Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Family Reality

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    Jeff Foxworthy observed, "Your family is a pack of idiots whom you have to love.  We exist on earth to love each other, and our family is the test."

    I'm not sure but I think he's talking about America, her churches, and every family but the one in Nazareth about 2K years ago.

    It's in our DNA.

    Long before/since praying/trying to be Christians, we were/remain the Adamsons.


    My wife and I were talking about dysfunctional families not too long ago - sparked, as I recall, by dysfunction in ours.

    "While I may be wrong," I started...[an important admission in most especially marital conversations]..., I think most families go through three stages in terms of family reality: naive, cynical, and mature."

    Naive: "My family is pure and perfect in every way."

    Cynical: "My family is the most messed up family in the universe."

    Mature: "All families are messed up."

    My wife nodded in agreement.

    Call Ripley.


    Families need Jesus.

    Only Jesus can save 'em; providing a pattern for healing and redemptive behaviors in time while assuring an eternity devoid of earthly disappointments which is why it's called paradise.

    Only through Jesus can dysfunctional families overcome their irregularities, irascibilities, and irreconcilable DNA.

    Come to think of it, Jeff Foxworthy's right.

    I guess there's hope for America, her churches, and our families.


Blessings and Love!


Ella Jane said...

As long as we trust in Jesus, there will be hope!

Robert said...

Roberts & Wright Before You Say, "I DO" marriage preparation manual puts it this way:
Three Stages of Marriage
1. Enchantment: on cloud 9, perfect, forever, captivated, ecstasy, we've arrived
2. Disenchantment: upset, terrible, hurt, wretched, bitter, uncomfortable, trapped, we'll never make it
3. Maturity: feet on the ground, how do you see it?, encourage, growing, let's work it out, together, we can make it