Thursday, June 27, 2013

July 4

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    Many Americans have always wanted a king.

    Admit it.

    Even today, many Americans worship British royalty and...

    Makes Him wanna puke.

    The Biblically literate and spiritually sensitive know all about that.

    He's never been big on idolatries.

    Fortunately, President Washington resisted the tempting offer.

    I'm not so sure about...


    It's nothing new.

    Goes way back.

    Many people have this hallucination that kings really care about their subjects.

    "Nanny State" sounds good to 'em.

    "Give me a six-pack and Sunday Night Football and you can have my liberties!"

    They forget God's warnings about kings.

    People to Samuel: "Give us a king like other nations!"

    Samuel to people: "This request bothers me.  You are to have but one Sovereign."

    God to Samuel: "They are not rejecting you.  They are rejecting Me.  Warn them about what will happen if they get a king."

    Samuel to people: "If a king rules over you, things will be different from now on...Your labors will be for the king...You will fight wars for the king...The king will take your land...The king will rule over your children and you will essentially become his slaves...You will have no privacy and no private property...The king will live better than you at your expense...You will not be able to protect yourselves...One day you will cry for mercy from God to save you from the king that you have chosen for yourselves; but be assured, God will not hear you on that day...You will get what you wanted...a king to rule over you."

    People to Samuel: "Give us a king like other nations!"

    God to Samuel: "Give them a king."

    If you don't know the rest of the story, start in 1 Samuel.

    It's nothing new.

    Many people want a king.

    They forget Pharaoh, Saul, and their successors like...

    Fortunately, President Washington resisted the tempting offer.

    I'm not so sure about...




    Maybe we already have a...

    I don't know.

    I hope not.

    I pray the increasing numbers of dissidents and prophets and whistleblowers and...are all wrong.

    The Cowardly Lion: "I do! I do! I do! I do!"


    Why is Edward Snowden sooooooo dangerous?

    What does he know that they don't want us to know?

    Why does our government on both sides of the aisle treat me like a baby who isn't mature enough to know what's behind their XXX adult decisions for/against me?

    Why do I feel like a big fix is in?

    Why does this make me think of Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, and the Pentagon Papers?

    Why is Woodward without Bernstein getting upset?

    Why are those closest to...sooooooo concerned and upset about Edward Snowden and threatening Russia, Iceland, Ecuador, and...?

    Why do I think no sane insurance company would offer any policy to him right now?

    Why is you know who talking about global warming when...?

    Why don't I trust anyone in D.C. anymore?

    Why do I think we no longer have a two party system in...?

    Why do I think Will and Ariel Durant's conclusions about a civilization's life-span has just...?

    Why don't more Americans seem to care about all of the snooping and sniffing and...?


    I guess more than less really want a...


    I think I'm gonna pray more than party on July 4.



Blessings and Love!


Rev J said...

I'm going to do both: pray and picnic!

Now, my good friend, you might remember my wife is part English -- the grand-daughter of Brigadier General James Charles McKenna, commander of the Punjab.

When Elaine's mother reluctantly became a US citizen she stood and in the back of the room, did not raise her hand, and refused to forswear her Queen.

She's the one who went back to London in '44 to be with her people.

She's also the one who worked with British Intelligence and told us decades ago that the real reason the king abdicated wasn't because of love but because he was a Nazi sympathizer and Mrs. Simpson was a Nazi spy.

I'm not so worried about constitutional monarchies as I am by the lack of a consitution.

Quaff one or two for me!

Jim said...

There are all kinds of rulers folks are all too happy to submit to. The Oprahs. The Dr. Phils. And then there's Elvis! You name it/him/her, and people will bow to it/him/her.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Rev J,

No wonder I like you!

You calm my spirit in a spirited kinda way!

Happy 4th!

Whether it's the last or...

Blessings & Love!

Rev J said...

Same here brother.

Ella Jane said...


We have a King, but unfortunately many have rejected His Lordship. May God save us and America.