power to recapture our nation if we WOULD BUT humble ourselves, seek His face, TURN from our wicked ways... :'( My cry is God save America! Return us to the faith of our forefathers!

You are so right. It truly grieves my heart that many of my friends who are Africa American Christians are voting for Mr. Obama only because of his skin color. They care little for his agenda and motive to be President of our great Nation. The do not see that he wants to destroy us from the inside out. The weird thing is, I don't believe he has every truly hid his agenda from us if only we would have open eyes to see. Too many clues, even when running the first time, gave him away. They hear only his lies and are blind to his acts. Oh God help us!

I believe if we do not repent as a Nation, we will surely see our destruction. And, my Friend, we know the Word of God says judgment will first begin in the House of God - so we Churches better wake up and get on our knees to cry out before the Lord for mercy.

Our Church is in a period of praying for the Nation, but sadly only few come out to actually pray as a corporate group. This is so telling of our hearts, our priorities and our unconcern for our Nation.

Sorry about going on, but I know you see things clearly too. And you have more courage and boldness to speak out than anyone I know right now.

Much love and blessings to you,

Bill P said...

Bill P said...
Let me tell you how I am going to vote -- it is the same answer I give to anyone who asks. "I am going to vote the same way you will vote.... by secret ballot.

PS: Theologically speaking, election day for believers was before the foundation of the world. Nothing rapturously Mayan about it at all.