Saturday, August 23, 2014

Remnant Network - 7

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    Fainthearted pewsitters/pulpiteers are rolling the dice.

    Can they undershepherd the precious children of Jesus, protecting them from the wolves at the door, by sitting on the fence and hoping time will take care of...?

    Or will they be run over by the traffic speeding in opposite directions?

    Not to further salt 'em, and I know this isn't as important as perks and pleasures and vocational securities and other niceties hedged so temporarily, but, uh, what would Jesus say/do?

    Ah, let's sprinkle some more.

    How fainthearts respond to this moment in Hisstory will go a long way in proving what they think really happens after the last breath: "What does it profit a person to...?"

    Sooooooo, roll the dice.

    Heaven or hell, you've been doing it forever.







    Rolling the dice.

    My favorite pret' near last really faithful seminary P observed, "Students get riled up about something every spring; but then they go off for the summer or go off to churches and we're back to normal in the fall."

    My favorite dad said last week after looking at what's becoming of America, "People think time heals everything.  Not true.  Those who do nothing enable evil that never heals."

    Rolling the dice.


    I think, and what I think may be wrong and always begs calls to confession and repentance, it's enough for faithful pewsitters/pulpiteers to simply say, "We declare that we're part of the faithful remnant praying and trying to honor Jesus by the book."

    While I think that's enough and while I think anyone who can't say that is flirting with apostasy or enabling apostasy, some folks like to flesh it out a bit more as if God in Jesus as affirmed/articulated in over 2K years of Biblical, confessional, traditional, historical, constitutional, and common sense Christianity ain't enough.

    So here are two examples (sic) of folks who have declared.


Remnant in the PCUSA Proclamation

WHEREAS, since the abomination of action taken by the General Assembly in Detroit, Michigan, many faithful women and men remain faithful and are resisting the temptations to hide, run away, or quit, and

WHEREAS, those of us who are praying and laboring to remain faithful share spiritual sympathies with those who are exiting, with cognizance that “they’re” coming after us next, and

WHEREAS, we may be forced out in a Kenyonesque kind of way, making how to remain faithful presents us with a challenge and opportunity, and

WHEREAS, through the centuries, God has always saved a faithful remnant in a sick and sin-filled world.

NOW THEREFORE, (insert name and location of church) does hereby proclaim to be:

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we the undersigned Elders of ________________________________ have hereunto set our hands and caused our signatures to be affixed this ____ Day of _____________, in the year of our Lord __________.

[Submitted for Session to Adopt & Sign in ________________ ]

Attest: ___________________________


The “Faithful”* in the PCUSA Proclamation

WHEREAS, the actions taken by the 220th & 221st General Assemblies, are in conflict with the Word of God, many congregations are trying to remain faithful to PC(USA) fellowship for now and are resisting temptation to hide, run away, or quit, and

WHEREAS, (insert church name) members are remaining faithful to Jesus as supported by the Word of God, the Confessions of our denomination, and over two thousand years of historical and common sense Christianity; and

WHEREAS, (insert name of church) affirms its intent for now to remain in the PC(USA) to support other churches that stand on the Bible, submitting Per Capita paid by individual members; and

WHEREAS, while remaining faithful to God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and His Word, we will be outspoken as a prophetic voice of rebuke in PCUSA; and 

WHEREAS, (insert name of church) stands on the authority of God’s Word (Bible) for directing Christian life, both individually and as a church; and

WHEREAS, we acknowledge John 14:6 where Jesus says, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me;” and

WHEREAS, through the centuries, God has always saved a Faithful few (remnant-Romans 11:5 … chosen by grace) in a sick and sin-filled world.

NOW THEREFORE, the congregation of (insert name and location of church) does hereby proclaim to be:


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we the undersigned Elders of (insert name and location of church) have hereunto set our hands and caused our signatures to be affixed this ____th Day of ______________, in the year of our Lord (insert year). (* = Faithful Remnant)

[Submitted for Session to Adopt &Sign in ______________ ]

Attest: ___________________________         Attest: ___________________________

                         Clerk of Session                                                    Moderator

    I'm sure other faithful folks will add, subtract, amend, and so on.

    Yet, again, it will all be adding and subtracting to the main purpose of declaring: praying and trying to be for Jesus by the book.



    You've got three options in my opinion; and my opinion may be wrong and I encourage your corrections and calls to confession and repentance.

    1. You can get out of the river and exit faithfully.

    2. You can go with the flow and join the elated majority in your franchise and embrace the apostasies because you care more about your perks, pleasures, vocational securities, and niceties more than you care about your existential to eternal relationship with Jesus.

    3. You can swim against the popularly unfaithful current and declare you are part of the faithful remnant.

    I know this scares everything but the devil outta ya; but ya better say/do somethin' before...



Blessings and Love!


Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit like the days when we had a Confessing Church movement in the PCUSA where congregations' REs and TEs were to sign an agreement and band together for support, encouragement, and action. I still wonder what the real story is behind that movement falling apart.

I will pray for you all who seek to be faithful within a denomination that I think is best described to be like one of the churches in Revelation where Jesus is removing His lampstand.

Walton said...

I Believe in the Family Of Faith.
I will be here forever> Great Church With the Best Pastor ever. Who Peaches the truth About the Bible. God Bless the Family of Faith

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...


You are faithful, mon ami, and very, very, very kind.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...


Agreed, my brother.

Here is my sense of what happened to the CCM.