Sunday, August 10, 2014

Remnant Network - 3

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


    Sitting across the street from where Wild Bill was supposedly gunned down in Deadwood, SD with brothers on a bench and eating ice cream while watching ponies parade, I noticed a guy just standing on the street for all to see while holding a really, really, really big wooden cross.

    Actually, he was standing right in front of me and obstructing my view.

    Though I was really, really, really into the parade, I was kinda distracted by the drama unfolding in front of me.

    As one woman about my age who was dressed so inappropriately for our age if you know what I mean, which may be why I don't like to go to the beach anymore, held tightly to a guy about half of our age, she snarked, "What's he doing?  Trying to save us?"


    Then there was this fellah with too much bad ink who had ingested too much of something if you know what I mean, which may be why I like ice cream so much, stopped, looked up, threw up his arms in what seemed to be a gesture of resignation, and then walked on.


    A younger woman about a third of my age who was dressed so inappropriately in another kinda way if you know what I mean, which prompted repetitive praying of Matthew 6:13, stood hawking her, uh, wares right next to the guy holding the really, really, really big wooden cross.

    It was a metaphor of remnant for me.



    In the midst of the apostasies, accommodations, emotional/intellectual/spiritual/physical adulteries, the remnant calls people back from damning themselves.


    I ended up talking with the guy for about an hour; encouraging his witness.

    We talked of how the cross is the most powerful symbol in history - His story.

    We noted how everyone saw it and...

    Well, that's up to Him.

    Remember, we are sowers not the Harvester.

    Sowers don't just toss around the Gospel in monasteries and safe havens and comfort zones and among the like-minded and...







    I rejoiced with him over the smiles and short as well as longer conversations that encouraged him from parts of the remnant in Deadwood that night.

    I thanked him for being good leaven that mixes in to make it better.

    I reminded him of the many people in and watching the parade who were with him/Him.



    Lloyd came to mind.

    Whenever we'd get together, usually every January for a week over about a decade or so as part of a covenant group of mainlining franchise pastors who still love Jesus by the book, he'd ask, "Bob, do you love Jesus more today than the last time I saw you?"

    It's supposed to happen.



    Something else came to mind that I'm still praying about; and maybe you can help me to grasp the inspiration/indigestion.

    I heard the interrogative later that night in Deadwood as I prayed: "Is there room in the Kingdom for people who disagree with you?"

    For now, here's how I'm answering that.


    As long as we agree on Jesus by the book more than ideologies and idiosyncrasies heralded in books about the book about Jesus that usually rationalize infidelities or feelings of spiritual superiority...


    Let me put it another way.

    Remnant does not complicate faith.

    Remnant just witnesses to it/Him by the book.

    Read Matthew 7:28-29.

    Contradicting so many of today's seminaries, clergy, and churches, Jesus was clear and concise and rarely confusing.

    Remnant prays and labors to follow Him not them.


    Remnant is about loyalty not idolatry.


Blessings and Love!


Ella Jane said...


So eloquently said! So real! So relevant! Sooooooo Remnant!

DG said...

"Is there room in the Kingdom for people who disagree with you?"

Answer: Its His Kingdom and His decision who will enter in ...