Friday, September 12, 2014

Remnant Network - 14

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    Did you hear about the church in Texas that paid millions to get out of the PCUSA?

    Talk about blood money!

    They must've really wanted out.

    They must've wanted to get out sooooooo badly that they're willing to pay the salaries of people who will make people twice as fit for hell as they are themselves for years and years and years and...

    I wonder how they rationalize that.

    I preached there once.

    Long time ago when I was an important pastor with lots of $ at my disposal.

    That was kinda fun; 'cause I was invited to lots of stuff by people who wanted some of that $.

    CFP+PUBC=PFR comes to mind.

    Not to mention some really nice private CCs.

    I loved it...until God started plaguing me with, uh, a, uh,...conscience.

    Be that as it was, I wish I had that kinda money now.

    I'd buy a new car for my wife and take her on a nice vacation to Hawaii or my buddies who are still holed up in those high steeples as long as they, you know, don't, you know, preach about, you know, taking Jesus, you know, that...

    I'd do for my kids what I can't do because I didn't/couldn't/can't/won't, you know, play the church...

    I'd even have money for yellow golf balls!

    I don't regret it.

    "What does it profit a man to...?"

    I've learned people who really believe in eternity don't trade it - prostitute themselves - for temporal...

    Anyway, I may be wrong, but I think there are three reasons why that church paid so much blood $ that will enable apostasy for years and years and years while they insulate themselves from it for three reasons: (1) They could; (2) They're used to separating themselves from people different from them because really rich churches are often as segregated as CCs; and (3) They think they're better for it in some kinda delusional some-ecclesiastical-clubs-don't-stink-as-much-as-others-do kinda way.

    BTW, if I had that kinda money, there would be no homeless or hungry children of God in Belvidere, Illinois.


    Hey, fat cats in Texas, test me!!!!!!!


    I'm getting lots of texts, e-mails, and snail mails about my insistence on remaining faithfully as part of the Biblical witness/cooperation/call to remnant.

    I don't do Facebook; so I don't know what good, bad, and ugly things have been...

    I've heard I've avoided some buckets of ice; and while I've got some people who are really, really, really mad at me for my stubbornness about not doing Facebook, I stopped as soon as someone from the past...

    You know what I mean.

    Getting back to the contacts, this letter kinda saddened/sobered/challenged/chastened me in a confirming kinda way:

    Dr. Kopp,

    I've been angry with you ever since you left us.  You came as a very young and bright preacher who was much more conservative than Dr. ___.  You turned our church around to your way of thinking in less than two years and we were growing so quickly.  Then you left for an even bigger church in the South.  Nobody is perfect.  But I want you to know that much of what you did has been undone by preachers who followed you.  This church could have really been something.  But you left for something that you thought was better.  I do not really know where you are right now.  I have never visited that part of Illinois.  I just hope you stay.  I read about what you are doing now in our church in The Layman.  Then I started reading your blog.  I just hope you stay with it this time.  I know some of your friends have left.  Have you ever asked them why they stay in America?  America is worse than our church!  If they have so much courage to quit the church, why don't they quit America?  Why don't they move to another country?  Why do they still pay taxes?  How courageous is their faith?  I applaud what you are trying to do.  I just hope you stay with it this time.  You were a good pastor to my family and me.  You were always there for us in the hospital and always made time for us.  I just wish you cared about us enough to stay with us.  I hope you don't mind me telling you what I think.  I know you always listened to me.  I just wondered why you would not stay.  Was it your ego?  Did you think you could do more for the Lord in a bigger church?  I know your people will be blessed as long as you stay.  We were sorry to see you go.  I still remember the woman from New Jersey who came to your reception when you came.  She said, "Love him while you have him because he will be gone before you know it."  Some anger grows in me again about you leaving.  I will stop now.  I just can't stop from thanking God for what you did but did not finish.

    With more good memories than bad,


    Jeff and I are the geezers in our covenant group.

    We often talk of the old days when we really looked forward to going to presbytery meetings for substantive reports and debates; and really liked each other even across the aisles.

    We get wistful.

    The younger members, who say they never recall such times, just shake their heads at us.

    Jeff and I know it's not a matter of if but when...

    At the last presbytery meeting, a friend said to me, "Oh, great to see they haven't kicked you out yet!"


    If Jesus remains right, it won't be long before...



Blessings and Love!

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Walton said...

To us you are very important. You are teaching people how not to go to Hell. You are tell us how to get to Heaven.
To us you are Rich. You have a Heart of Gold. If nobody listens you still have done your Job right. Amen
We Love Ya