Friday, November 21, 2014


Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)





I have come full circle; yet still scratching the surface of my relationship with You through Jesus by the book as mused by Spirit.

Call compromised and corrupted by too many years of academics, ecclesiastics, and invention elevated to revelation with my conscious cooperation is reversing/recovering/refreshing like a hard turn against seductively strong currents of carnality.

Rebirthing to the simple gospel - urging trust in You with no rivals for time and forever – has recalled old kinships, repelled inauthentics, and riveted passion to look up, stand up, speak up, and act up for Jesus; always acknowledging faithless inclinations and encouraging correction to confession and repentance by the example of Jesus, explanations of Holy Scripture, and common sense.

Along the way, sorry to say, I exchanged confessional clarity, conversion catalyzing, and concrete Christianity for positions, popularity, possessions, and pseudo-proprieties.

Along the way, I have insulted Your holiness by talk and walk with the always collateral injuring of Your people.

Yet, You never abandoned me; calling me back to You even when distancing myself as far from You as my idolatries persuaded.

The journey continues; and You demand the wineskin to expand again from above and make more room for new opportunities to experience and express You.

Thank You for forgiving my erroneous omissions and commissions; and thank You even more that the advancement of Your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven does not depend upon me.

Thank You for always providing who and what are really required; and thank You even more for ignoring my beggings always inferior to Your providence.

I accept what is about to happen as prophesied, envisioned, and confirmed; not knowing the details as yielding to direction.

I trust the wherewithal by Your grace for Your honor; not knowing what is necessary as yielding to provision.

Most especially, I thank You for eternal certainty overcoming existential confusion; knowing I am irrevocably Yours through Jesus in whose name I pray.



Aside from being my favorite gospel group of all time,
the video at the top is a metaphor akin to the Song
of Songs for folks who get it; and if ya don't,
ain't no way for me to explain it.


Of course, existentially, both also bring to mind...


I'm thinking it's often presumptuous to pray
"we" when not knowing if "we" are really
on the same page. Ergo, I often pray
in the first person; sensing I'm no
different from anyone else yet
providing space for folks who
don't share my ACTS.

Phillips Brooks cited a parallel in homiletics.



Blessings and Love!

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Bob said...

Dr. Bob,
WOW...could you have done any more alliteration in this professional, particular, perpendicular, playfully polemical, perfect prayer!!! :)
And of course you write so well we all pale & pass by comparison.

Simple Bob