Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stepping Back...for a Spell

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


"What you put into your mouth cannot make you clean or unclean;
it is what comes out of your mouth that can make you unclean."



    He criticized him for using a teleprompter when speaking: "When you're speaking from the heart, you don't need notes."


    Nouwen: "I took a sabbatical to the Trappist monastery...No teaching, lecturing, our counseling - just solitude and prayer...The second day there,...students walked in and asked, 'Henri, can you give us a retreat?'"

    Nouwen to Abbot: "I get away from that type of thing...I don't want to do it."

    Abbot: "You're going to do it."

    Nouwen: "Why should I spend my sabbatical time preparing...?"

    Abbot: "Prepare?  You've been a Christian for 40 years...Why do you have to prepare?"

    Nouwen to Nouwen/Us: "The question, you see, is not to prepare but to live in a state of ongoing preparedness so that, when someone who is drowning in the world comes into your world, you are ready to reach out and help."


    Pastor to wife: "No, I don't want to eat there!  Too many church members eat there!  I'll end up...doing ministry...if we eat there!  Can't I just eat somewhere without being bothered?"

    Former church employee: "Why should I go to church there after so many years of working there?"

    Angry Man: "If they want me to come back to church, they're going to have to chase after me!"

    Angry Woman: "I need to step back from the church for a while because..."

    Miscellaneous: "I won't sing in the choir if she's gonna...When they're gone, I'll be back...I just need some time away...We did everything and now it's time for them to...My feelings are hurt...I don't like...I taught Sunday School for so many years and I'm just tired of it and can't listen to somebody else teach...I can get just as close to God on the...I didn't think it was fair that...Maybe they'll appreciate me if they don't see me around...The church needs me more than I need..."

    Ego distracts from...


    Doctors say self-medication rarely works for very long.

    Being filled with Jesus heals self; then helps others.

    Departing from Him and His - stepping back or away...for a spell - opens self to being filled with...

    Being filled with Jesus doesn't leave any room for falling under someone else's...

    Departing from Him and His - stepping back or away...for a spell - opens self to being filled with...

    Being filled with Jesus prepares us for anything at anytime with anyone.

    Doctors say self-medication rarely works for very long.

    The lives of the quoted in the previous section illustrate different filling...


"What's deep in the well comes up in the bucket."




Blessings and Love!


Dan G said...

Stepping back from church usually means stepping outside the umbrella of God's grace.

I can see leaving a church that has gone wrong, become apostate, is led by an unrepentant sinner, is inhabited by a spirit of Jezebel ...

But there is no way I can leave the fellowship of the saints, the participation in the Lord's Day, or the Eucharist ... His word spells that out, my spirit testifies to it.

I confess I got tired of being asked to do the "handyman" stuff all the time. I yearned to sit on the "bigger" committees where I was also gifted. But then I realized very few could organize a congregation to happily paint the 40' ceilings and enjoy it so much they came back to happily paint the 40' walls.

To whom much is given ...

Be blessed Dr. Bob,

Dan G

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Thank you, brother, I am praising the Lord for the many folks who will read your comments via,, and maybe even!

Ella Jane said...

I believe Jesus said something like, "If you put your hand to the plow and look back, you're not worthy of His Kingdom." This certainly isn't the time to "step back" but to "step up" and shine. No wonder Jesus said when He comes will He find faith on the earth.
But...there are some!!!! who won't look back, step back, step aside, hold back...

Bless you greatly

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Amen, sister!