Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kopp Disclosure Counting Down to Christmas

That's right!

Only 30 days until I can provide
some bonuses for...

Solomon tipped me off: "Do not
withhold good when it is in your

Hence, the sale.

Read the reasons (below).

These are resources that I can
liquidate to

But I need your help!

I really don't want some folks to
suffer because of the sins of...

So buy what you don't need or
want, give 'em away to those who
may need or want, and help fill
someone else's stockings...


I, uh, forgot some important information.

Methods of Ordering:

1. Call Karen at 815-544-6402;

2. e-mail or hit "reply"
    and I will forward order to Karen;

3. Provide preferred mailing address; and

4. Mail orders and send $:

    First Presbyterian Church
    221 N. Main Street
    Belvidere, Illinois 61008
    Att: Karen

Karen will dividing receipts as noted in #3 below; uh, noting,
staff bonuses will be in equal amounts to five staff members
excluding pastor and one other staff member by choice.

Really, get into this.  Bikers, good stocking stuffer! 
Golfers, good stocking stuffer!  15 Secrets is really
cool for discussion groups and to annoy posers!
Really cheap way of...

BTW, it would be nice to receive orders a few
weeks before 12/24; as our staff has always
counted on these bonuses to...

Blessings and Love!

P.S. I'm so desperate to help 'em and the poor
that I'll just about take whatever you wanna...

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