Thursday, May 1, 2014

Love Bomb Facebook!

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    I don't do Facebook.

    Really, nothing that personal.

    It's not any feeling of being above or beneath or even apart from it.

    I've just got lots of buddies who friend more than unfriend and spend sooooooo much time on it that they don't even have time to look up from their cellulars/PDAs/egopads/dumbphones to see who's sitting across from 'em at Burger King; and I've got enough to do already and don't have time or inclination to read about Auntie Em goin' potty or the latest rages/rants/reviews of Noah or if Miley Cyrus and that Bieber bimbo are good role models - Duuuuuuuh! -  or other exchanges that seem irrelevant to the rise and fall of the Kingdom.

    Of course, some people are mad at me because I don't do Facebook or the myriad of other mass social networking captivities; which, of course, doesn't prompt me to do it because it's a vocational hazard for people to transfer their angers and pathologies to...

    I've even written on a Facebook page for this site that I don't do Facebook.

    Please, don't get me wrong.

    Like what God says through His book about money, Facebook is good or bad or ugly or innocuous depending upon who's doing it.

    I just prefer not to do it; and if you ask more people than I'd care to consider, I seem to send enough e-mails to...

    Buuuuuuut I have spent a lot of time with the victims of some nasty exchanges on Facebook; and maybe I just don't wanna be tempted to...

    Sooooooo while I'm still not gonna do it, I'm praising God for friends who do it in a Christian kinda way.

    Christina Markese, the Supervisor of Patient Logistics for Rockford, Illinois' OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center, has written about "The Life of the Love Bomb" that she and sister Valerie Buckle have started to encourage people who do Facebook to do good.


    The next section of this KD was written by Chrissie to encourage the movement!


The Life of the “Love Bomb”
Christina L. Markese

So often text messaging and social media such as Facebook and Twitter either misconstrue thoughts or ideas into something other than the sender’s intent, or are used to “air dirty laundry”. Arguments and hatred are often started with in a social media venue. Nothing but hurt feelings, sadness, embarrassment, and confusion comes from this impersonal and cowardly way of communication. My sister Valerie Buckle and I however decided to use these venues to do the complete opposite!

At a jewelry party, the hostess asked our guests to introduce themselves and tell the group of women what they love the most about me and Valerie. The next day Valerie posted on my Facebook page that she wanted a “redo” on what she loved most about me. She posted such kind words and thoughts about me, with in her post she made the comment “When she loves a person she loves whole heartedly and gives her all to her friends, family, coworkers often without reciprocation, but just keeps giving of herself”… This made me wanted to give even more, because of the “without reciprocation” part. Perhaps my friends and family often give of themselves without that reciprocation as well. EVERYONE deserves to be loved. EVERYONE deserves to know what is wonderful about them. The world needs to know how wonderful people really are… and the Mission to “Love Bomb” Facebook, and the world began! Within my love post to our other sister Charlene, Valerie and I decided that we are going to try to post what we love most about our friends and families on their pages, and we decided to call it a “Love Bomb”. We decided we are going to try to do this every day!

Our “Love Bombing” caught on. Our friends took our idea and began “Love Bombing” their friends, and their friends began “Love Bombing” their friends. No more hatred, No more arguing, No more Airing Dirty Laundry with in a social media. It’s just not necessary when you have good things to say about each other. It’s just not necessary at all. A “shared” comment made from one of my “Love Bombs,” “Imagine if you woke up feeling down or just tired from life… and saw something like this. It was wonderful to wake up today to read this.” The same friend Laurie Grimes made “Love Bomb” rules, which she couldn’t have described the thought of the “Love Bomb” better. 

“Love Bomb” Rules and Regulations:
1.)   No particular order… Just spreading love as it comes…

2.)   Nothing Negative… We get enough of that from life…

3.)   Only reply if you wish and are comfortable doing so. No obligation or expectations, we don’t do this to receive anything but a place to put in our hearts. It is great to hear people’s true feelings like this. Many times it comes to us when we are not expecting this! Many times it comes to us when we weren’t expecting it and when we need it the most… Often I feel God chooses who needs the Love Bomb that particular day…

4.)   NO alterior motives. NO hidden agenda, NOT making up for anything… Unless you count lost time!

5.)   Please accept the praise and love as it is a gift and you are most certainly deserved if someone is taking the time and effort to write in your honor.

6.)   Last but not least… Please be patient I am getting to you. I have many people to send love to. I will not run out. Either I am thinking about the perfect words or I haven’t the proper amount of time to do a top notch post. Understand… I want to get it right. The post is something I want to come from an organic place. I want to come from an organic place. I just want to give a glimpse of what you look like from my perspective, and you look BEAUITFUL!

Now that you are aware of what a “Love Bomb” is please share YOUR love with your friends and family. You will not believe what a difference you will make in their lives… Everyone has something they are holding on to, everyone needs to be loved… Share yours! “Love Bomb” the world! I will end on another quote from a friend after reading her “Love Bomb” from me, “If anything goes viral I hope it’s this!” 


    I was meeting with a pastor who's catching everything but heaven from some church members.

    I thought of Mark Twain: "Often it does seem a pity that Noah didn't miss the boat...The church is always trying to get other people to reform; it might not be a bad idea to reform itself a little by way of example...A man is accepted into a church for what he believes and he is turned out for what he knows."

    Anyway, I shared this inspiration/indigestion with him: "If they killed Jesus, what hope is there for you and me?"

    I don't know if that helped; but I think Chrissie and Valerie are on to something/Someone.


Blessings and Love!

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Walton said...

I don`t do Facebook either Pastor.
I`m just into that.
Here`s my thought,
If you go into a store or to eat.
You should not take your cell phone. It seems some people walk around talking on there cell phones in stores that to me is not polite.
Face book has to many busy body`s on it. Some people get hurt by being on it.
My thought for the day. Amen
God Bless