Thursday, February 19, 2015


Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    When Wingman bought Healer from Woodstock Harley-Davidson, some unknowing heads turned because the dominant accessory theme on his steel pony is skulls.

    Symbols, uh, symbolize beliefs generating feelings steering behaviors.

    Whether it's the black sails of Pirate culture or Chris Kyle's Punisher from Marvel Comics to let Islamofascistnutballs know raising hell will be resisted by lethal vengeance or bikers' skulled tats, Ts, and chrome, skulls have been displayed without shame to warn, "Don't mess with me!" 

    Or something like that.

    It's like our 81 friends say, "If you treat us well, we'll treat you better.  If you treat us poorly, we'll treat you worse."

    Surely, the dark side has used skulls to symbolize their evil beliefs and behaviors.

    There's no need to mention the use of skulls by some of the most despicable purveyors of darkness in history.

    Yeeeeeeet, skulls have been a significant symbol of Christian tradition representing existential calm enabled by eternal assurance.

    In other words, like people wearing crosses for the right reason of honoring Jesus by the book, symbols suggesting beliefs are efficacious/authentic when behaviors match the beliefs suggested by the symbols.

    The same symbol can mean different beliefs generating different feelings steering different behaviors.

    Maybe that's why someone said so aptly, "Don't judge a book by its cover.  Read it!'



    This KD is about the light side of skulls.


    On the light side of skulls are women and men of faith who are not afraid of death in a John 11:25 kinda way.

    Wingman: "I understand many folks associate skulls with evil.  I do not.  We all have one after all!  I think they look BA!  Not fearing death is meaningful to me.  Because of Jesus, I do not fear death.  I have that assurance through my faith in Christ as Savior and Lord.  I don't think I will be getting any skull tats soon; but I wouldn't rule it out.  If you get your Je suis Charlie and Star of David tat, we can go together to get inked for Jesus!"

    Read 1 Corinthians 15.

    A Christian wearing a skull symbolizes her or his trust in Jesus for life after life in a Revelation 21:3-4 kinda way that compels a life of gratitude in honor of Him by the book.



    When you know you're going to live forever with Jesus, you're not afraid to die for Him in time.

    Time is a speck of sand on the beachfront of eternity.

    Assurances like Matthew 16:24-26 come to mind.

    I think of it this way.

    Remembering we're going to live a lot longer with Jesus than anybody else makes establishing life's priorities a no-brainer.

    Becoming more intimate with Him decreases our fear of anyone/anything else in a 1 John 4:18 kinda way.

    I was skulled when I finally got Matthew 10:28.

    That's when I bought a "Respect All Fear None" patch for my riding jacket.



    Skulls can symbolize many different things for many people.


    It's also true that skulls have been an important symbol of lasting beliefs for Christians that have generated positive feelings steering noble behaviors.

    Christians are skulled when they don't fear death because of Jesus, don't fear anyone/anything else because of Jesus, and want everyone to know that strong calm sanity is available to anyone who invites Him into the heart as Lord and Savior.


Blessings and Love!


Je suis Charlie.

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