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Remnant Network 2

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



"God has preserved a remnant, elected by grace."




"Do not allow this world to mold you in its own image.
Instead, be transformed from the inside out by
renewing your mind.  As a result, you will be
able to discern what God wills and whatever
God finds good, pleasing, and complete."



    These are perilous times.

    Only someone overdosing on St. John's Wort or buying those Marie Osmond ads wouldn't admit that.

    It's also one of the best times in history to point people to Jesus for the assurance of eternal life that enables overcoming the existential meanness, madness, and misery.

    This is a time for remnant; looking up, standing up, speaking up, and acting up for Jesus by the book.


    Of course, there are those fainthearted centrists - neither cold nor hot but nauseatingly tepid - who have not prepared their families of faith aka churches for these times; being hit by the traffic speeding in opposite directions.

    You know the kind.

    All things to all people; and their smorgasbord theology/spirituality works until decision for Jesus by the book is required as in, "You are either for Me or against Me."

    A story comes to mind.

    Pastor and his son are shopping.

    Pro-choice parishioner corners pastor near the gluten-free aisle; and after making her case, he says, "You're right!"

    Pastor and his son continue shopping.

    Pro-life parishioner corners pastor near the seafood freezer; and after making her case, he says, "You're right!"

    Pastor and his son finish shopping; and just before the pastor starts the car, his son who heard both conversations says, "Dad, they can't both be right."

    Pastor replies to his son, "You're right!"

    Sooner or later and usually sooner than later and definitely in the end, fainthearts are exposed as agreeing with the last person talked to.

    Fainthearts are like sentences ending in prepositions.

    Not quite right.

    It's impossible to agree with everyone and Jesus at the same time because there are people who don't love Jesus and conspire against Him and His; and when agreeing with everyone at the expense of honoring Jesus by the book, fainthearts encourage/enable/lead people to become "twice as fit for hell as they are themselves."


    Make no mistake about it.

    Either we're fainthearted and following people wherever they wanna go like "errand boys for their wandering desires" (Dylan) or bravehearted and undershepherding people to the only way, the only truth, and the only life: Jesus by the book.

    A former executive presbyter aka bishop aka district superintendent aka whatever said this to me when I was famously pastor of a fabulously well-to-do church in the South: "Most people will follow their pastor no matter which way they are headed - left, right, up, down...So be very clear about who you are and where you're coming from and who you're serving."

    It was a nice way of saying shepherds don't follow sheep.

    Sheep follow shepherds for better or worse and...

    I mention this because most churches will follow their undershepherds aka pastors whether they remain faithfully or exit faithfully.

    And the choices/options in most mainline franchises aka denominations seem to be limited to three: (1) go with the flow; (2) get out of the river; or (3) move against the current.

    Let me put it another way.

    For women and men who love Jesus by the book who are in franchises irretrievably apostate under current management, there are only two choices; because faithful women and men cannot stay and encourage/enable apostasy.  Either they exit faithfully or remain faithfully.

    I'm convinced the remnant will network with everyone who exits faithfully or remains faithfully.

    I'm also convinced the remnant will no longer respect denominational distinctives; as the times are too perilous for anything but honoring Jesus by the book with anyone who honors Jesus by the book regardless of franchise.

    The remnant does not include the apostates who have disqualified themselves by their, uh, apostasies; insulting the holiness of Jesus and injuring people by distracting people from Jesus by the book.

    The remnant includes those who remain faithfully, exit faithfully, and recognize the Church consists of anyone from anywhere regardless of franchise who loves Jesus by the book.

    The remnant network will, uh, network with all of 'em; but, again, not encourage, enable, or cooperate with anyone from anywhere regardless of franchise who does not love Jesus by the book.


    Recently, my particular judicatory of my particular franchise held a special meeting because our franchise just went shamelessly worldly in approving stuff alien to 2K years of Biblical, confessional, constitutional, traditional, historical, and common sense Christianity.

    Specifically, we wanted to hear from the commissioners/delegates who went to the biennial national meeting and encouraged/enabled the abominations.

    It was a defining moment for our particular judicatory.

    More than ever before, anybody still loving Jesus by the book who had any doubts about the increasing apostasies in the franchise were convinced the time has come to look up, stand up, speak up, and act up for Jesus.

    Specifically, it became clear that now is the time to network with others who still love Jesus by the book and encourage/enable life and ministry that honors Jesus by the book.

    Fortunately, that meeting was recorded and it provides an unmistakable capsule for anyone who needs clarity about the division in one particular mainline franchise mirrored in most others.

    If you've been living in the ozone layer of reality and still need clarity for motivation to declare remnant, just call Bill, station manager of, at 815-544-6402 and he will make it available to you.

    Also, you may want to start tuning in to because many voices of the remnant can be heard daily; and you may want to listen next Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. for a special re-broadcast related to remnant.  If you can't wait, just go to the archives of for the 7/29 broadcast of Kopp Disclosure.


    I'm heading off on Return2 for a ride to the Beartooth Highway in a few days.

    I've got some things to pray about - like what's next for the remnant network.

    For now, let me provide a few urgings and updates:

    1. Declare!  It honors our Lord, encourages family of faith members, and sends a clear signal to the apostates that we're gonna salt and shine in our particular settings, as the network develops, and won't encourage/enable, pay for, or participate in "their" apostasies anymore.

    2. We are keeping an e-mail list of pastors and churches and anyone who has declared to be a part of the remnant; however, we are not making it available to anyone for obvious reasons related to reprisals.  While the remnant's life and ministry will operate in the spirit of John 3:19-21, a list isn't necessary anyway.  We're just gonna do it!  We will stay in touch and begin coordinating ministries.

    3. Yes, there will be many bumps in fleshing it out; yet remnant is less concerned with the jots and tittles of anal administration and more concerned in saving souls and Matthew 25 ministries.  In other words, it's a WIP and not neatly tied together yet...if ever.

    4. Particular networks within the network will emerge as called, guided, and gifted by our Lord.

    5. Stewardship - managing the tithes and offerings and charismata of the faithful - will be taken more seriously than ever before.  The beast will no longer be fed!  Only personnel, programs, missions, and so on that pray and labor to honor Jesus by the book will receive the support of the remnant.

    6. Yes, there will be persecution.  Hello!  If you're a part of the remnant, you already know that; but if you need a refresher, just read the red letters and the second book written by Luke.

    7. Warning!  There are already plans developing in the PCUSA and other equally increasingly apostate franchises to force member pastors/churches to cooperate more than condone with such abominable practices as presiding at same sex nuptials.  We can provide some links on that from a bravehearted lawyer. 

    8. Don't let anyone suggest the remnant is all about resisting same sex nuptials.  That is only a symptom of the disease.  The disease is a shameless rejection of Jesus by the book in favor of pseudo-spirituality and theology guided by loins, ideology, and prooftexting.  Again, for a glaring example of that, call Bill.

    9. Confirmation!  I've been contacted from someone who has said a gathering of 30 saints from various franchises, non-denominationals, and independents is already praying for the remnant because it will be targeted and persecuted.  Hello!  See #6 and check out Voices of the Martyrs for what's happening around the world to the remnant.

    O.K. that's sketchy!

    Well, we've just started; and for those who want everything spelled out, I'm sorry. 

    I really don't think it will ever be spelled out completely.

    I'm feeling rather, uh, Pentecostal in an Acts 2 rather than sociological kinda way; as in, "I feel like I'm just hanging on to the coattails of the Holy Spirit for a..."

    Annnnnnnd for those who wanna nitpick and have all of the details worked out before declaring as if it isn't enough to say you're for Jesus by the book as if the book is really that complicated apart from our rationalizations, I recall Moody saying to one of his critics, "I prefer the way I do it to the way you don't do it!"

    That brings me to a final point before mounting Return2.

    The days of fainthearted pastors/churches/franchises are over.

    Yeah, you can be cold in a Revelation 3:14 kinda way or hot in a Revelation 3:14 kinda way; but if you're tepid/fainthearted in a Revelation 3:14 kinda way, you're gonna get spit out and gonna sit out the glory and graces of being called to and declaring remnant.


    I may be wrong; but I think those who are reticent about declaring because they want something from Mapquest are just exposing their faintheartedness.


    From what I can see in Holy Scripture and holy History, God has blessed the ride as much as the ultimate destination.


"I will not keep silent...I will not be quiet...until
righteousness goes forth as brightness...and
salvation as a burning torch."




Blessings and Love!

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