Friday, May 30, 2014


Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


    With so many selfies, do You feel squeezed out of our networking equations?

    Father/Son/Spirit seem replaced/usurped by me/myself/I.

    It's hard to see You, sooooooo hard to see You, when focus and filter shift from Jesus by the book to what I/we/they think, how I/we/they feel, and truth devolves to ego-extension.

    Its wreckage is everywhere.

    Shared sin surfaced while sensing pain-inundated hearts and seeing it well in the eyes of the more humble to You as attacked as You were in Jesus by Bible-quoting-text-twisting-self-righteous adversary accomplices mastering the trick of accusing others of malevolences best betrayed in their sheep's clothing unable to perfume the stench of soiled underwearing wolves.

    Sensing and seeing, the trickles of empathy flooded into sympathy.

    While sounding David's most soothing songs, Spirit lifted sight to tunneled trees as willing leaves waltzed at Your Wind's invitation.

    Decision was compelled.

    Selfies...or dancing with the willing by Your lead.

    Lord, am I making too much out of this?

    Aren't selfies symptomatic of something/someone far more...?

   Narcissus...the child of...

   Thank You for dancing with anyone who drops the hands of Bible-quoting-text-twisting-self-righteous adversary accomplices to grasp Yours for leading.


Blessings and Love!

1 comment:

Tim P said...

Hey Pastor, sounds like you had a beautiful ride home from home.

Loved the KD what comes to mind for me is how I need to stay connected with HIM because he helps me identify the enemy. If I don't know the attacks of the enemy I am going to struggle been down the self absorbed about me and surrendered always a new attack to watch for.

Love ya Pastor, ride like the wind.