Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Sister's Facebook

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    A new member of the church asked, "What should I call you?"

    I replied, "I've been called many things."


    Vocational/discipleship hazard.

    Read Matthew 10:22 for the bad then good about it.


    Then there's my sister's recent post on Facebook.

    She congratulated our parents on their 60th wedding anniversary (May 5).


    I'm 62.

    Not cool.

    So I called my dad: "Is there something that you forgot to tell me?  Sue just posted on Facebook that it's your 60th wedding anniversary."

    Despite being an upper octogenarian, my dad's noodle is as sharp as his handicap index at Irem Temple Country Club in Dallas, Pennsylvania: "Ha!  Well, well, well, I guess some folks are right about you being a bastard!"

    Yeah, real funny.

    Later in the day, my dad left a short/sharp message for my sister: "Your brother is not a bastard."


    I'm relieved.


    There are no bastard children in God's family.

    He loves everyone no more nor no less than anyone.

    He came and sacrificed Himself and rose and reigns for everyone no more nor no less than anyone.

    He loves the world.

    That includes you, me, and, uh, them.

    While that comes as a shock to religionists/denominationalists/parochialists and other segregationists who try to fence His table of Holy Communion and prance around like nobody knows Him like they know Him, it's/He's true.

    We're relieved.



Blessings and Love!

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