Sunday, April 27, 2014

Enabling Prayer

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


"You tolerate Jezebel."



    Lord, I know my failures of commission and omission.

    I know I have thought, said, and done much too often the dishonorable and disrespectful blurtings and behaviors that have insulted Your holiness and injured Your people.

    I know I have not done much too often the thoughts, words, and actions that honor You and esteem all of Your children who are my sisters and brothers by adoption through faith in Jesus.

    I know I have tolerated and enabled dishonorable and disrespectful commissions and omissions; offering accommodation and showing indifference betraying insincerity.

    Called to be salt and light, I have tolerated Jezebel; professing Christianity while practicing a Thyatiran spirit.

    I am sorry.

    I receive Your forgiveness as I ask Your help to be more faithful in gratitude for all You have done for me here and now and forever through Jesus in whose name I pray.




Blessings and Love!


Bob K said...

Pastor Bob:
Jezebel...of Thyatira---talk about a blast from the past. (By the way, I live on Lindisfarne Drive of all places!) I don't quite get where you are going with this: The greatest teachers in scripture I had and have are women and although I don't eat the burnt offerings of the unbelieving I have never condemned the beliefs of those that do not know Jesus (as I hope I do). Please shed a bit more light on your prayer for me.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Basically, brother, the Thyatiran Christians were tolerating and enabling beliefs/behaviors in themselves, in the church, and in the culture that offended the holiness of God and, thereby, hurt God's children. Frankly, as an undershepherd, I have too often been so selfish in watching my own back and pension credits and avoiding even more vocatiional hazard hassles, that I have tolerated and enabled the bad behaviors of members, staff, and presbyters as long as I wasn't getting tainted/challenged/burned. I am really sorry about that. So when I preached on the Thyatiran letter on Sunday - go to if you'd like to listen, I felt, uh, kinda guilty about the past tolerances and enablings because, uh, I am. Confession and repentance are becoming more and more and more...a part of my personal redemptive process and salting/shining for others. Or something like that! Thanks for asking, brother!