Thursday, January 24, 2013

Betraying a Sign of Salvation

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


"Put the word into action...

If you think hearing is what matters most,
you are going to find you have been

Do what it says...

Show me your faith..."



    I met her/him in the grocery store.

    It had been a long time.

    Small talk.

    Then she/he asked, "Do you want to know why we...?"

    I did not indulge that curiosity; inquiring instead, "Do you recite the Lord's Prayer very often?"

    With a smile unable to conceal her/his incredulity, she/he snapped, "Of course, why, of course, yes, all the time; but why do you ask something so silly?"

    To betray belief, spice was added, "I was wondering how we can relate to the part about forgiving and being forgiven."

    She/he frowned; then walked away.

    I wondered how long before...

    How long before it's too long?

    God knows; and provided hints...


"Idle talk is wasted time...

There is plenty of chattering going on today,
but what we need is action...

God prefers the application of faith instead of pointless conversation."



Jim said...

"Oh, sure, I know the Lord's Prayer so well I could recite it in my sleep" leaving such thorny things as "forgiven others" out of consciousness.

"Well, alright, I'll forgive you, but I won't forget..." Unforgotten=unforgiven. When God puts our sins as far away as the east is from the west, the Psalmist is telling us that the Father has forgotten them entirely. Of course, it took a cross, and the death of the Son, to accomplish the relocation/eradication.

Ella Jane said...

Right on!